Linux Game Cast Weekly 436: AA Games With A Side Of Fries

We have a surprisingly large show for you this week. Steam launches the Winter sale, Proton Experimental gets spacial audio, Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat hits 1.0, rolling your own streaming service with OSP, and the benefits of porting your game to Linux.



00:00 Intro
04:28 Steam Winter sale
07:38 Steam Labs Experiment 12
09:58 Steam client updates
14:18 Proton Experimental changelog
16:23 Steam Tinker Launcher 3.5
19:03 Project Heartbeat 0.8
20:48 Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat 1.0
23:18 Shilling & plugging
25:53 Pinball Fantasies open-sourced
28:28 Sony updates the DualSense kernel driver
30:53 Remnants of the Precursors
33:18 Open Streaming Platform
36:33 Why make Linux games?
46:23 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Closes on 5 Jan.
  • If you don’t have Hollow Knight, $7.
  • RDR2 is $40, pass.
  • Metro Exo & Sam 4 are on sale but nay.
  • Couldn’t find anything that really caught my attention
  • Miiight snag disco elysium, but that’s it really.

Sale Sale

  • We talked a little bit a few weeks ago about how they’re introducing additional search criteria like “hipster pixel” or “soulslike”
  • They’re doing a demo on the christmas sale for winter-een-mas-y stuff
  • Since you’re using coop as an example could you throw in an operating system filter?
  • Better yet, cross-platform?

Steam shade

  • Shaders are now nuked for everyone \:D/
    • Ass Creed is now unplayable due to the herkjerk.
  • Can the people who have never had an issue with that in the history of ever get an option to cut it back on?
  • It’s back to doing the chopped off update window again.
  • Added support for software calibration of the PS5 controller gyro.
  • Fixed the forever delay when hot-poppin a controller.
  • The new properties menu is out for everyone now. No turning back
  • Apparently over in Mac land there’s some issues with hardware acceleration and rosetta2

Proton Experimental

  • Looks like Eggroll’s MFplat stuff is starting to trickle it’s way upstream
  • Valhalla should launch out of steam now
  • Gotta make sure cyberpunk’s a better experience on linux than it is on PS4
  • One of the odd things is that with this version, the intro cutscene in Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin plays but in the original Dark Souls 2 it doesn’t.
  • I wonder if this has to do with Dx11 being used for SotFS and Dx9 for the original one and there’s still a difference in how DiXViKs handles decoding there.
  • Yeah, first time seeing the test patterns.

Tinker BoingBag 2

  • It should launch in steam pressure-vessels now
  • Also you can use it to launch games with a specific version of wine instead of proton.
    • Even your lutris versions
  • You can tell a game to use WINE instead of Proton.
  • Wish mangohud could get the pressure vessel sorted.

Steam: Game Updates

Project Heartbeat

  • First time seeing this.
  • DDR Weeb on hard mode is the best I can make of it.
  • This is mostly latency and performance improvements.
  • Bunch of editor updates as well.
  • I used to go to school with a bunch of folks who were into these sorts of game
  • It’s DDR for folks who don’t leg all that good

Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat 1.0

  • I remember sinking several hours into the demo many years ago.
  • We first covered the kickstarter for this in LGC 70.
  • Double digits baby, how far we’ve come
  • 50% off for launch times is a decent price.
  • Kinda dicks the kickstarter peeps over, but who cares about those losers anymore.
  • I kinda recall playing it way back when.
  • Online pvp could be fun depending how it’s implemented.


Pin & Balls

  • Before DICE got bought out by EA, they made pinball games
  • This is a bunch of DOS assembly but hey, something to look at.

Sony B patching

  • Looks like it’s just implementing the kernel gamepad spec with the DS5
  • Rumble/pressure sensitive triggers and all teh other funky stuff would probably need to be supported in userspace anyways
  • If someone is going to keep it updated, it might as well be Sony.

Remnants of the Precursors Beta 2

  • AI improvements based on player feedback
  • Artwork: Game Over screens and Sabotage animations for 3 of the races. Technology discovery images. Other minor art assets.
  • Translations: many foreign language translations.
  • They didn’t meet their deadline to be 100% text complete. Which I guess means not all the translations are there. Either that or there’s going to be a lot of confusing empty dialogue

Open Streaming Platform

  • Roll your own twitch
  • We’ve used nginx’s mod_rmtp for the multi-strem bridge
  • A self-hosted alternative to services like,, and Youtube Live.
  • It’s got a Docker so the kids should be able to set it up.
  • MIT.
  • The only thing stopping anyone from rocking this is a decided lack of peering agreements.
  • Fire it up, mount a S3 bucket and bam.
  • It’s a good project to have in your back pocket for private streams
  • I figure the folks who will get the most use out of it are medium sized companies who won’t contribute back to it
  • Don’t use it to stream pirated content kids

Windows is mainstream (RTheren)

  • Dropping Windows and going Linux and hisper is a bold move.
  • Yes, Linux users are better at tracking down bugs.
  • But that means fk or all if the developer never tested the Linux build in the first place.
  • We’ve talked about a few of these projects and it’s nice to see them get a signal boost
  • I do like the one guy’s approach of “if I get it working on linux first, porting it to everything else is a breeze”

Hate Mail:

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