Linux Game Cast 558: Free Raccoon

The latest Steam beta comes with some big changes! Prices leak for the Asus ROG Ally, AMD announces the Z1 series CPUs, open-source Carmageddon, and why it’s normal to game in your 50s.

Special thanks to:
Notaduck: (gifted game)
Pedalhappy (new patreon)


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00:00 Intro
00:30 Hello straw
00:58 ReCore is not bad
03:26 Racoon update
05:17 Pedro vs cloud
08:21 Steam beta whooshy update
11:17 Open-source Steam client
14:23 Gravity Circuit
16:21 Lichenvale
18:21 Teslagrad Remastered
20:49 Besiege new blocks
29:49 AMD Z1 CPUs
34:23 ASUS ROG Ally pricing
40:49 Reverse-engineering Contra NES
43:47 Open-source remake of Carmageddon 1997
47:27 Gamers over 50 are a growing force
51:47 Photon Engineer
01:07:17 Shippy 1984

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam desktop update

  • Somebody at Valve is learning how to make a Chromium based UI.
  • We are the test subjects.
  • It’s jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanky when browsing and scrolling.
  • I had to roll back to the stable client.
  • The new Steam overlay is nice and minimalistic
  • Yeah! When first opening the window, even if the contents have all loaded, I can’t click or scroll at all for a solid 30 seconds.
  • I like the notes app on the overlay, that alone may make paper obsolete for me.

Open Steam

  • It uses libsteam so you probably won’t get vac banned maybe sorta kinda probably?
  • Steam in under 70 mb. Sounds useful for getting files on to low memory ARM systems
  • Don’t run it concurrently with actual steam.
  • You’re gonna have a bad time.
  • Hey look, a 64-bit client.
  • No, Windows support is not planned.
  • I like the idea of a Steam launcher that only launches games.
  • VALVe needs to give this person a buttload of money and make it official.
  • If you want to run Steam on older laptops/netbooks, this is significantly faster… once you manage to login.

Steam: New Games

Gravity Circuit

  • BionicCoMegaTroid… vania.
  • Windows demo but it’s legit.
  • Solid pixels and tight controls.
  • #NotMegaMan
  • I played Megaman X3 on the Saturn and that’s when I learned it wasn’t my thing.
  • Yuip that’s some megaman X right there


  • FPS == FIrst person Stabber
  • Hexen meets elder scrolls?
  • Needs the elusive Tuvok GPU
  • Looks very Ziggurat-y, which is not a bad thing, only the focus is more on the slashing.
  • The Painkiller-style arena shooter could use a solid slasher!

Teslagrad Remastered

  • RIP top-down Tesla.
  • According to their system reqs no 60FPS@UHD 4 U

Steam: Game Updates

New Besiege blocks

  • Axle blocks and nom noms
  • More efficient explosions
  • No more blood transfer issue



  • Z1-extreme is getting 73 on Tombs.
  • These little bois will support a maximum TDP of 30 Watts with a min of 15.
  • I want some $150 Pi sized boards.
  • Will we see a Z1 deck refresh?
  • So… not actually an Asus exclusive?
  • ThePhawx on Youtube did some extrapolating on the specs and claims these will be on par with the 7840U, the same one in the upcoming Ayaneo 2S.

Speaking of

  • Sooo $51 more than the 512GB Deck.
  • $700 is 1.16 4070’s.
  • But you’re stuck trying to use windows with a controller.
  • If Steam would release some *.iso goodness I would be a little more excited.
  • How easy will this thing be to repair?
  • Raw hardware performance is one thing, but this guy is gonna be the edge for most windows devs
  • One of the main strengths of the steam deck is the tight control valve can exert over the environment in which most games run . Asus doesn’t have the brainpower or the infrastructure to do that with their model

Reverse Contra

  • Break out the ca65.
  • Ok most of this is over my head but I understand that this can break down the existing Contra (US) rom into library and then use that recompile into a byte for byte match of the original rom.
  • Couldn’t get it to build but more games nintendo can’t do fk all about is a good thing.


  • We can finally have Carmageddon on Linux.
  • With SDL 2.
  • Carmageddon II added a LAN Network multiplayer option with IPX.
  • Don’t know about the first one.
  • Doing a bit of searching turned up OpenC1.

Old gamer human

  • Brought to you by the Bi-weekly LGC trackmania streams
  • It makes sense. If you were born in the early to mid ‘70s you got to grow up with colecovisions, ataris and arcades and you fall into this bracket
  • It’s still kinda novel to some people that video games are a universal form of entertainment and these days it’s very much a cross generational thing
  • About 50% of those gamers include mobile gamers, but those still do count!
  • Again, our retirement homes are going to be lit, son.
  • In your 50s maybe you’ve worked yourself to a cushy enough job, and with the ‘rona event, you have a lot of money to spend while working from home.
  • And as Jordan mentions, mobile gaming is fucking huge.

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Photon Engineer
Devel: Grégory Petit (aka Deer Vision)
Engine: Urchin Engine
Price: £19.99 / $20.49 / $32.50

Wazzat: Master laser manipulation and environmental control in this sci-fi puzzle game. Unleash your creativity and uncover the secrets of mysterious platforms that have suddenly appeared near Jupiter.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys via Curator Connect



  • On the 3060 at 2160p this guy was hoving in the high 70’s on 11.
  • I mean, it should, not much going on here.
  • Detects the controller but that’s due to Steam and the movement is spastic and no way to adjust that in-game.
  • Keyboard and mouse get the job done.
  • Menu needs some work since some important options are in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Block rotation is a bit of a PITA.


  • Last week we agreed this was Talos on a budget and 60 minutes into the game, yeah.
  • The puzzle mechanic consists of two things.
  • Blocks + laser and that slidey thing to unlock containers.
  • The puzzles are alright but it’s missing the thing that made Talos and Portal interesting.
  • That constant “wtf is going on here” that’s slowly dished out by the mysterious overload watching the mouse in a trap.
  • I thought something neat was going to happen when I had the bits for the first part of the moon-glyph shape selector.
  • Nope. More puzzles.
  • If all you care about is solving puzzles and can overlook the less than stellar block rotation mechanic it might be worth a look.
  • If you’re looking for some story to go along with that, well, look elsewhere.
  • Consider making a demo.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds 120+ @UHD
  • Hey look graphical options
  • Speaking of, they’re pretty basic 3d graphics. Which is fine cuz it’s a puzzle game. As long as the puzzle pieces are good and clear, we’re gravy
  • The soundtrack is okay, but I would’ve preferred a lighter touch.
  • No cloud saves and no controller support.
  • You can totally play it on the deck if you go through the trouble of mapping all the keybindings


  • Ow my Brian
  • That’s the sound of a good puzzle game
  • It’s a mix of pretty easy sliding blockpuzzles, which are your rewards for the talos principle laser puzzles
  • There’s a collectathon going and Clearly there’s some backtracking once you start unlocking codes for the mysterious combination lock in the hub
  • Yeah, level 5 shows you what the game is really about
  • Multi-phase puzzles where you need to make the most out of an absolute bare minimum resources



  • Launches out of the box, on the Desktop and the Deck
  • No controller support so it correctly defaults Steam Input to mouse and keyboard on the Deck.
  • Holds 144 at 2560×1440 and respects the refresh rate settings with both VSync and the built in frame limiter.
  • I shouldn’t be applauding that as this is expected behavior, but seeing as the majority of the games we throw chairs at still haven’t figured that out I will.
  • The graphics are not here to blow your mind, they’re here to convey what you need to puzzle your way into progressively more elaborate space stations.
  • The soundtrack made me open the credits because I immediately recognized 2 of the background tracks.
  • Kevin McLeod is omnipresent these days.


  • Do you like the Sokoban block sliding puzzles?
  • Did you enjoy the laser puzzles in The Talos Principle?
  • Did you maybe wish those laser puzzles had any actual challenge to them rather than artificially padding the time needed to complete them with bullshit?
  • I think you’ll like Photon Engineer.
  • From level 5 the puzzles become deceptive.
  • Some lead you to overcomplicate from the start and you fuck yourself over and others seem so very simple, which then turns out to not be the case at all.
  • I got some Myst series vibes from the way you’re just dropped in and the only tutorial you get is on movement.
  • Everything else you gotta figure out for yourself.
  • I like that.
  • Too much text on screen and that notification message is really annoying in the way it takes up a 5th of the screen front and center.
  • There’s a reason most games put those up or down in one of the corners.



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