LWDW 290: IBM Defeats SCO

IBM (kinda) defeats SCO! Kernel 5.14 highlights, 4K recording on Linux, the origin of blue hyperlinks, and a drop in replacement for yt-dl.



06:20 Kernel 5.14 is out
13:00 youtube-dlp
17:00 O menus
21:55 BlackMagic 4K 60 review
27:20 OpenShot 2.6.0
31:40 IBM kills SCO
36:00 Moving from MAC to Linux
42:55 Origins of the blue hyperlink
51:53 Turing Pi
56:40 Emails

Linux 5.14


  • Linux Kernel 5.14 is here, and after celebrating 30 years of Linux, Linus Torvalds says “take a breather, build a kernel, test it out, and then you can go back to the seemingly endless party that I’m sure you just crawled out of.” LOL
  • There are some major updates to this kernel, some of which we had talked about during the RC1 release including:
    • And lots of fixes and enhancements for USB audio devices, which will improve latency on our mics, mic interfaces and audio mixers etc.
    • The Raspberry Pi 400 now has mainline Linux support.
  • Legacy IDE has been deprecated.
  • RISC-V architecture support was enhanced.
  • This release includes core scheduling support that has been much anticipated.
  • Hardware support for Sparx5 network switches, Sony IMX208 sensors, and SparkFun Qwiic joysticks.
  • Dell added a hardware level webcam/microphone kill driver, which should make Dell Linux laptops a bit more friendly for privacy minded folks.
  • Improved core scheduling and support for the new intel heterogeneous CPUs.
  • One exciting addition for people like myself (and now Pedro) is the addition of the new ALSA firewire stack. 
  • Apogee / MOTU / Digi devices should work OOTB. 
  • Still having issues with 5.14 and Jack when using the RME 9632. 
  • I think it’s the RT patch but have not looked into it. 


YouTube DLP


  • Tossing this in because yt-dl has not been updated in a while. 
  • This is  a drop-in replacement with some extra features. 
  • Oh, this is a nice feature that I will use:
    • Videos can be split into multiple files based on chapters using –split-chapters
  • And this one for organizing file formats and saving assets:
    • Now you can give different output templates and download paths for different types of files.
  • Extra functionality is always welcome.


O menu 


  • Circle menus are a great idea, if you use a game controller in lieu of a mouse. 
    • Or a touchscreen.
  • I quite enjoy radial menus/pie menus, which are included in many 3D computer graphics apps like Blender, Maya and Modo.
  • Sun’s “Project Looking Glass” 3D desktop environment also incorporated a radial 3D desktop launcher.
  • And One Laptop per Child’s Fedora Linux based Sugar UI has a radial menu which was aimed for ease of use for children.
  • The Sugar UI can be installed in Fedora, and be used on the Raspberry Pi for educational purposes.
  • Ross Scott proposed something like this in the GUI video and someone’s finally decided to try and implement it.
  • If you relied on mouse motion more so than specific coordinate clicking it might work well for a mouse too.
  • But the point was specifically for touchscreens or alternative input methods.
  • You could even use the numpad to navigate through it like you would in the Neverwinter Nights right click UI.


DeckLink Quad 4K 60 HDMI Recorder on Linux 


  • A guide that was well over a year in the making. 
  • Like most people I constantly find myself needing to capture 4 2160p streams at the same time.
  • Doing that with Magewell hardware will run you around 3.5K but that’s the professional option.
  • For us non-pros Blackmagic has just what the FSM ordered.
  • 4 x 4K DCI 60 for $545.
  • After two years BM has most of the bugs worked out.
  • Kernel module only builds with 5.10- and no, you can’t use it as a webcam. 


OpenShot 2.6.0


  • It struggles scrubbing through my DNxHD 440 video. 
  • Also, if your cursor leaves the allotted area in the timeline scrubbing comes to a halt. 
  • No preset for exporting 1080/60, you have to homebrew that configuration. 
  • It does have a target for exporting with nvenc. 
  • The open source video editor, OpenShot 2.6.0 has been released with lots of new updates and new features.
  • New AI effects and computer vision, including:
    • Camera stabilization
    • Object detection
    • And tracking of motion of elements in a video that can be used for coordinates in an animation.
  • And now selecting any clip automatically enables “Transform” mode.
  • The Transform mode has also been updated, is easier to use, and is fully compatible with the animation keyframe system and can be used for more complex and precise animations.
  • Many of the video effects have been improved, and new features added.
  • And there is a New Caption video effect, which renders captions on top of video that are in the file format VTT/SubRip.


RIP Zombie SCO (for real this time?) 



    • SCO stories make me miss Groklaw. 
    • Under the Settlement Agreement, the Parties have agreed to resolve all disputes between them for a payment to the Trustee.
    • 14M of pocket change and they will call it done. 
    • Like really really done. Check out the language. 


  • “the Debtor’s bankruptcy estates, or its affiliates, successors, assigns, heirs, and representatives, at any time had, now have, or hereafter can or may have against IBM for, upon or by reason of any matter, cause or thing whatsoever, from the beginning of the world to the date of this release concerning, related to, arising out of, or arising from the Utah Litigation, the Proof of Claim, or IBM’s relationship with the Debtors or their estates (or their predecessors), Project Monterey, or IBM’s relationship with the Debtors or their estates.”


  • The only silver lining being nobody from SCO will see a penny of it. 
  • Someone finally decided that taking IBMs go away money was more productive than continuing to fight the proverbial windmill.
  • Unfortunately, Xinuos is still on the horse ready to charge.
  • At least we have a penguin foot forward during Linux 30th Birthday year.
  • Xinuos IP must not be doing well to continue this charade.


macOS to Linux


  • Former mac user happily uses Debian with GNOME.
  • If anyone would feel right at home with GNOME in its current state it would be a mac user, since apple lifted the entire GTK3 design for Catalina and up.
  • Marko Saric wrote a beautiful and informative article “How I switched from macOS to Linux after 15 years of Apple.”
  • He was introduced to the open source world because he used WordPress and loved their community.
  • And now he has found the pinnacle of the open source community:  Linux!
  • And Marco talks about how the Linux distro doesn’t really matter, but the user experience and which desktop manager to choose is what matters in transitioning to Linux.
  • Thank you for sharing your Linux journey with us Marko.  This is a well written article that I can share to new users of Linux coming from macOS.


Origin of Blue


  • Mosaic 0.13 seems to be the first instance of using blue for unvisited “anchors” and dark purple for visited ones.
  • And it was also where it was first used as a color to denote hyperlinks.
  • Unless you want to go full pedant, at which point HyperTiES was the first instance of a particular tone of blue being used for links.
  • Without cheating this was a tossup between hypercard and Mosaic. 
  • The blue link showed up in Mosaic around 1993. 
  • When I finally got off BBS and moved over to this new thing called the WWW the blue hyperlink was firmly in place on Netscape Navigator. 
  • Back in 1992 I was able to navigate the WWW with the text based browser Lynx through a connection on my brother’s BBS.
  • Then came the Mosaic GUI, which originally had black underlined text hyperlinks, then was updated to blue.
  • I remember when the color changed to blue and thinking that it sure made it easier to identify hyperlinks.

Slice of Pi

Turing Pi


  • Big fancy cluster board for both CM Pis and Jetson Nanos.
  • The slots will fit the Jetson Nano or a CM4 adapter board and you can mix and match.
  • If you want to try your hand at cluster computing with SBCs, this is probably one of the best ways to do it.
  • Price and release date still TBA.
  • And you can add external storage and extension boards, like a 5G modem, LoRaWAN gateway, Zigbee, and more.




  • Aahhww, Ertain, not to worry, my computer hardware museum is coming back! :-D
  • Just doing some upgrading in my computer room:  new carpet, new shelving, painting and rearranging.
  • So I have to move everything out temporarily.
  • And when I get done there will be even more computers in this room, and they will be displayed nicely on vertical shelving for you to see!.


Linux or Linux? 



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