Linux Game Cast 564: Microwave Sized Horses

Intel announces a $175 GPU, Steam adds 30-day price tracking, Payday 2 drops Linux, playing Hollow Knight on ARM with FEX, and WTH is WDHS?


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00:00 Intro
02:01 Updating the ChairQAsition
06:03 Lies of P edro Souls
07:17 FIRE
08:45 Steam shows EU 30-day price history
12:42 Steam (beta) fixes windows crash on Nvidia
16:48 Proton GE 8-4
21:58 TailQuest Defense
24:26 Image Earth native Linux build
33:30 Nvidia is doing Super, again
37:26 $130 Intel GPUs
41:50 Playing Hollow Knight on ARM with FEX
46:16 What the hell is WDHS
49:22 Sticky window names for OBS
54:13 Empty Clip 2.0
57:00 The Colony goes open-source
01:02:20 Payday 2 drops Linux support

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

30 days ago

  • See what the price of the game was last month, the feature!
  • Bump the price of the game up 40% and have a sale for 30% off. Profit!
  • I tend to check historical lows before buying a game on sale but some of you don’t.
  • Publishers and developers be sneaky like that.
  • Steam prevents publishers from manipulating pricing around sales but this will always give you a little perspective.
  • Sellers were already banned from running a sale within 30 days of a price increase.
  • If you’re in the EU, and only in some countries.
  • Oh right! The UK is not in the EU anymore.
  • Though, you could already get something like this on the browser with the SteamDB extension.
  • It’s very nice for Valve to add a “Just wait for a sale ya dummy” reminder

Window crash

  • This fixes the crash when opening message windows.
  • Re-enabling hardware acceleration on nvidia?
  • Does this mean that controller UI works now?
    • From what I saw people on Twitter saying, yup.
  • Specific runtimes should now be downloaded when the games are correctly set up to list them as dependencies.
  • So you shouldn’t have to manually install the EAC/BattlEye runtimes anymore.
  • That’s good!
  • I’ve been playing with this since Tuesday and it’s smooth sailing outside of that garble popup window, thingy.
  • Big picture is working with Nvidia.

Proton GE 8-4

  • Fall guys no longer needs a specific protonfix
    • You will need to cancel on step 2 of the setup because that’s still broken
  • I like how most games tend to work just fine even when Epic’s Online Services fail miserably.
  • I’ve been using this to play Ass Creed Valhalla.

Steam: New Games

TailQuest Defense

  • Big thanks to the devs for shooting us some keys.
  • “Hi! Our game was made on Linux for Linux using free and open source software! :)
    Ok there is ONE exception – Susbtance Painter but it works on linux :) And we probably won’t use it again….
    We will be very grateful if you give our tower defense game a chance :)
    My husband and I have been developing this game with no budget, no marketing, for many years…”
  • If you’re still rocking after that and managed to put out a very well received game, you’re doing better than most!
  • I’ll give the couch cop a pass here. It’s a hobby project and a labour of love. Sweet matrimonial love
  • Done in godot and blender. 3D godot too!
  • Cutesy tower defense.
  • We talked about this back on EP535.
  • Good to see it come out of EA.

Steam: Game Updates

Imagine Linux

  • Originally released in 2021
  • 4X space city builder with plenty of hexagons!
  • Now with 100% more Linux.+
  • They’ve tweaked their gamepad UI to add all possible selections to the selector wheel
  • This in addition to a gamepad overhaul
  • Gotta get that shit on deck man!
  • Week two of “let’s see if a Linux build is that hard”.
  • Thanks Steam Deck!


Thanks for asking

  • Oh nvidia, we’re doing this again?
  • Get a 4GB booster pack for $100.
  • This is extra sweet with GDDR6 hitting an all time low.
  • $25 for 8GB (spot price).
  • AMD, Intel and NVIDIA do not buy the memory directly but you get the idea.
  • Oh, is this why they were mad at the MSI Super cards?
  • Man, Nvidia is being dragged kicking and screaming into offering consumer shit with more than 8GB


  • Seriously, $175 is all the marketing the A60 needs.
  • Need a gaming card for your HTPC that has the AV1?
  • It supports h.264, h.265, and AV1 encoding and decoding.
  • 256 execution units, 16 Xe cores.
  • This puts it between the Arc 3 and 5.
  • Q2 ends Jun 30.
  • This isn’t a gaming card at all but hot damn if you’re doing film or stream production this is a very attractive upgrade.
  • With a single slot you could very well fit this along with your other GPU and still get 2 maybe 3 centimeters of space in between them.

Fex in June

  • They mention the deferring asynchronous signals implementation queue may be ever so slightly off and that they’re monitoring for games where this may have a more adverse effect.
  • That’s a pretty good call to action and a very solid reason to try all the games on ARM now.
  • Full performance hollow knight is dope as hell.
    • Running on a Snapdragon® 8cx @ 3Ghz.
  • The M1 having TSO emulation built in is interesting.
  • Will our ARMy future see others taking this approach?
  • With Jim Keller at Tenstorrent this could not be out of the question.
  • Native TSO support is apparently a huge performance saver as having to do it via arm instructions crushes performance
  • New Arch linux based rootfs. Fedorf is coming up next

WINE hell

  • Not so much a dependency hell solver, more of a script to prime your wine prefix with a bunch of the common stuff that games require.
  • Distribution of these files outside of official sources are a bit sketchy so you can’t necessarily ship wineprefixes with these runtimes by default, but having something like this run on every prefix creation is not unuseful
  • Disclaimer: Though my script installs Media Foundation dependencies you may still exhibit unwanted behavior.”
    • How about you let me decide which of my exhibitions are unwanted?
  • I’ve seen many games, which at least start, suddenly just crash right off the bat when you install a dependency they don’t actually need.
  • This may give you a place to start for that one game that doesn’t launch at all, but I wouldn’t make it the default.
  • You’ll end up breaking more than you fix.
  • Also, most games don’t use .NET Core or PhysX.

Title hack

  • Useful for stuff like capturing firefox in OBS when it changes the name of the window tile all the time.
  • No wayland support yet as the author apparently hacked this together in a few hours.
  • Useful for games and software who like to spawn their window in random monitors and you can’t then use KWin or WMCtrl or any of the others to tell it to stop.
  • With KWin you can set the rule to apply to all windows which launch for that procname but that comes with its own set of issues… GIMP!
  • This is basically applying that principle with a less KDE dependent solution for X.
  • Can we stop with the X only stuff if the best selling games console released in 2022 runs Wayland out of the box?
    • The Switch?
      • There was no Switch model released in 2022
      • Zelda-inspired Nintendo Switch OLED on April 28th.
      • 2023
      • Ah, time being weird and all these days.
      • The only console released in 2022?
      • Default! Default!
      • That was the joke, yes
      • Default! Default!
  • Part of life with OBS on X11 is changing window capture sources.
  • Games with launchers, browser windows, Krita.
  • Window titles and the window IDs change after a restart.
  • This finally pissed off the right person, Bug.
  • Turns out it was an easy fix… if you happen to be Bug.
  • A bit of manual intervention is required in the form of assigning the WTH_TITLE to the application.

Empty Clip 2.0

  • Open source top down shooter/rpg done with C++ and SDL2
  • Why is movement esdf?
  • Why reinvent the wheel…er…wasd
  • Remember when I said I’d like to see Teleglitch in first person? This is the opposite of what I said.
  • The trailer gets real vampire survivory near the end there.

First real time 3D adventure/shooter

  • Holy wall of text, batman!
  • The adventures of Sluggy, the RAM Eating Gastropod.
  • This has the source and assets for the PC, amiga and mac versions
  • No make files though
  • This is neat for preservation though.
  • The Colony was one of the first games of its kind to let the player move freely while rendering graphics in real time.
  • It was also one of the first 3D games to let the player drive a vehicle.
  • Is there a way to build this on a modern system?

Hate Mail:


  • This is why you don’t do a 1 off linux build.
  • Linux was able to be supported because the old code could run the new assets, but not anymore
  • Special snowflake builds are the bane of software development!
  • Stop doing it and fix your goddamn trunk!
  • From the same company that had trouble keeping their console builds updated.
  • I have 10 hours in this game, huh.

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