Unity CEO 2.0, Diablo IV Steam Deck Verified, Intel 580 Benchmarks

Steam Next Fest picks! Unity gets a Red Hat, Nvidia 4080 Ti targets AI gamers, Diablo IV is Steam Deck certified, and Counter-Strike drops support for macOS.


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00:00 Intro
01:13 Blue tentacles
01:43 Hipster lenses
04:12 The Pedro gang
05:46 Next Fest picks
09:41 Working with old game engines
10:17 Shaving John Romero
11:36 Steam distributes malware
13:09 Hackers targeting Steam
15:25 Slooow Steam App
17:19 No Counter-Strike 2 for macOS
21:47 Do you game on MAC?
20:20 Gearbits
27:08 Cheap storage
27:52 Diablo IV is Steam Deck verified
29:50 Steam Deck outdoors
32:08 Nvidia 4080 1/2-2
34:29 Stealth AI card
36:05 Team green Pedro
36:47 Intel 580 benchmarks
40:58 4 new Intel somethings
43:27 RedHat CEO joins Unity
47:38 Microsoft noms Activision
50:12 Bugdom 2 source-code release
53:38 Open RA updates
55:09 EA duality
56:57 Wayland 2
01:04:17 How many loopback devices?

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Next Fest

  • Thaumaturge and paranormal investigators look neat

  • As Linux games go, I look forward to Europa.

  • It’s one of the very few non-2D, non-Visual Novel games coming out on Linux.

  • Wizordum is my other pick for the boomer shooter appreciator in me.

  • Couple of hmmms so far from the NEXT Fest.

  • 144/162 ratio on the mac/lin demos.

Valve SMS

  • I guess this is one way to cut down on shovelware

  • Gotta input an SMS code every time you onboard someone too

  • Will this ultimately just lead to a bunch of abandoned/never updated games on steam?

  • Steam has to be a juicy target for malware distributors.

  • I wonder if indie devs on Steam get the same offers as plugin / app devs do?

  • Apparently there were some cases where legit games had their depos compromised

  • An extra layer of authentication for uploading the build, every single time.

  • That’s one way to stop session token grabbers.

  • Hackers were able to yoink browser access tokens from the developer of NanoWar: Cells VS Virus.

  • Hackers were able to upload a build containing malware.


  • Has it been three years since the release of the M1?

  • That was my guess for Linux overtaking Apple on desktop gaming.

  • Users have until the end of the year to claim their refund.

  • Log your bugs with the legacy version now cuz after january it’s no longer getting any attention.

  • I assume an email went out at Valve HQ that read something along the lines of “anyone want to learn Metal?”

    • This email was never replied to.

      • The moltenvk folks don’t have a joshie

  • Sucks if you just dropped $12K on a new Mac Pro gaming rig.

  • Look at that! VALVe offering people an option to continue playing CS:GO specific community servers on the final build of Global Offensive.

  • Like they did with 1.6 and CS: Source

  • As money grubbing game publishers go, VALVe is still one of the best.

  • In all seriousness, does anyone buy an Apple Desk/Laptop for gaming?

  • It does suck since Apple got the Steams before Linux.

Steam: New Games

We have Armored Core at home

  • That looks a little too good for a game made to just capitalize on the renewed popularity of Armored Core.

  • It’s more like Armored Earth Defense Force Core.

  • Yeah it reminds me more of the mobile suit Gundam games than AC

  • Still looks pretty good though for a 1 person project

  • All you need is a hard drive

Steam: Game Updates

D4 on Deck

  • Diablo IV will be Steam Deck Verified on launch.

  • Yes, you have to buy it again if you picked it up on battlenet.

  • Guessing it bypasses the launcher?



  • Nvidia is really hung up on the 4080.

  • Everyone rightfully pointed out how having 2 cards with the same name was stupid when they were so different.

  • Like the Titan X and the Titan X in 2016.

  • 7 years and they just can’t fucking help themselves.

  • Still firmly out of everyone’s price range

  • A slightly faster 4080 with more memory requiring more power.

  • A 20GB Nvidia GPU at the $1.2K mark is probably aimed at gamers who enjoy playing AI.

580 Benches

  • If you’re in the market for a 1080p medium GPU.

  • It’s a wee faster than the 3050 but needs an additional 71 Watts to pull it off.

  • Their review unit was also a loud boy

  • $180 for something which delivers better performance than NVidia’s last gen 3050, which is $40 more expensive.

  • It sucks to see Intel doing to this card what they’ve been doing to their processors, which is to feed them more power in order to keep up.

  • Though if you’re buying parts on the cheap you probably don’t care as much about the power utilization, just the cost up front.

  • Hopefully this can help fill out the midrange and give Intel some more GPU market footprint.

  • Only Intel knows why they released this card.

  • Clear out old stock?

  • But we know 4 new Intel somethings are in the works.

Unity CEO

  • This guy was heading out the door before the pricing changes were announced.

  • He did sell most or all of his shares prior to the triple foot-shooting, he’s got plenty of money already.

  • Whitehurst isn’t that big a dummy so we’ll see what his move is to salvage the whole dumpster fire

  • Former Delta COO, then RedHat, then IBM president.

  • He’s at least got a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

  • Ah, he is an advisor at the private equity firm Silver Lake.

  • They own a chunk of Unity.

  • See if Whitehurst can fend off derp decision from inversorts and board members.

  • I hear Kotick is looking for a job.

  • Developers will use the new leadership as an excuse to continue using Unity, guaranteed.

  • Like it was planned.


  • Source port for Bugdom 2 done with SDL

  • Has a handy little build script that builds the appimage

  • Really likes my leftmost monitor but it picks up my PS4 controller and everything works.

  • Has a handy little AppImage that you can download. X86 and ARM.

  • Picks up the PS4 controller with rumble support.

  • Sam the Snail is up to something. Don’t trust him.

  • It’s no CroMagRally but Pangea games were all the same sandbox with different bits thrown in.

OpenRA 10/10

  • Tiberian sun remastered multiplayer is now in preview

  • If you’re on a laptop the launcher will ask you if you wanna use the integrated or dedicated GPU

  • Their internal survey now reports Linux distributions

  • The flatpak won’t crash on Wayland now either.

  • Red Alert Global League Season 15 has just started, and for Halloween you can expect Dark Tournament VII, for which registrations are currently open.

  • This release contains significant progress towards C&C Remastered Collection support.

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