Ubisoft ads pop-up and Steamy Autumn Sales

Steam makes finding games with DualShock/Sense support easy! The open-source Vulkan driver for NVIDIA takes a medium step forward, Google wanted to buy Epic Games, and Ubisoft tests in-game pop-up ads.


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00:00 Intro
01:27 Speed shopping
02:53 Diablo multiplayer
06:59 Pedro the law breaker
09:12 Yet another Steam sale
11:56 Steam Awards
14:58 Game Awards picks?
15:29 Controller support in Steam library
19:41 Proton GE gets D8VK
23:56 Hunt Showdown nopes on Deck
27:49 Better warnings for Steam Deck games
30:27 Pocket Cars monster BUSS
32:16 Dangers of infrequent updates
34:37 Open-source Nvidia drivers
38:59 VKD3D enables DXR
43:10 Google buying Epic games
48:18 Ubisoft popup ads
50:40 Thoughts on in-game ads
01:00:41 Ads in movies
01:03:06 Retro game ads
01:09:42 RAR on Linux

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Judging from my wishlist, this is a boring sale.

  • There is like 1 75% off game.

  • Though I have been very curious about Weird West, so I might actually buy it.

  • I Grabbed control complete (i only had the free EGS one), Tiny Tina’s Wonderland and Call of Cthulhu

  • The best deal I have on my wishzone is 70% off for It Takes Two.

  • Gotham Knights is $11 and I might add it to my abandoned superhero game collection.

  • We’re old and jaded and fat on cheap games to some broke ass-folks it’s game time baby

Native Shocker

  • We mentioned it before but now it’s official.

  • Peeps using Playstation controllers will now start seeing the heads up notice when starting games

  • And you can see the DualSense/DualShock compatibility badges in the store as well.

  • There’s now compatibility notes for other controllers too.

  • I noticed that with my xbox controller.

  • And that explains the popup window.

  • Who is gonna be the crazy mofo who is gets this working with the PlayStation portal

    • Does it work with chiaki already?


  • D8VK, wooooooot

    • Disabled by default.

  • D8VK hit 1.0 back in May.

  • Plenty of DX8 games to choose from.

  • I noticed that indeo5 got enabled, I was trying a bunch of old games in WINE.

  • Version 22 needed winetricks icodecs and this one doesn’t anymore.

Steam: Game Updates

Hunt is over

  • Getting a playable rating is automatic.

  • It’s a happy accident that the game works and you should not expect support.

  • It’s an unavoidable consequence of proton being a part of steam now.

  • Sometimes you get a bungie who flat out tells you “No”. sometimes you get this.

  • To their credit they pushed out a fix a couple of days later.

  • While I understand Steam exists to $ell games the Playable Learn more info could do with some additional booga-booga.

  • We know the risks but you need to think about such things as the Deck becomes more mainstream.

  • WARNING: This game could suddenly stop working on your device.

    • Sounds harsh but it’s 100% accurate.

Pocket Spools

  • Skuul bus

  • I don’t hate Pocket Cars, I really wish there was a bit more to it.

  • And they’re adding more to it, so I very much look forward to what they’re doing.

  • First update in eight months.


NVK reaches Vulkan 1.0 conformance

  • Thanks to Mark at Collabora for sending this in.

  • Vulkan 1.0 is the most basic version of Vulkan.

  • We’re at 1.3 and there are many extensions which need to be implemented.

  • You won’t be able to use something like DXVK just yet.

  • However, apps that use 1.0 should run and be performant using Nouveau.

  • That is awesome and I hope it gets to the point where it becomes a valid alternative to the proprietary drivers.

  • No word yet on performance numbers, but we’re not gonna get a serious answer to that question very soon

  • It’ll be a crazy moon future when we have stable and working open source nvidia graphics from the bottom up

VKD3D 2.11

  • I hope you like DXR.

  • Apparently Hellblade: Senua’s sacrifice has an override to enable DXR whether you like it or not

  • DX12 Ultimate is now exposed on Turing and RNDA2+

    • Oh hey, i get a new thing!

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Raytracing fix which should stop GPU hangs

  • By the time I get to Starfield and Lords of the Fallen, they’ll probably be in a decently playable state.

Epic Stadia

  • Can you fkn imagine?

  • Googs and Tencent buy Epic in 2018, Launch Stadia, kills them both.

  • Google wanted Epic for the Fortnite because it printed money.

  • Definitely could have been interesting from a “buy your games on the EGS and play them anywhere on stadia” perspective

  • Maybe bandcamp wouldn’t be in such a precarious situation now?

  • Apparently the googs were also debating just buying out 1/5th of Epic on their own

Ads in games

  • Dare to pause your game to view the map?

  • That’s an advertising!

  • According to Ubi this was a technical glitch.

  • If you’re familiar with Ubi games you know the UI is plastered with DLC and paid items.

  • Even if it was a technical glitch it was due to the fustertruck of advert slinging infrastructure.

  • What happened to the good old day of shoving your unnecessary launcher full of ads?

  • Where are we at with in-game advertising?

  • Do you like your first experience with a game to be “give us more money”?

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