Solus returns from the dead and an uncensored Flathub

Solus rebases on Serpent OS, Davinci Resolve (beta) gets some Linux love, Fedora 38 enables unfiltered Flathub experience, and editing Amiga IFF images with DPaint.js.


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00:00 Intro
05:32 Davinci Resolve gets some Linux love
13:40 Fedora 38 release
20:36 Is Solus back?
26:22 DPaint.js Amiga editor
34:34 Emails

Resolve 18.5

  • Transcriptions and subtitles. 
  • Powered by the DaVinci Neural Engine, no cloud.  
  • This is handy for two things. 
  • Tracking down where in a video you said something and generating subtitles for the video. 
  • You have the options to bake the subs directly into the video, embed them, or export them separately. 
  • Support for voice isolation in Studio for Linux.
  • Support for dialog leveler for Linux.
  • You can now export a gif and that’s helpful. 
  • Support for decoding AC3 audio in Linux.
  • Still no support for AAC because reasons. 
  • Same goes for adding VST support on Linux. 
  • Rocky Linux 8.6 based installation environment for DaVinci Resolve.
  • Big upgrade from the RH 7.3 image.
  • Ability to export timeline markers as MKV chapters.
  • And now we get more machine learning features like audio classification, auto-subtitles, and transcript text-based editing. 

Fedorf 38 (Pedro)

  • A week ahead of schedule, Fedora Linux 38 has been released!
  • There is a new Fedora Budgie Spin to enjoy the Budgie Desktop.
    • We now have KDE, Cinnamon, Sway, and Budgie. 
  • And a new Sway Spin to use the Sway window manager that uses Wayland, and aims to be a drop-in replacement for the i3 window manager.
  • Fedora Workstation features the latest GNOME 44 release which includes a lot of great improvements, including a new lock screen, a “background apps” section on the quick menu, and improvements to accessibility settings.
  • In addition, enabling third-party repositories now enables an unfiltered view of applications on Flathub.
    • This will give users full access to Flathub’s content, including proprietary apps.
  • You can go download the latest Fedora 38 ISOs now, and enjoy the new look of the website.
  • As always, you should make sure your system is fully up-to-date before upgrading from a previous release.
  • I upgraded to Fedora 38 on my Fedora box, and it went smoothly as usual.
  • And, as with previous releases, I love the new wallpaper for Fedora 38.
  • This one has white puffy clouds in a soft blue sky overlooking a green landscape.
  • If you like a vanilla GNOME 44 experience, then Fedora 38 has you covered.
  • Linux Kernel 6.2 ships with full support for Intel Arc, the new nouveau, and support for Sony Playstation controllers. 
  • All in all it’s another solid release from the Fedora team.
  • I’m more interested in what comes of the Universal Blue project RTheren dropped in the notes. 
  • It’s turning Fedora into a Chromebook desktop OS… thingy. 

Solus lives?

  • Solus was the hot new distro a couple of years ago. 
  • Unfortunately the last release was quite some time ago. 2021?
  • Development during 2023 has been nonexistent and Distrowatch has marked the disto dormant. 
  • Even the subreddit is full of people wondering what has been going on. 
  • Short story long, in January the “Solus infrastructure suffered a hardware-level issue that caused a service outage”. 
  • Long story short. 
  • Ikey stepped in and offered them some infrastructure. 
  • They will rebase Soluos on Serpent OS. 
  • They wrap things up with plans for the future but that’s what they are, plans. 
  • See if they manage to execute and if the interest is still there. 

DPaint.js (Mfoxdogg)

  • DPaint.js is a fast web based image editor modeled after the legendary Deluxe Paint with a focus on retro Amiga file formats.
  • It is a fully featured image editor, and supports png image, Amiga IFF and Amiga icon formats, and its own DPaint.JSON file formats.
  • Adobe .psd support is coming soon.
  • It is written in 100% plain JavaScript and has no dependencies.
  • I was really impressed with how fast and flexible DPaint.js is.
  • It lives in the world between the more advanced web based Photopea, that is an alternative to photoshop, and other simpler web based drawing programs.
  • It is unique in that it has support for layers, masking and other effects and filters.
  • And you don’t have to create an account to use it!
  • Thank you Mfoxdogg for bringing this to our attention.


Elder parts

  • Cool, thank you for the fun question.
  • Well, I have well over 600 computers now in my computer collection, both vintage and new, and a lot of them I use for gaming.
  • So I still sometimes use my C64, C128, and one of my 486s for gaming.
  • And I use one of my older Pentium 4 computers with a 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 16MB AGP 2D/3D accelerator video card for gaming!
  • But as far as the oldest gaming hardware I use regularly in or on my modern gaming rigs:
    • A Super NES game controller!



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