Snipping The Steam Snap

Installing Steam isn’t a Snap! WINE 9.0 enables 64-bit goodness, Left 4 Dead gets a mysterious security update, experimental Nintendo Switch emulator Ryujinx goes the (expletive deleted) to sleep, and Linux needs more 3D brawlers.


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00:00 Intro
00:28 Facebook live sucks
01:22 $5 milkshakes
03:58 The $5 milkshake USB capture card
05:51 Darkest Dolls
06:26 Revisiting New World
08:07 Stop using Steam Snaps
11:45 Orc’s Bride
15:39 Mysterious Left 4 Dead security updates
17:33 The TF2 Penguin
19:00 Team Fortress 2 64-bit?
22:42 WINE 9.0
27:00 Our ARM-y future PCs
28:43 Fresh Lutris action
30:13 Lutris syncs time with Steam
31:58 Ryujinx power efficiency
40:03 Epic working on a Linux debugger
44:26 Thanks for playing my game
46:01 AV1 works on Linux!?

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam Snap

  • Please don’t use the steam snap. Timo and I implore you

  • I mean, I’d just like you, viewer, to not use snaps in general

  • But in this case it’s cuz not being officially supported, it has some issues that aren’t really Valve’s problem

  • Canonical forcing their technologies down everyone’s throats by replacing debs with metapackages that just install the snaps is something that I expected would cause a lot more furore.

  • This is the Linux community.

  • This where SystemD was the fucking devil and pulseaudio caused almost two decades worth of sound not working in Linux jokes.

  • But somehow snaps don’t even deserve the mockery?

  • That stupid little lowercase folder is still fucking stupid, though!

  • Snap issues need to be filed with Canonical first, then you can file the bug report if it’s an issue with Steam.

  • Granted, that’s never going to happen.

  • And Flatpak is not a great alternative either, it’s merely less worse.

Steam: New Games

Orc’s Bride

  • The supposed in game footage has folks just doing roundhouse kicks and backflips in the background for no reason

  • We don’t normally get 3D brawlers natively on linux so this is something.

  • System requirements are a steam deck

  • Fight the concept of arranged marriages. Literally

  • Does this turn into a hentai game?

  • It uses the porn game assets, it has the porn game name, but it doesn’t seem to be a porn game?

  • It’s a bad sign when the one review was a freebie and it’s negative.

  • Apparently some gamepad presses will kick you out of the game?

  • This has all the love and attention to detail I’ve come to expect from cexy games.

  • Then again, it’s getting updates and they read like someone learning how to make a game.

Steam: Game Updates

Left 4 Hax

  • Vague update is vague.

  • Not one, but several vulnerabilities and exploits have been fixed.

  • I didn’t see anything publicly disclosed on hackerone.

64-TF 2

  • Neat, I guess?

  • 64-bit Steam client confirmed!

  • The bots don’t have to worry about running out of memory.

  • Can we gets some native Vulkan?


Wine Nine

  • Wow 64 😀

  • Reduced OpenGL performance >:(

  • The PE conversion is finally done though.

  • That took em what, a good 5-6 years?

  • Being able to run in a pure 64 bit environment is gonna be huge.

  • I wonder what the upstream impacts for something like ARM x86 emulation.

    • Saves you having to juggle between box86 and box64

  • Native wayland rendering becomes a lot more important in the age of handheld gaming consoles using gamescope and Proton..

  • DirectShow decoding for MPeG-1 and WMV, means a lot more game cutscenes might just work out of the box without having to wrangle MFPlat

Lupis 15

  • Expand “System” tab in Preferences with more system information but less brown.

  • Some progress on HIDPI wayland bug hunting.

  • I know Strider’s been pulling his hair out dealing with it

  • Uninstall will completely nuke the game now

  • You can pin your version of wine per game now, but no support 4 u

  • Version 0.5.16 is already out to address some issues with 5.15

  • Playtimes now sync with Steam.

We have YUZU at home

  • Yeah, Zelda being playable on day 1 was more a factor of the early leaks giving devs the opportunity to finetune things for both Ryujinx and Yuzu.

  • But yeah, that list of games working on day one is by no means less impressive.

  • Nanosleep, son.

  • Lin/Mac CPU usage and power draw benefit from it.

  • efficiency gains with Tears of the Kingdom, Red Dead Redemption and Breath of the Wild

  • Seeing 15-20% shifts, and Pokémon Violet with a 75% reduction.

  • Better battery life and less frequency throttling on your Valve Switch.

Epic debugging

  • RAD debugger is… you guessed it… a debugger!

  • They are working on linux support for it

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