LWDW 294: An Epic Surprise

Epic Games enables EAC on Linux! Ubuntu 14.04 gets a life extension, OBS adds YouTube integration, and wicked-fast search for the Linux desktop.

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00:00 Intro
07:26 EAC comes to Linux
15:26 Ubuntu 14.04 life support
18:56 GPU Viewer
21:41 Btop
27:16 Fast desktop search
31:46 OBS gets YouTube integration
40:26 VGA for Arduboy
45:41 Copy & paste keyboard

Epic news

  • Gotta talk about this here too, since if you were to search the interwebs for Linux News since thursday last week EAC is all you’d see.
  • Epic Games understands $$ and the power of the GabeNGear to go big.

    • RL still works on Linux via steam / proton. 
    • We quit playing it out of principle. 
  • It requires developers to click a checkbox.
  • Someone will have to go first and even then the only incentive to do so will be potential SteamDeck sales.
  • Seriously, instead of annoying developers about adding EAC, buy a SteamDeck and start playing games.
  • This is a numbers game.
  • B4B needs to get on that.
  • As I’ve said, Sweeny cares about ca$h.
  • I want to see the size of the cheque Valve cut for this
  • I’m looking forward to the revised “I would totes run Linux if ______” tweets.
  • Now, when does Epic offer their launcher for the GabeGear?
  • You know they want some of that cheddar.


Old Buntus LTS Support

  • Wow, Canonical extended support of Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 to 10 years, from 5 years, like they did with the 18.04 and 20.04 LTSs.
  • And they were brought back from the dead, literally!
  • Ubuntu 14.04 had hit end of life back in 2019 and Ubuntu 16.04 ended earlier this year.
  • It turns out that lots of businesses are still using these older stale, yet stable, versions of Ubuntu LTSs on their servers.
  • So Ubuntu 14.04 is being supported until April 2024, and Ubuntu 16.04 is now supported until April 2026.
  • This revived support from Canonical is delivered through Extended Support Maintenance (ESM), not as regular repo updates.
  • ESM requires an active subscription to Ubuntu Advantage, but desktop home users can get a free account for up to three devices.
  • What company was the cause of this, I wonder. 
  • 14.04 of all releases… 
  • What is the use case there?
    • See above. 


GPU viewer 1.35

  • Sweet, I love viewing all my GPU info in a nice gui, instead of having to look at them all individually in the command line.
  • And this release has fixed some bugs and cleaned up the code.
  • I like GPUviewer for 2 big reasons
    • It’s tiny
    • And it also gives you the VDPAU/VAAPI info.
  • So you can tell right away if hardware decoding is not enabled out of the box in your distro of choice.


B Top

  • A third iteration of the popular Bashtop Linux terminal resource monitor is in the works, called btop++, but this one is written in C++.
  • btop++ for Linux version 1.0.0.
  • This revision is going to take some time to complete because all the system information has to be written from scratch.
  • The 2nd iteration, bpytop is written in Python and works quite well.
  • bpytop added mouse support, graphs for memory consumption and is a lot faster and uses less CPU than Bashtop.
  • In the works:  The 1.3.0 version should have support for GPU monitoring.
  • It’s a bit flashy but handy if you need all the info at a glance. 


Fsearch 0.1

  • This release added a file extension column.
  • And FSearch now has multithreaded sorting, for faster sort speed.
  • First stable release. 
  • Needs *.debs but it’s easy to build. 
  • Even supports make uninstall. 
  • Have to add anything outside of ~/ for indexing. 
  • It’s fast and standalone. 


OBS 27.1

  • YouTube integration.
  • chat dock for public and unlisted broadcasts.
  • Bandwidth testing.
  • 18-scene multiview.
  • Some Linux fixes and additions:
    • Re-enabled drag & drop for scenes & sources on Linux.
    • Added Ctrl+R on Linux to reload browser panels.
    • More bug fixes for Wayland.
  • Proper Youtube Integration is very nice!
  • Especially since they forced the new studio on people which is beyond godawful. 
  • There’s a few wayland fixes on this one!
  • This too is very welcome!

VGA Output For Arduboy 

  • That is awesome especially for people with bad vision.
  • That small screen on the Gameboy is the reason why I never play games on it.
  • Hacking devices for playing games is always a great way to get kids programming and learning, as well as adults alike :-)


Copy Pasta 

  • The keys are programmable so if you don’t want the “code for me” buttons you can set up your own.

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