Linux Game Cast 504: Big Deck In Japan

Back 4 Blood brings zombie mayhem to Linux! Dead Cells adds accessibility options in their latest alpha, tracing rays on the Steam Deck, and the Radeon RX 7000 counts to 7.

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00:00 Intro
10:04 Steam sees an uptick in Japan
14:14 Ray-tracing on Steam Deck
17:46 ChimeraOS 32
20:15 Lumencraft
21:35 Airborne Motocross
23:25 Back 4 Blood official Linux support
26:34 Dead Cells accessibility update
33:23 AMD Radeon RX 7000
38:58 Bottles update
40:28 PushOps open sourced
42:28 Open NOX
45:14 Review: Shell Out Showdown
55:52 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steamy Japan (Rtheren)

  • I wonder what caused the bump.
  • PC gaming in Japan is not exactly popular.
  • No steamOS results in the referenced steam user survey
  • Once you get passed the initial buy in cost, PC gaming is certainly a lot cheaper, which may also account for the uptick in popularity
  • Well, that explains why I’ve been seeing so many Japanese peeps on Twitter talking about plank shaped, boiling water powered, handheld gaming devices.
  • Deck outselling Elden Ring.

Steamy Rays

  • Rocking a solid 60FPS @ 252p with full ray tracing enabled.
  • Raytracing on RDNA2 is supported by mesa as of 21.3
    • Proton might also need some extra sauce to take advantage of it?
    • That it do
  • Much like for NVidia’s RT stuff, Proton or more likely DXVK/VKD3D need to made aware of AMD’s ray tracing bits.

Chimera 32

  • Smashing that power button (fam) puts the system to sleep.
  • Hope that has a toggle because that’s my nuke from orbit option these days.
  • People are running it on the Aya Neo.
  • Setting Global proton versions borks external apps, but that’s Valves fault
  • The deck UI is also borked, but they want feedback so they can unbork
  • RPCS3 is installed by default again
  • They did mention on Twitter that the current DeckUI is full of Deck specific stuff, which probably doesn’t work well when being translated to a more generic system.
  • I guess until VALVe releases it for BigPicture mode one would have to create a bunch of workaround/null scripts which stub out the deck specific stuff.

Steam: New Games


  • The top-down baby that resulted from the orgy of Deep rock galactic, terraria and plants vs zombies
  • Fully destructible environments is neat
  • 10 bucks is a reasonable ask for early access
  • It’s got split screen coop, but buddy you better be adding online multiplayer before you leave early access

Airborne Motocross

  • If you’re going to put your free mobile game on Steam for $6 at least add multiplayer.
  • Yeah, you only really get action-henk style multiplayer “tournaments”
  • Turns out building a “Sky Bike” is something you can do at home with the family.

Steam: Game Updates


  • The only issue was having to toss -dx11 into the launch options.
  • That, and Katana scaring the hell out of me last night.
  • As per thursday, it works pretty good
  • It does nuke steam overlay and getting into steam friend’s games is a bit circuitous. I just wanna right click join
  • It has the same issue as Elden Ring with the overlay.
  • You can get Overlay working if you use GameScope, which means people on NVidia are still pretty much SOL.

Accessible Cells

  • Control tweaks include hold to double jump, shield toggling, hold to roll and some easier ways to handle multi-input combos
  • They also added a continue mode, so when you die you restart at the beginning of the stage instead of fully restarting you (although rage quitting did something similar)
  • You can also adjust parry timings
  • Text colour and size adjustments too
  • And of course there’s already a small group of assholes in the comments bitching about “difficulty” and “accessibility”
  • Why wouldn’t you want more people to play the game you like?
  • How elitist do you have to be to want a game you like to die out because it’s completely inaccessible to new players who want to play it but physically can’t?
  • As someone with a congenital physical defect, I very much appreciate these efforts, even if I specifically don’t need them.
  • And it’s very much why I keep dinging chairs when games don’t allow you to rebind controls.
  • And good on Motion Twin for supporting their game for as long as they have with free content and improvements.


Radeon RX 7000

  • 7 chiples are nice.
  • Can I get it for under $800?
  • It is really hard for me to give a damn about new GPU releases when prices are still this inflated.
  • I don’t like the idea of paying £100-£500 over the MSRP on 2 year old cards.
  • Why would I want to pay even more for a new one?
  • Nvidia opened up the supply taps during the past two weeks and GPU prices have plummeted.
  • Thanks Intel.
  • There have been several rumors stating that the upcoming RDNA 3 GPUs are going to outperform whatever NVIDIA has to offer in terms of rasterization performance.

Bottles trento

  • The kill all button asks if you’re sure
  • It’ll detect the default wineprefix
  • Fancy schmancy new load screen

Push Ops

  • It’s on steam as well for $2
  • Built in love2d
  • Push physics stuffs to make progress, so it’s Goat Stimulator with a purpose?
  • It’s written in love2d so you get to love . the terminal.
  • It’s heavily inspired by Downwell and Nuclear Throne.
  • Think of it as a Control demake.

Open Nox

  • Engine reimplementation of the 2000s EA Action Game Nox
  • Done in GO, C and SDL2
  • Their new release has a built in ssh server and faster saving and loading
  • Ah Westwood’s attempt at Diablo!
  • I only ever played the demo back in the day and I had forgotten how much Dungeon Siege copied from it in the UI department.
  • Might be worth a play now that it has an open sauce engine.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Shell Out Showdown
Devel: manadream
Engine: Löve
Price: £5.29 / $7.99 / $8.99

Wazzat: A hectic, food-fight, reverse battle-royale set in the near future. Take on the role of a sapient vending machine and throw food to sublimity! Be the first vendor to give away all your items and remain empty handed for 10 seconds to win!

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • Rebindable controls.
  • No option for windowed.
  • Pixel pushing performance at 2160p.
  • No ray tracing :(
  • Bumping little pixel soundtrack.


  • I spent the first 5 or so minutes of this game trying to figure out how to add bots to the single player mode.
  • After that moment of derp I loaded the room with bots and attempted to separate my character from the background.
  • Seriously, maps like Neo New Orleans can eat a bag of dicks with anything more than two players.
  • Other maps are A O K.
  • Double jump, dash and sling your internals at other players.
  • Tag + platforming.
  • Simple mechanic but it’s a bit of fun when playing with fellow humans vs bots.
  • Big round of applause for adding online multiplayer.
  • Sadly, like the game from last week, nobody is playing it.
  • The peak for April 16 was 2, and that was us.
  • 10 minutes of open lobby on a Saturday and all I caught was a Jordan.
  • While $7.99 is a fair price for a party game it’s a hard sale for single player.
  • Speaking of single player, that involves you, some bots, and a level.
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • I will say something again, you need to seed an online player base.
  • Be it steeply discounted multipacks, free weekends, or straight-up free for a limited time ™.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Fullscreen or bust baby,
  • When you got several dudes on screen, you do get some real bad character blindness
  • DS4 worked normally. They use the generic button position prompts
  • The soundtrack is there


  • It’s okay, it just needs players
  • The rules are a little weird. Basically you need to get a certain number of hits, but their explanation is a little ass backwards. You can figure it out without too much braining tho
  • As it stands, my options are get stomped by bots or get stomped by Venn
  • I filled a room with bots and the game became super chaotic. Which could be fun if they were real people you could shit talk instead of computers
  • It’s a fun riff on the towerfall formula
  • At 8 bucks it’s a good party game. At least it does have online multiplayer so you can actually play it with folks



  • Launches out of the box
  • Holds 60 at 2560×1440 on this box and 60 at 1280×800 on the Deck
  • Controller worked out of the box and you can rebind everything.
  • Some levels make it very hard to see characters.
  • You can only really tell that they’re there because there’s movement


  • As a party game, this could be fun
  • Even playing against bots, I did find myself throwing my arms up in celebration when I won.
  • Usually if a game elicits a positive physical response from me, it’s doing something right.
  • But you will be playing against bots unless you have a regular group of people who you play games with.
  • There’s no one else playing it, and it only came out of early access on the 4th of April.
  • It really does seem to have lived and died in Early Access.
  • Which is unfortunate since it’s not a terrible party game at all.
  • It’s simple to understand and once you do give all your things to other players, it’s very exciting to run away for 10 seconds to dodge everyone ganging up on you.
  • It is fun, it’s just a very lonely kind of fun.



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