Half-Life 25th Anniversary Update and Scalping Decks

The 25th Anniversary Update for Half-Life is crabtastic! ProtonDB adds support for Chrome OS, Xbox cloud gaming on Linux, SDL powered SkiFree, and unlimited Limited Steam Decks.


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00:00 Intro
00:32 Immediate demonetization
03:19 Arch Pedro
06:07 Steam Deck Limited buying restrictions
07:46 OLED eBay scalpers
08:13 Why are people buying scalped Decks?
12:18 Gamepass on Steam Deck made easy
16:14 The no Linux Steam timeline
17:28 ProtonDB ChromeOS support
19:34 Gaming on a Chromebook
20:43 Spacecraft Tactics
22:45 Half-Life 25 Anniversary Update
24:19 Open-source crowbars?
28:05 Remaster vs update
30:34 Caves of Qud 7’th plague update
31:54 Necromancy tech startup
33:21 Shaky YUZU
37:35 Switch performance in 2023
40:28 Dangers of YUZU on Deck
41:50 Shadow Cast game capture
49:18 Ski Free SDL
54:55 Bad gaming distros II
59:00 The worst distro is?
01:00:49 SteamOS on other handhelds

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Limited Decks

  • The biggest thing in handheld gaming launched this week and people are throwing money at their screen.

  • That’s right, the PlayStation Portal™ is now available.

  • Gotta at least attempt to kibosh the scammers

  • 1 per good standing account that’s been active since before november

  • Most scalpers worth their salt already have several accounts ready to go

  • Judging by the number of listings on eBay, compared to the number of GPU listings on eBay during the apocalypse, I’d say VALVe’s method is effective.

  • That and limiting it to North America I’m sure helped a lot.

  • Scalper prices took a dive after Valve said they still had Limited decks laying about.

  • That’s good for those of you wanting to buy it outside of the US and CAN.

Cloudy Decks

  • That sounds like Lawrence Yang just told you to go ask Microsoft about it.

  • So does edge just not install?

  • For gamers interested in Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) and Microsoft Edge.

  • Step one, grab a keyboard & gerbil and follow these 20 steps.

  • Now install a community packaged version of Edge.

  • Yeah MS, release an app on Steam.

  • I would like to peek in on the alt timeline where MS didn’t lose their damn mind with the Windows Store.

ProtonDB for Books

  • Yugioh, MTG and Vampire survivors are already rated as playable

  • I guess it’s not gonna be as reliable as a steam deck compatibility report cuz of the hardware variety

    • Though if it’s a more virtualized environment, they might be able to curb the software disparity.

  • You have to imagine anyone with a Cbook has pretty reasonable expectations, right?

  • Like, they don’t expect to be able to run Cyberpunk at 4K with ray tracing enabled.

Steam: New Games

Spacecraft Tactics

  • Space ship tactics with online coop and PvP

  • Um yes please

  • Big kudos to the dev for sending us keys on Curator Connect.

Steam: Game Updates

Half-Deck 25 (Scott M.)

  • 1’st gen Headcrabs now officially supported on Deck.

  • It’s free for a limited time.

  • They brought back the software renderer but it’s limited to 900p.

  • They brought back the original main menu.

  • Over 1000 people going at it in multiplayer.

  • Still can’t play it on MAC.

  • Would have been really cool if ya know, open-sourced the damn thing.

  • Second update on the 17th fixed the movement not working on the Deck.

  • People are bitching in the Steam Forums that this is a bad remaster

  • And quite a few others are pointing out this was never a remaster, it’s just an update.

Decks of Qüd

  • Complete Steam Deck compatibility with Controller support for one of the most in depth and yet inscrutable roguelikes of the 2010s, which is still in early access.

  • As someone who very much enjoys roguelikes, this is one of those games I wish I had the time to get into.


YUZU report

  • Super mario wonder has some weird Vsync behaviour and likes to vibrate. A lot

  • Nvidia users should stick to the 53X drivers for best performance

  • Oh shit, I guess one thing we didn’t bring up last week about Polaris and Vega being nixed is that it hits windows users too.

  • Long term they’re working on Native code execution on ARM, meaning less overall emulation.

  • Apparently it also helps them on the x86 side by giving them better insight on how things actually work

  • Even Yuzu mourns the passing of Polaris and Vega from the proprietary drivers

  • Remember kids, RADV is probably going to support those cards until they release RadV 2.

Shadow cast

  • Nvidia only as it uses NvFBC

  • You’ll probably need to patch your drivers or acquire a key to enable the feature

  • Is built on top of pipewire

    • Requiring PipeWire is a strange one.

    • X11 + Nvidia usually does not have that in the mix.

  • Shadowplay has been one of the sticky ones, locked behind the Windows and GeForce Experience gates.

  • Getting something like that to work on Linux without OBS has been something I’ve seen oft requested.

  • X11 only is unfortunate but not unexpected given the NVidia requirement.

  • Capturing games with minimum overhead has been an issue on Linux since the beginning of forever.

  • Back in the day I made use of a program called GLC that was inspired by an older program named Yukon.

  • Basically FRAPS for Linux.

  • Shadow Cast is keeping that tradition alive for those of you not wanting to deal with the OBS overhead.

  • Shadow Cast uses NvFBC (OBS no longer allows this) so it does have advantages.

  • Patching your drivers is wicked-simple.


  • More yeti noms

  • Maybe one day they’ll add mouse support. And sound

  • Mouse support would be nice, that’s how I played Ski Free most of the time on one of the library computers.

  • It compiles.

  • Now add online multiplayer… and raytracing.

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