Linux Game Cast 450: Powered by Spoon

Nvidia enables GPU passthrough for Linux! Proton 6.3 gets special Triad powers, Celeste 1.4 adds tweaks for speedrunners, PAYDAY offers players golden spoons, and Vangers goes high-def.

Special thanks to:
Omegus (new patron)
Ajayd (new patron)
John D (RB4011)
Mysterious Stranger (RØDE Procaster)
Aldius (All the SD cards I’ll ever need)



00:00 Intro
04:15 Proton-6.5-GE-1 fixes RDR2
06:25 Proton 6.3-1 brings the Triad
08:15 Overfall keys revoked
11:30 Celeste 1.4 speedrun improvements
14:20 The Ion Fury: Aftershock
16:15 Quake II RTX traces new rays
18:40 Vangers goes HD
24:50 Shilling!
29:50 New Nvidia beta Linux drivers
32:35 Nvidia GPU passthrough for Linux
36:10 GODOT Aprils Fool
39:50 Flax engine is tiny
41:50 Oversteer adds support for new wheels
44:10 Review: Danger Scavenger
55:05 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • It’s less of a shit show than 6.4
  • Still some broken games though, including Grandia
  • There’s some openXR patches in there too for good measure
  • Grand Theft Horse 2 works.
  • Borderlands 3 has been fixed! Thank you!

Official Prots 6.3

  • Non-english layouts are now mainstream
  • Updates for all the WINE complementary software.
  • And a not too shabby list of newly playable games.
  • DOS 2 has been playable with GE for a while now, so grats for getting those patches in
  • Rise of the Triad is installable now.
  • When was Bioshock Remastered borked?
  • That was one of the first games I played when Proton became a thing.

OverF**k (Mir)

  • They seem to now be working with Fanatical directly to get keys out to everyone who got the game from there.
  • I can definitely see why waking up and seeing your game gone might spook you.. Piss you off even
  • Let this be a lesson about the perils of digital “ownership” for end users.
  • I get why the developer would pull a move like this though. It’s not gonna win you good will, but I get it

Steam: Game Updates

Celeste 1.4

  • Some of these updates only matter to you if .01 seconds is at stake
    • That’s where they are at trying to lower times in this one.
  • No more pause buffering.
  • Every unpause costs you .15 of a second

The Ion Fury: Aftershock

  • Arrange mode lets you play the original campaign with the new content.
  • Vehicular combat… 8 year old me would have been all over that!


  • That thing you did in the last update that let it start on the correct monitor without jacking up the resolution.
  • Yeah, you broke that.
  • I look forward to the day I can unlock the mythical 15th ferp

Alpha HD

  • Completely missed the announcement back on the 14th but hey!
  • Vangers in 60 FerPS and higher than 800×600 resolution.
    • Just 1.
  • The code for the beta is turbospiralnaa if you’d like to help the devs kick the mechos, and give the Podish bunch a good smearing.
  • Still can’t figure out what’s going on.
  • A much needed update for a 23 year old game. It’s old enough to have graduated college now


  • “Because it’s dull you idiot, it’ll hurt more” </alanrickman>
  • Players collectively have to murder 5 Meelion NPCs with a spoon, and anyone who killed over 100 will get the golden spoon #2scoopz


Nvidia drivers

  • Nothing too sexy in this release. 3 New Khronos vulkan extensions
  • Some improved power management stuff for systemd that’s useful for laptops or other machines that enter suspend states.
  • They build and work in Debian land.
  • That’s quite the changelog of stuff NOT relating to the new cards specifically
  • Hard to find bugs when most people are flipping your GPUs for ca$h rather than using them.

Nvidia passthrough

  • This seems more of a “godammit stop poking at our shit” concession.
  • Ya know, since you have so many spare Nvidia cards laying around.
  • Great for game devs who want to know if their games work in a VM with hardware acceleration.


  • Well played.
  • ..Fucking seriously? If they’re honest about it it’s one thing, but if it’s a shitty april fools joke, at best it’s ill conceived and at worst it’s actively harmful
    • I guess now I’m waiting for april 2nd…
    • Yup godot, it’s a shitty joke. Not mad, just disappointed
  • Kinda sarcastically wish it was an actual thing, for all the wrong reasons.
  • I am very much one of those people who just want to watch the world burn.


  • Their editor works in linux now and has feature parity with the windows one
  • Gotta bust out the ol’ sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/ on fedora but it runs
  • Runs out of the box in Neon, in squint-o-vision.

OVersteer .6

  • Added support for Thrustmaster T300RS, FANATEC CSL Elite, FANATEC ClubSport V2/2.5 and FANATEC Podium DD1.
  • The new wheels are still under development thought, so there may be some jank

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