Linux Beats Windows 11 At Gaming

Linux outperforms Windows 11 in gaming, Skyrim adds official support for Steam Deck, gamemode wants to pin your cores, and Tuxedo launches a Linux gaming laptop.


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00:00 Intro
01:25 Xmas HP bar
03:33 Pedro vs Weird West
04:14 Fallout TV series
06:59 Steam Deck bug fixes
08:29 Loud trackpads?
10:40 PS5 HDR on Deck
11:39 Do you care about HDR?
13:18 Goober Dash
14:55 The Long Dark gets Scurvy
17:28 Death to nanny bars
18:05 Limited inventory space
20:34 Skyrim Steam Deck update
23:42 Linux beats Windows 11 in gaming
30:50 Windows 10 vs 11
32:55 TUXEDO Sirius 16 laptop
40:26 Pinning cores with Gamemode
43:49 SDL3 wants your fan art
47:23 WINE 9.0 RC1
51:05 Vacuum chairs
52:30 Tonight on Top Chair
53:22 Send it!
53:58 Remembering XEVIL
58:88 Duck duck verb

Colour key – Venn Pedro

Steam: News

Deck 3.5.8 Preview

  • 100% bugfix/improvement update for the folks living that Preview life.
  • I salute you.
  • Beta is annoying enough at times, I can only imagine how much a crapshoot those Preview updates must be.

HDR on Deck 

  • Stream your Playstation HDR games to the Deck.
  • And probably have a better experience than the Portal.
  • If nothing else, than the ability to Stream it from outside your house if you can handle the latency.
  • PS5 for your Deck has been a thing for a minute thanks to Chike4deck. 
  • This brings Vulkan powered HDR. 
  • Those of you with a retro LCD Deck can download it… and pretend! 

Steam: New Games

Goober Dash

  • We have goobers at home?
  • A 2D platformer battle royale that’s priced to sell. 
  • Online PVP. 
  • Even comes with a level builder. 
  • Early access. 
  • 2D Stumble buddies with the emphasis on player created levels.

Steam: Game Updates

The Long 4th

  • Still getting updates.
  • That’s impressive!
  • You can get scurvy, you curr!
  • Broth issues.


  • One of the PC features announced is support for the Steam Deck. 
  • Also, they brought back the paid MOD store.
  • FEATURE: Support for Steam Deck.
    • The fuck does that mean?
  • Yes, making sure the new revenue stream for your 11 year old game is working on the Deck will probably be a solid ROI.
  • And no, the irony is not lost on seeing a very Linux hostile Bethesda support the Deck.
  • No mention of Linux or SteamOS anywhere.


Win11 vs Linux in gaming 

  • People in our Discord were very quick to point out the comments.
  • Where have I seen those before?!
  • ComBase used Arch, Nobra, and POP. 
  • 5 games were benchmarked against Windows 11. 
  • Cyberpunk 2077, Forspoken, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Starfield, and The Talos Principle II.
  • Win11 was 1.6fps faster in Ratchet & Clank making it the better all-round OS. 
  • 5800X + RX 6700 XT Nitro+.

Tuxedo Decktop

  • All AMD laptop with Linux.
  • RDNA 3 graphics and total power draw of (CPU+GPU) 120W, that’s almost 10x the Deck’s reported drain rate.
  • But it has a keyboard.
  • And the price starts at €1700 which has me running for the damn hills.

Game Mode 1.8

  • You want CPU core pinning?
  • Very nice of Feral to continue to support GameMode in its official repo.
  • Major kudos to all the community contributors

Controller Image

  • Press X to continue □
  • Press image to continue is best continue. 
  • One of the neat tricks rolling out for SDL3. 
  • They would like some SVG art sent their way. 
  • And now you can have SDL for both input handling on the input and output!

Wine 9.0-rc1

  • Yearly code freeze to bundle up the new major release.
  • New VKD3D and better Wayland support.
  • Couple of game fixes come packed with the RC. 
  • Fixed graphis in NFS Most Wanted running in wow64, Castlevania edgelords of shadow rendering glitches, Crimson Skies freezes, and 
  • Games that require bcrypt DH support now work as well. 

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