Steam Deck 2.0, Intel’s 3050 killer, and UNREAL pricing

Better Wi-Fi for the Steam Deck, Intel has a 3050 killer, Epic updates Unreal Engine pricing, tips for buying used PC hardware, and how NOT to promote your game on Steam.


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00:00 Intro
00:27 Knee vs kitchen table
01:49 Screechy YouTube comments
06:44 Furniture and death metal
07:46 Drilling Pedro
08:44 LGC training AI
10:57 Steam Deck 2.0
15:18 Steam Deck dream feature?
19:09 Proton 8.0-4 fixes the SF6 hack
23:07 How NOT to get featured on Steam
32:53 Trolley Delayma
35:45 Ludus Mortis
39:15 Jackbox Party Pack 10
41:31 Three Minutes to Eight
43:43 Noreya The Gold Project
46:24 Extraneum 1.0
49:02 A Gang Beast update?
52:03 Quake 2 update 1
54:24 Ion Fury Aftershock
57:24 Intel ARC 580 is real
01:03:55 Intel Vulkan improvements
01:05:47 WINE Bottles – TNG
01:10:36 Unreal alters the deal
01:17:15 Steam Spy creator leaves Epic
01:19:08 Jdungeon open-source GODOT MORPG
01:20:02 What defines immersion?
01:25:56 Giving up on Linux gaming
01:27:52 Tips for buying used PC parts?
01:31:29 What do you not buy used?
01:42:57 Credits

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Deckard V2

  • I guess replacing the M.2 Wifi card counts as a refresh.

  • Better than changing it and saying nothing, Samsung, SanDisk, etc…

  • The FCC registration refers to a Quectel FC66E chip, featuring support for the updated Wi-Fi 6E standard (i.e., 802.11ax).

  • Still, it could be anything up to and including a new screen, removable battery, 300-kW laser pointer.

Proton 8.0-4

  • Aww, they fixed the SF6 hack.

  • Now you wifi peasants will have to play with your own kind.

  • Enabled nvapi for a gang of titles.

  • Dwarf fortress got a fix of all things

  • Kotor 2 no longer requires experimental as do everquest 2 and a host of other older games

  • Fixed a bunch of the third party launcher woes people have been reporting with EA, Ubisooft, and


  • A video that VALVe had to make because of the rampant misinformation they themselves caused by not explaining things properly.

  • Seems to be very broad strokes, not a lot of specificity.

  • Things that are not a factor in your store ranking.

    • Page traffic

    • Review score (sometimes) recommendations.

    • Wishlists

    • Early access (not visible in new and trending)

  • Things that are


  • Steam taking 25 minutes to tell you it’s not going to explain how the recommendation algorithm works because you would game the hell out of it.

Steam: New Games

Trolley Delayma

  • Originally created for the Ludum Dare 50, with the theme “delay the inevitable”.

  • Games about the trolly dilemma have been a thing for some time but they usually take the form of a text adventure.

  • Arranging tracks to save people and confuse trollies is a new take.

  • Made with GODOT.

  • Baba murders 5 people to save 1

  • It’s a short game, taking about 30-45 minutes depending on how smort you are

  • Is free

  • Baba is less about the moral quandary and more about just the ideal outcome.

Ludus Mortis

  • Oh shit more Eye-of-the-beholder-likes

  • It’s’ got nec-ROME-ancy

  • I’m really glad we evolved past these dungeon crawlers and into full on action RPGs.

  • For all their flaws, Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, and their ilk have done such a wonderful job moving the genre forward.

  • I liked Legend of Grimrock as a novelty, “Hey! Check out this retro inspired game but with modern-ish graphics”

  • I wouldn’t want to play more of it.

  • A new game from the mind behind 7th Circle.

  • It’s turn-based.

  • The background music for the Steam trailer is a bit heavy for the genre.

  • Anyway, it involves the roman senate and necromancy so it’s 100% going to have dating sim elements.

  • Art looks legit for the aesthetic.

The Jackbox Party Pack 10

  • Hopefully this jackbox can break the streak of having 50% games that you play once and go “huh, lets not do that again”

  • New Tee-KO

  • The typo fixing one seems like it could be fun too

  • I do look me some Trivia

  • It has a demo that includes a typing game and a rhythm game.

Three Minutes To Eight

  • A game where you try and cheat death before 8PM

  • Kinda looks like an adventure game

  • Apparently there is a bit of a roguelike element to it where each run is a little different

  • It’s got a demo

Noreya: The Gold Project

  • Classic slashy stab-a-vania.

  • Controls are serviceable but needs an option to nope vsync.

  • Demo is Windows only but downloads the Linux version with an empty repo.

  • Smash the Proton button, fam.

  • Art looks good, movement is fluid, and the main pixeltagonist is a wee small.

  • No upgrades in the first 20 minutes of gameplay.

  • No spiders

Steam: Game Updates

Extra 1.0

  • Or as I call it: CutieDoom

  • Release date is “May 2024”

  • Apparently episode 2 is expected to be fished by the end of the year

  • I very much enjoyed what I’ve played of the Early Access, but I’d rather play the rest when it’s all available.

  • Linux native boom shoot!

Is it a Bird?

  • Well, apparently they’ve been taking some time to fix their technical debt. Kudos for that

  • Apparently their new process and tooling should allow for some more consistent releases

  • I didn’t realize they farmed out so much of their development.

  • Double Fine was the publisher until 2020.

  • Boneloaf used scripts and tools from the Unity Asset Store for rapid prototyping and editor customization.

  • Then shipped a semi-functional tech demo as a full game.

  • Gang Beast ships a server, just noticed that.

  • Good on them!


  • Quick saves in online coop is handy for maximum cheesing

  • Spawn furthest by default is enabled in vs. Is that a thing we can turn on in Coop to stop the telefragging?

  • Apparently the ladder sound is too OP in multiplayer

  • Trespasser!

  • They made the berserker a threat and now they’re nerfing him again, what the fuck?


  • You can play through the original campaign with the new stuff as well.

  • I wonder if the fine folks at voidpoint were obsessive enough to balance the new weapons and enemies on the old levels.

  • I wouldn’t put it past them.


ARC 580

  • Filling the $139-$239 gap.

  • Officially announced last year but has not been made available until now.

  • It’s now a 185 watt card vs the original 175.

  • 24 Xee cores and 24 RTUs.

  • 8 GB with 512 buswidths.

  • there are reports suggesting that they are actively working on an even less powerful RTX 3050 model”

    • What an odd sentence

  • More 770s are coming too

  • And hey, at least they have drivers this time kinda sorta

  • Well, the RTX 3050 trades blows with the GTX1080 in everything except DX12.

  • If they can have it at $150, which is not going to happen, that’d be a damn good deal!

  • If your budget is in the 6600/3050 range you need to look into buying used.

Sparse Vulkan

  • Better support for Alder Lake IGPUs is always nice

  • Real necessary for that DX12 goodness

The Next Bottle

  • Going from the rather stark GTK-based GUI to a busier one.

  • A lot of inspiration taken from Steam’s grid layout.

  • With a bit of Legendary UI.

  • They plan to restructure how it works to allow for better prefix management.

  • They will also separate the GUI client from the underlying bits.

  • Seems ripe for a Lutris integration

Unreal Pricing

  • Tim Sweeney says the company began running into financial problems “about 10 weeks ago.”

  • This comes after laying off 900 or so employees.

  • Unreal will switch to per-seat pricing for non game development projects.

  • The pricing structure will be similar to subscription services like Maya or Photoshop.

  • This goes into effect next year.

  • Unreal will remain free for educators and students.

  • ALL Disney shows are using it in some way along with several movie houses.

  • On top of that there is the industrial side of things.

  • I get it, studios were using UE for free.

  • Who wants to bet this was going to be applied to games before Unity did a dumb?

  • Very quick to point out that their EULA’s only apply from the version you use.

  • For now the per seat license applies to non gaming applications like automotive and film

  • I imagine other stuff like free games are going to go away as epic continues to tighten their belt

  • Maybe they’ll even invest in making their store not suck!

  • I think someone at Epic realized it all comes crumbling down when ForkKife money dries up.


  • WHAR screenshots and video on github page?

  • Open-source MORPG made with GODOT.

  • GMORPG? GMOPG? Gazorpazorpfield?

  • This one is not browser based, so you’ll need to run a server instance as well as a client instance

  • IT’s still in development so you’ll need to actually run two instances of the game through godot.

    • Hopefully eventually they’ll add some separate client and server packages

  • “With its top-down 2D perspective, it offers an immersive gaming experience”

    • We have radically different definitions of immersive.

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