Linux Game Cast 458: SteamPal Bootiosity

Everything we know about Valve’s rumoured portable gaming PC, Nvidia nukes support for 700 series GPUs, Tesla is hiring Linux game developers, and multiplayer American Truck Simulator.



00:00 Intro
04:52 Top Linux sellers of April
07:07 Steam client re-release
08:37 New Steam download page
11:17 Steampal Steam portable console
15:36 Truck Simulator online multiplayer
18:16 Viscerafest
20:03 How we Got Here
24:26 Nvidia retires 700 series drivers
28:23 Bridging Vulkan and OpenGL
30:33 Tesla hiring Linux game developers
33:13 Lakka 3.0
35:26 Spooky Ghost sprite animator
37:23 Streamdeck on Linux
40:20 Review: Huntdown
53:11 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Thar some Linux

  • Total war rome, Voxel tycoon, legend of the keepers are your linux games of de apriiiiiiillll
  • And Hobo: Tough Life
  • I am curious about it but the developer didn’t reply to my email.

Beta Re-Release

  • Gotta fix those pipewire issues.
  • Now the update window is completely blanked out, progress.
  • The Runtime now accounts for pipewire.
  • Not that I noticed much of an issue on the laptop.
  • All the games I tried when Fedora 34 came out worked just fine with sound.

New DL

  • New download page more visually consistent with the new library
  • Apparently there is also code for an updated settings menu pushed out, but nobody can access it just yet.
  • Just so long as it maintains the ability to schedule downloads for 16hrs in the future.
  • Could we get an option to add to the download queue without pushing it to the top?
  • RTheren suggested a download all button in Discord, I agree!


  • Now I’m thinking it’s a portable system.
  • Aaand it seems Ars thinks so as well.
  • I look forward to the SteamPai memes.
  • Were they waiting for the Smach to die?
    • They might have been waiting for their prototype to be baked and ready to go, unlike schmuck.
  • Smach will have been beaten to market by Valve, let that sink in.
  • Call it the SteamBoy.

Steam: Game Updates

Multi Truck Stimulator

  • Tonight on Linux Game Cast Weekly.
  • We agree to pick up cold Coors light in Texas and drive it to Georgia within 28 hours.
  • People have been asking for this for years!
  • I hope that even if the official multiplayer doesn’t support it, that someone mods some regular cars in.

Steam: New Games


  • I look forward to it coming out of early access!
  • Very very Quake-y in its presentation with more color… Well, more purple.

How We Got Here

  • Apparently you can blow through this in under an hour
  • It is cheap as free though
  • From the makers of “Introvert: Consequences” and ”life as a pizza”



  • RIP 600, 700 series and official support for that one steambox dell put out that had a windows and steamos option
  • I bought a GTX 670 as a gift to myself for graduating college.
  • Now it’s out of the mainline driver window
  • Nouveau drivers will get you 2D and basic 3D acceleration.
  • Just don’t expect SLI or power management.
  • The long-lived branch will remain supported for another 3 years, so if there are any bugs you find between now and then, now is the time to report them.

Cross this new divide

  • Enabling cross talk between Vulkan and OpenGL opens a lot of doors
  • And VirGL makes an interesting case in VFIO.
  • This is an interesting bridge project.
  • When you start combining this with stuff like Zink, some very interesting gears start to turn

Tesla Gaming

  • Shout out to frenchy in the job description (apparently they called first)
  • Guessing they want to work on their infotainment system?
  • Na, they are making a portable console to compete with Steam.
    • It’s an ultraportable. You can drive it anywhere.
    • And that battery life, wow.

Lakka 3

  • Updated with all the latest retoarch goodness
  • Vulkan is primetime on intel, AMD and RasPi
  • If you got a hacked switch, you can run Lakka on it now
  • 64bit OS for the Pi4, no 32bit for that one.

So spoopy

  • I’m sure someone out there is desperate to have a sprite animator that isn’t bundled with an entire game engine.
  • Then again it is made with nCine, a 2D game engine, so I guess there goes that audience.
  • It will still be useful if you want to stay away from Unity 2D or Godot.

OBS Control

  • The correct way to use your Streamdeck on Linux with OBS.
  • You’re going to need a Pi3 or 4 if you plan to go that route.
  • You can run Companion on anything, including your PC for a localhost connection.
  • No more annoying window focus issues.
  • 5min video and a handy step-by-step guide on the webzone.
  • This will work with the babby Streamdeck all the way up to ze big Chungus.
  • There are tons of connections for controlling IOT, lighting etc.
  • Work has been started on a connection for Ardour / Mixbus.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out