Linux Game Cast 499: A Familiar Blur

Google threatens to update Stadia, universal DXVK Cache files, Elden Ring is better on the Steam Deck, and Windows drivers for your Linux console.

Special thanks to:
Stein (new patreon)
Tomasz (executive producer)



00:00 Intro
04:44 Steam 2021 year in review
08:26 Elden Ring smoother on Deck
12:02 Silent Windows for Steam Deck
16:32 15 fps mode for Deck
19:22 Core Keeper
25:12 New features for Google Stadia
29:42 Linux gaming on the go with wineapOS
33:02 DXVKache
35:13 Discord Overlay 0.4.3
37:42 GameStudio
39:58 Review: onKey Up
49:22 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • 27% increase in spending.
  • 2.6M first-time purchasers each month of 2021.
  • Those remote play numbers are vague.
    • Based on the verbiage It’s supposed to be people streaming the game to their mobile/link/other computer vs folks using it for multiplayer
  • Spreading the Deck pre-orders between the reservation fee and actual purchase in different years also means you can claim profits for those two years.
  • On top of making the whole scalping business really pointless.

Smooth Decks

  • This is one of the pros of valve controlling the driver stack all the way down.
  • Shitty dx12 programming be damned!
  • The Deck can overcome shitetastic Japanese PC ports.
  • Smoother than an RTX 3070? Allegedly.
  • Smoother yes, higher frame count no.
  • You could easily test the difference on Linux too by using experimental bleeding edge with VALVe’s optimizations and then switching to ProtonGE
  • But now GE is based on Proton rather than WINE so it’s not an issue anymore.

Sound doesn’t work on windows

  • Now windows finally has feature parity with linux. No sound 4 u.
  • Windows 10 only.
  • Don’t expect any support from Valve when you install your hacker OS.
  • You need a dongle to install Windows.
  • Games run like poo.
    • It’s so bad GPD tried to bullshit folks with 3dmark scores
  • Well, you do have to run AMD’s drivers on Windows and at this point I thought everyone knew that shit doesn’t fly.

Choppy Deck

  • Use case for 15? Vangers?
    • That runs at 20
  • For visual novels, you can play your porny hentai still frames at 15 FPS.
  • Puzzle games that aren’t time dependent or in 3D
  • Turn based strategy?
  • Yeah, I guess games where you really don’t care about the animation and you just want to stretch the battery life as far as it can go
  • The battery seems to be the most common complaint of the deck by far, so short of some duct tape and a battery bank this is what you’re getting
  • Weee keyboard themes

Steam: New Games

Core Keeper

  • Didn’t expect to see co-op.
  • Isometric Hipster Pixel co-op Minecraft?
  • 8 players is pretty dece
  • Add .5 dimensions to your terraria experience


Stadia for the Win

  • Welcome to the “should have been available at launch” segment.
  • Stadia is an example of what happens when you put the work on the game devs.
  • Facilitate the ease of developers and publishers making use of the white label service?
  • So Stadia runs on Windows KVMs? Or are they calling their own WINE an emulator?
  • Hey, at least google is capable of operating a live stream, so we shouldn’t have long patches of nothing like when valve tried this

Game with Linux anywhere

  • The bane of library computers everywhere.
  • Suck it underpaid IT workers!
  • Boot off of your external drive, play some games. ??? Profit
  • No nvidia support at the moment
  • Persistent storage live OS is not new, the gaming focus is the big one here.
  • I have a 120GB SSD I can play with for this.

DXVK cache files

  • This is neat.
  • Valve does this via steam, but if you’re gaming with lutris or heroic, you’re not gonna gonna be running in circles until your game works good
  • Now there’s a vendor neutral way of sharing shader caches.
  • Up next, CacheDB.
  • Yes! Get to sharing those shadery bits so everyone can have access to them.

Discover Overlay v0.4.3

  • Getting the Deck bits setup.
  • New readme with extra sarcasm
  • Still a terrible name, as the KDE package manager is also called Discover
  • Gamescope mode forces 1280×800, so if you’re running Gamescope on your custom built box with 1080p screen or higher, you’re gonna have to get creative.


  • Holy readme batman!
  • C++ based 2D engine for platformers with an eye for also supporting tile based stuff like zelda or tactics
  • QT and openGLES 2.0
  • When I read the little index and I saw Graphics (todo), I wondered how they got that little gif they have there.
  • Valgrind support and everything, very nice!

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: On Key Up
Devel: Roppy Chop Studios
Engine: Unity
Price: £5.79 / $7.99 / $8.99

Wazzat: Get to know your keyboard with this unique, physics-based puzzle game! Bounce, roll, paint, and even break objects with each press of a key.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys



  • Hey look, dark mode!
  • You can play full or 720p windowed. Alt Enter does the trick along with the ingame menu.
  • QWERTY & QWERTYZ & AZERTY but FK Dvorak.
  • Sound on & off.


  • I had a good time with what I played.
  • Balancing a cylinder, rolling some dice, and popping a balloon.
  • The cylinder did a good job explaining how to use other keys to align things.
  • Dice were alright but I discovered keyboard smashing got the job done, eventually.
  • Popping the balloon is where I tapped out after some time.
  • The grip on the keys were a bit much for my liking.
  • That, or Mr. Poppy triangle was made of superglue.
  • Still, I will probably go back because I want to make a hamburger and play with pew pew lasers.
  • I like myself a good fk around physics game with optional RNG and On Key Up gets the job done.
  • You should be able to get your $7.99 worth without too much trouble.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Yeah, it’s a tiny window
  • The doopy background music fits
  • The controls are just keyboard, but don’t mash too hard. The function keys aren’t blocked out


  • I spent most of my time during this game screaming
  • It’s definitely not using a keyboard in a way that I’m used to
  • The challenges get progressively worse as you need to find ways to contort your hands to achieve the desired result
  • The car driving one can EABOD
  • I suppose I’m a glutton for punishment cuz I keep coming back
  • Based on you getting 1 cheebo per level, I’m gonna assume there are 24 levels total. That could very well get you over the two hour mark



  • Launched out of the box
  • 720p is all you get unless you feel like futzing with the prefs file
  • Even fullscreen is just upscaled 720p.
  • It holds 144 FerPS
  • I like the background music.
  • The graphics are certainly there.
  • It’s not going to blow anyone away but they’re perfectly serviceable
  • And it’s a keyboard game, literally.
  • You can use the mouse for the menu, but it’s a keyboard game.
  • And it’s a keyboard game you can only play if you have an English layout set for your keyboard.
  • So if you have a different layout, there are certain keys which you can’t press, like the one on the top left corner above tab and next to the alphanumerical 1.
  • To get this to work, you need to force the layout change system wide.
  • Starting the game with LC_ALL=C %command% unfortunately doesn’t make a difference.


  • Yes, if you have an English keyboard layout or don’t mind switching before playing it.
  • The worst part is that there’s a keyboard layout chooser, but they’re all ANSI keyboards and it doesn’t really account for the exact local variant.
  • That’s going to push a lot of people away.
  • Probably not the majority, since according to the steam survey the majority seems to have their system set to English, but still.
  • Even if you have the keyboard layout set to English UK, it’s an ISO keyboard so some of the keys are in the wrong place.
  • I really, really like weird games like this.
  • You’re literally playing with your input device and it’s making you aware of your keyboard.
  • But the lack of proper local variants is something I can’t really overlook.



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