OLED Steam Decks Sellout and PCSX2 Drops Wayland

Popular PS2 emulator PCSX2 drops support for Wayland, Linux continues to outperform OSX, Windows 11 gets shrunk for handhelds, and OLED Decks are huge in japan.


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00:00 Intro
00:47 In the nose
03:50 IKEA gaming
06:02 Pedro peddles art
08:30 Canadian change
09:00 Steam hardware Nov survey
11:25 Linux users love AMD CPUs
13:17 Linux still beating MAC
13:47 Steam client fixer overlay issues
14:48 NACON Revolution 5 Pro
18:18 OLED Decks sell out in Japan
21:18 A Quest for Steam VR
23:25 Good VR Games?
24:45 Coffee Brakes
26:48 All about the TFLOPS
27:46 Console players talk tech
28:39 Warfork 2.13 Steam integration
32:22 Redhat kills X11
37:36 XFCE on Wayland
39:12 PS2 emulator drops Wayland support
43:16 Game Off 2023 results
45:37 Heroic Launcher gets categories
48:03 Windows handheld mode
49:44 Windows 8 got it right
51:36 Will Microsoft release a handheld?
57:12 RAR VM

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Survey says

  • Linux finished over MAC in November with almost 2%.

  • NGL, I was expecting higher.

  • AMD Custom GPU 0405 is dominating with 42% of the GPU market on Linux.

  • Steam deck leading the charge on that linux usage growth.

  • Thats what we were hoping to see

  • Flatpak steam is seeing a small drop in popularity

  • Despite the official driver being EOL, Vega 8 is still showing strong.

  • People want them APUs

  • CPU Share is very interesting on Linux these days.

  • 70% AMD, 30% Intel

  • How the turns table

  • Granted about 43% of that is Steam Deck, but still.

Client update

  • Couple of fixes for overlay rendering issues.

  • RIP macOS 10.14. And 32-bit games.

  • Support for the NACON Revolution 5 Pro.

    • Jayzus, that’s a pricey boi.

    • That;s one playstation portal there

    • Uses hall effect joysticks though, so no drift.

  • Linux is all about those overlay fixes.

Japan on Deck

  • OLED decks sold right the hell out.

  • Still available in the States.

  • The first gen deck was pretty successful as far as products go, so it makes sense that folks are champing at the bit to get the newer, better one.

  • The Deck is probably the best chance a PC manufacturer has to make a dent in Japan’s heavily console based market.

  • Having over 12K confirmed Playable or Verified titles is also a bigger library than any of the mainstream consoles up to this point.

  • At least according to MobyGames: https://www.mobygames.com/platform/

  • Although, their Linux count is a little off.

  • On Steam alone there are 13’163 Linux Games.

The Quest for Steam VR

  • That Windows 10 or newer specifically doesn’t list Linux.

  • I might have to borrow the Quest 2 again.

  • Doesn’t seem like it supports Linux at this time, at least according to the random people in the comments

Steam: New Games

Coffee Brakes

  • Shouldn’t it be “breaks”?

  • I do get the two confused because they sound the same.

  • Your resolutions settings are borked.

    • At least once you stick it in windowed mode its’ drag your own resolution

  • Office Chair jousting with a couple different game modes

Steam: Game Updates

Warfork 2.13

  • That’s what it was called!

  • I was looking for the Warsow Steam release last week, but couldn’t remember the name and searching for Warsow proper didn’t seem to work.

  • Looking for people to help with their Steam integration efforts.

  • Discord integration is now a thing, how modern.

  • Requires Debian 9.0+.

  • It’s good to see some folks keeping it up to date with some modern QOL features



  • 2032 year of the Wayland desktop.

  • XFCE should be ready around that time.

  • Article says this won’t apply to fedora.

  • According to them, for most of their enterprise use cases wayland is good enough.

  • If you need X, stay on RHEL 9 until EOL

  • So NVidia is going to be building for RHEL 9 until they can’t justify it anymore?

RIP Wayland

  • Wayland can be both viable, and broken.

  • Same goes for X11.

  • I would be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate the “KDE is passable, GNOME is just broken” comments.

  • As the post here says, Xwayland still works fine so you can still keep playing PS2 games on Wayland

  • Now that Nvidia has better Xwayland support, relying on it may not be as dicey a proposition anymore for those who don’t want to bother and are using a standard desktop feature set

Itchy Scales

  • The theme this year was “Scale”

  • There’s quite a few takes on the theme

  • Voting for finalists will go on for about another month

Heroic Categories

  • Custom categories are on the menu.

  • No more doom scrolling when looking for your fav horror FPS RPG racing sim.

  • Some mac improvements because mac gamers deserve love too

    • But only a little

Steam Deck at home

  • The xbox app now has a “compact” mode which is a little more screen real estate friendly.

    • That’s it. That’s the update

  • I wonder if this is the start of a trend though?

  • Tablet/touch screen support is baked into every DE these days. Is gamepad managed desktop going to be the new hotness?

  • As it turns out, the moment a reasonably priced handheld came along with proper support, etc., etc., it became quite popular.

  • If they had only stuck with Windows 8 this would be a solved problem.

  • Trying to shove a big chunky desktop version of Windows on a handheld is never going to be a good experience.

  • Hell, they figured that out with the Xboxes.

Hate Mail:

The RAR files