Nintendo Sues Yuzu and Roblox Bans Linux

Nintendo gonna sue somebody, and this time it’s the creators of the open-source Switch emulator, Yuzu! Roblox pulls the plug on Linux gamers, HDMI Forum rejects AMD’s Linux driver, FurMark brings hairy doughnuts to Linux, and Steam puts Chromium in a runtime container.


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00:00 Intro
02:28 Fkn around with wireguard
03:50 Livestock tolerance
04:38 Steam client update breaks some things
06:51 Dinos vs robots fest and picks
10:14 Are fests fested out?
11:20 Black Mesa devs announce new game
14:21 Wrath Aeon of Ruin
16:56 Window Kill
20:10 Dark Forces remastered
22:10 Sharp polygons on old games
23:02 HDMI Forum rejects AMD Linux driver
28:42 Better connectors for PC
29:24 FurMark comes to Linux
37:33 The ‘I would switch to Linux but’ lie
38:10 $399 ROG Ally
39:47 Wall clocks in 2024
41:02 More cheap not Decks incoming?
44:15 Tecno Mobile AR
49:26 Steam Deck outdoors?
50:26 Nintendo sues Yuzu
01:03:04 WINE performance gains
01:10:40 Credits

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Client update

  • On Linux, they are running Chromium in the runtime container now.

  • Should allow for bett… and it broke GPU acceleration.

  • Fixed a case where the client could get stuck in the shutting down screen.

    • It doesn’t get stuck in the shutting down screen, it just doesn’t quit for me.

    • The tray icon stays there until SystemD goes “It’s been over 90 seconds, you’re getting killed”


  • Having exhausted all other fests.

  • I’m not that impressed by some of these sales

  • Into the breach is 5 bucks though.

  • The biggest discount on my wishlist is Lego 2K racers and it isn’t even because of the sale

  • I picked up Devil May Yeehaw but so far no robots / dinosaurs.

  • …because it’s on random sale like everything elks.

  • Fest ™ =’s exposure mechanism.

  • I wanted to grab exoprimal but it’s 50% off and still $40

Steam: New Games

New crowbars

  • Are they gonna pull a thanos.gif?

  • Quarter Death 4

  • The colour palette they chose for those lines make me think of Opposing Force (green), Blue Shift (blue), Half-Life: Decay (orange), and purple for … something.

    • Rain?

Aeon of Ruin

  • That’s the most Q1 looking game I’ve seen to date.

  • Hey, use IDtech2 as long as you’re staying away from unity

  • Get your boomer-shooter cap on, Wrath is out of Early Access!


  • The premise of fighting the boundary itself in addition to the enemies is kind of a neat premise

  • Do I want to be fighting for my life on a windows XP desktop? I dunno about that

  • I played that “game” that came with some bundle of old Windows games/entertainment stuff.

  • It spawned some ghosts on screen and you had to double click on them to make them go away.

  • But the first time you clicked on them, they would start moving stupid fast until they deselected.

  • I do not long for those days.

Star Wars on Ice

  • They went through the trouble of getting Deck verified.

  • Another night dive joint. I wonder if the movement is more accurate in this one

  • The upres’ed graphics look really good, comparatively speaking.


No HDMI 2.1 for AMD

  • Quad-link DVI it is then.

  • That really sucks since you kinda want to avoid the binary drivers.

  • No 4K@120Hz over HDMI unless you go DisplayPort.

  • HDCP gonna HDCP.

  • Especially sucks for folks who want to use TVs as displays

  • Wen USB C on TVs?

  • As if we needed more evidence that copy protection stifles innovation



  • The GUI is a little choppy / borked.

  • ./furmark –fullscreen –vsync 0 –max-time 120 –demo furmark-vk

    • 38/39/41 @ 2160p Vulkan.

    • 48.000000 / 50.296005 / 54.000000 but there was some artifacting at 4K like Jalaud in Discord reported.

    • – FPS (min/avg/max) : 77.000000 / 79.586891 / 83.000000 @2160P-ish

  • Seems to be only at 4K that the artifacts manifest on the 6700XT.

  • 2560×1440 and lower is fine

  • Oh huh, the 7800xt gets a bit whiny

  • Also doesn’t seem to like to go full screen


  • Linux can once again be an effective tool for preventing your children from playing the Blox.

  • “Saw some cheating on WINE” – Did they actually or is this a case of the Warden and they can’t be assed?

  • I bet they get more cheating on Windows their bullshit system can’t detect than they ever have on Linux.

  • Roblox’s whole deal is to just sit there and collect rent and not spend money.

  • Properly implementing an anti cheat is way less cost effective than just nuking an entire platform.

Cheap ROG

  • Wonder if this is just the beginning.

  • Can’t imagine any of these (minus the deck) are flying off shelves because price + not Steam Deck.

  • Still up on the 29th

  • It’s much better hardware for the price of the entry level Deck, but you’re gonna have to either deal with Windows or Linux it up yourself.

  • If you’re listening to this show, you probably don’t care because you’re just gonna do exactly what you want to anyway.

  • Lololol

No screen

  • Do you gotta worry about the charge on the headset and on the console?

  • The NVidia SHIELD, the first one, meets Sony’s Glasstron… with an AMD APU.

  • Hand warmer!

  • When the initial VR craze hit I was looking forward to a nonstop VR2ER clip-fest. Never happened.

  • Sh*t like this has my hopes up *grabs mountain bike*

Sue Yuzu (rohit)

  • Offer an avenue to play Switch games at 4K/60?

    • How about offer an avenue to play switch games at 30fps

  • Nintendo’s argument seems to boil down to “decryption = circumvention”, even if you have a legit file from your own system.

    • Yes, apparently teaching people how to extract the encryption keys is some sort of piratical behavior because it apparently matters what sand the software is running on

  • Emulators are good for other things too. Like software preservation (which nintendo is not a fan of) or accessibility

  • Sony learned the emulator lesson in the 90’s, stands to reason it would take 30 years for Nintendon’t to catch the fuck on!

  • Nintendo is taking a ‘trafficking in circumvention device’ legal strategy as opposed to a strictly anti-emulator legal strategy.

  • The last time we played this game it was Sony vs. Bleem! in 2001.

  • Sony lost, but the cost still shut down the project.

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