Best Linux Games Of 2023

Valve reveals 2023’s biggest Steam Deck games! Slay the Spire MOD distributes malware, open-source DirectX, AAA Linux predictions for 2024, and a Blood & Magic source dump.


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00:00 Intro
00:55 2 Cains
01:37 Nvidia related injury
03:23 Green balls
04:19 Down with the sickness
07:37 Best games of 2023
09:50 Most played game on Steam Deck?
11:22 10 years of Zombies
12:40 Steam keeps winning
13:20 Steam domination is unhealthy
17:17 WHAR Steam competitors!?
21:04 Slay the Spire Malware
25:45 Dark Wood 1.4
28:57 ATX12VO Power supplies
33:21 Add-on cards are for weirdos
36:58 Do you have add-on cards?
37:52 Open-source Direct X?
42:58 Open-source Blood & Magic
46:41 Hyper Rouge 13
49:55 AAA Linux games in 2024?
52:31 AAA Linux predictions for 2024
01:02:19 Credits

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Best game$ of 2023

  • Steam Deck has a dedicated category.

  • Somewhat surprised as many people play Cyberpunk on the Deck.

  • People playing CS on Deck, huh.

  • 10 years later Project Zomboid is still pulling in 40K players.


  • It’s hard to lose against companies that want the money and exposure that Steam provides.

  • Or a company who would rather fire several hundred people to appease big daddy Tencent’s profits.

  • They all came crawling back in 2023.

  • Hell, even Blizzard bent the knee.

  • Don’t get me right, Steam being such a dominant player is not a good thing.

  • It’s downright unhealthy but…

  • Noone has been able to replicate their business model of not dicking over developers and customers whenever possible.

  • Other “stores” were created with the mission of maximizing profit.

Steam: Game Updates

Downfall mod malware

  • Turns out trust your distro packager, even if it is steam

  • The compromised binary is a standalone version of the mod

  • The compromised version of the mod was pushed to the devs own repo outside of Steam, the game/mod apparently checks that for updates and some people may have been hit.

  • A minute of DuckDuckGo’ing reveals no hits for Epsilon on Linux, so the Linux peeps may have been in the clear.

  • I’ve also never seen the aforementioned Unity pop-up to download a mod on a native Linux Unity game, but that’s anecdotal at best and it might actually be a thing.

  • Are there any known zoonosis-like viruses that pop out of WINE and have a rummage in ~/.?

Dark Wood 1.4

  • Apparently the Linux build works now

  • Fixed the Linux version, reworked the controls, and improved gamepad support.

  • I smell a Deck!

  • Windows users got some DRM.

  • Cloud support!


ATX12VO Rolling out

  • I like the standard.

  • The lack of PCIe expansion holes is real on new mobos.

  • I get it but, damn.

  • It will probably be the future, but this change is going to cleave out a bunch of older hardware.

  • Hopefully, since most power supplies and their cat are modular these days, there will be an option to get the old dedicated connections if people want to keep an old system running with a new power supply.

  • Second hand power supplies are solidly in iffy territory for me.

  • This seems to be a move to raise profit margins for the 12VO pushers, more so than any sense of ease-of-use or any user level advantage.

  • I suspect we will see add in cards or drive caddies that also do power conversion.

  • Right now PSUs make one big 12V rail and tack on around 120W of converters to step down from 12V to 5V and 3.3V.

  • That board does have a lot of empty PCB

  • Apparently these are targeted at OEMS though so the lack of expandability is a feature here

Open DX

  • I like this as it may very well fix a lot of the compatibility woes with really old DirectX games.

  • The Castrol Honda games jump to mind, even if I know not a lot of people will be wanting to play those.

  • The goal here is to provide a native DX implementation for Linux.

  • Something developers can target.

  • I like the idea but it’s going to be a hard sell when WINE/Proton is good enough ™ to release a gaming handheld around it.

    • Beyond that, you can just link directly against dxvk these days

  • I guess for systems that don’t have Vulkan, this will hopefully provide some level of dx support

  • Also makes sense to have and implementation not tied to Vulkan just in case

Blood & Magic

  • Games from your childhood you could never figure out for 200 Alex

  • Oh man I got this game originally on a 20 game gold box collection

    • Came with the decoder wheels and everything

  • This is an rts that got the ad&d ravenloft branding slapped on it

  • Pretty cool that it’s open source

  • This is the source for the B&M interactive demo released in 1996.

  • Originally for DOS and done mostly in C++.


HyperRouge 13

  • They added a crossbow that can pierce rows of enemies but takes a few rounds to recharge

  • I like to think I have a good sense of direction.

  • I can use an analog watch face and the position of the sun to get a general sense of where North is.

  • Hyperbolic and non-Euclidian navigation in games fucks with me in spectacular ways.

  • This is the kind of game I will literally get lost in.

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