Linux Game Cast 524: Fisto Roboto

SteamOS Holo sees a big jump in the latest Hardware Survey, AMD launches Ryzen 7000, Intel ARC speculation that makes sense, Half-Life 3 artwork surfaces, and a game for people who enjoy moving.

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Wizards n’ Sh*t: Rings of Power & House of the Dragon spoiler cast
01:13 A tale of water & metal
03:02 Threadbooper is under the weather
11:10 Half-Life 3 artwork uncovered
13:52 Linux market-share increased
18:02 Better Steam discovery with Experiment 14
20:52 Top Steam releases of July
23:27 Steam Deck gets sliders
25:32 Upcoming game: Fist of the Forgotten
28:27 Dwarf Fortress is still coming to Steam, eventually
30:37 Free Mafia
38:52 AMD Ryzrn 7000 release announcement
44:17 ARC speculation that makes sense
47:07 Intel Arc raytracing performance
53:32 OBS 28.0 is out
58:57 Leaked image of Logitech’s cloud gaming handheld
01:05:07 Game release: Moving In
01:06:37 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • When Valve moved house someone asked for old crap.
    • When a super fan goes dumpster diving.
  • In the haul some HL3-like images were mixed in.
  • Also, that’s a penis.
    • It looks like one of those double ended dildo’s…..Not that I have used one….
  • 02:09 02:37 02:55
  • A lot of striking looking vistas. It would have been pretty cool to explore through all of those
  • Some of the unused left4brad stuff is cool too. I like that weird snake zombie lady and the proto lady boomer is hilarious

Linux market-share increased to 1.27% form 1.23%

  • Look at that Deck flavoured OS bump.
  • SteamOS Holo is 13% of the Linux market.
  • Don’t think we will be hitting 2% by year’s end.
  • I still haven’t had a single survey on my Deck or tower all year so far.
  • Linux is up .04% bringing it to 1.27%.

Experiment 14: Discovery Queue Update

  • This makes it easier to see key details about each game, and to flip through a queue of games faster than before.
  • Ignore games that just aren’t your jam.
  • I do like that it will provide a gameplay screenshot rather than just showing the game title image.

Top Releases of July 2022

  • Considering that Steam had a “Simfest Sale” Back in March of this year. As well, they are pointing out that Sim games were among the top sellers. This shouldn’t be too shocking.
  • No native games on the list this month.
  • Shame cuz we usually had one or two

Deck sliders

  • Sliders will now move extra slowly but will accelerate the longer you hold in a direction
  • The controller configurator also had a bug when an external display is plugged in
  • Also better emoji keyboard support
  • Now you would think as a Deck owner that I would hit up the Beta Branch. Nope.
  • I’m too lazy. But it is great that they are still making improvements to the UI

Steam: New Games

Fist of the Forgotten

  • Waiting on Ankle of the difficult to remember.
  • Movement looks okay’ish.
  • Doesn’t look to shabby at all. I can definitely see speed runners playing this.
  • Definitely aping the aesthetic of Inside and Limbo
  • Will there be power glove support?

Steam: Game Updates


  • This is some George RR Martin shit
  • Coming spoon ™
  • I don’t see a lot of people clamoring for the Steamy Dwarfs.
  • Yeah, it would be nice but it happens when it happens.
  • Meh. I can’t see myself picking this up. But my daughter has been getting into Dwarf Fortress style games. So she might like it.

Free Mafia

  • You have until the 5th to grab this retro RPG.
  • Runs OOTB with Proton.
  • I installed it. But I am checking out the modding community first before I play it again.


Zen 4

  • AMD seems confident in dipping > 5ghz again, even if it’s just for burst
  • I remember the ol’ bulldozer mobo melters
  • RIP in peace AM4. We hardly knew ye
    • Hope used 5900Xs get cheap
  • No more 65w power sippers.
  • AM5 can deliver as much as 230 W to processors.
  • No quad channel memory.
  • No 64 lane hotness, boo!
  • Maybe some adventurous motherboard manufacturer will split some PCIe 5.x lanes into x3 lanes and add some extra holes?
    • All I need is a X16 and 1 X8 2×4.
  • AM4 coolers will be compatible but may require a spacer plate.
  • No word on AM4 thermal paste compatibility.
  • Prices range from $299-699.
  • Motherboards will start around $120.

Story Arc

  • After all the speculation, yeah, that makes sense.
  • Still a huge problem for Intel.
  • I was never going to have high hopes for the GPU regardless of the delays. I still feel this is going to be a new generation of overpriced GPU’s.

Tracing Rays

  • The midrange can outperform a 3060… sometimes.
  • Raytracing is only useful if the raster performance is hella good.
  • Enable RT on a 3060 and see if you can manage 1080p 60.
  • What I’m saying is this is a pointless damn metric.
  • Intel got fancier ray tracing cores apparently. Also seems like they were able to crunch some drivers out
    • I feel real bad for who’s left
  • So apparently the price is going to be somewhere greater than a 3060 and less than the TI?
    • That’s the rub.
    • You can get a used 3060 on ebay for $300 all, day, long.
  • I get why Intel is holding off on releasing these bad boys.
  • There is no win scenario unless they sell them below cost.
  • I’m talking somewhere in the range of $250 for the midrange and $300 for the YOLO version.
  • Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and push to market and trial that shit by fire.
  • Like our next story.

OBS 28

  • None of your plugins work anymore, YAY!
  • All of your websockets are borked, YAY!
  • Need NDI? LOL!
  • The OBS Plugin Compatibility page pretends Linux does not exist???
  • The big push in this release is HDR support.
  • While 98.27% of OBS users have no idea what that is, it got us HEVC and AV1 encoding.
  • RIP 32-bit operating systems.
  • Hello QT6.
  • Switched rendering on Linux from GLX to EGL.
  • I have everything working on Debian 11 minus the captions plugin.
  • This is a big breaky release and you need to keep that in mind before updating.
  • If you have plugins that need updating do what I did.
  • Reach out and ask the developer if an update is planned.

LogiCloud leak

  • They hit the images with a DMCA.
  • Ridiculous! Cloud Gaming needs to die.
  • Like I get the usage for it.
  • But too many companies are expecting people to have great internet all the time now for these devices.
  • So it’s an android tablet with an attached controller. We have those already

Moving In

  • I still have shit in boxes. I don’t think I’m gonna play a game that reminds me of something I need to do IRL
  • This might be a relaxing game for people with DOCD , But I don’t know.

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