Vanguard Breaks More Than Linux Support LOL

GeForce NOW adds improved support on Steam Deck, Nintendo nukes 8,535 YUZU forks, Dr. Robotnik’s Ring Racers releases after five years in development, Helldivers 2 review-bombing, and Vanguard is breaking more than Linux support.


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00:00 Intro
05:00 NVIDIA’s Steam Deck app
08:39 Capes
11:16 $15 or $20 games?
12:38 Fury Controls
13:44 Twitch banned games list
15:31 The AMD GPU that could have been
25:15 Nintendo files 8K DMCA takedowns
28:09 Nintendo retaliation
29:27 Dr. Robotnik Ring Racers
30:55 Locked tutorials
36:05 SuperTuxKart 1.5
39:45 Vintage AMD
40:50 WHAR Rocket League clones?
41:30 LOL Vanguard bricks PCs
48:03 Helldivers 2 vs PSN
56:25 Ubish*t
57:55 Game launchers can DIAF

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

DeckForce NOW

  • Bash script that launches a python script that sets up chrome on the steam deck to run geforce now stuff

  • Hey, Destiny is finally playable on deck! Suck it bungie!

    • They’ll probably still find an excuse to ban you

  • That’s good, but I gotta ask: Does NVidia need a $100 donation to list this on the Store properly?

  • The latest GeForce NOW update, released last week, also allows members to navigate GeForce NOW on a browser using a gamepad, including on the Steam Deck.

Steam: New Games


  • I’m down for some superhero Xcom

  • Looks like it’s also aping a bit of the midnight suns formula with unlockable combo tech

  • Comes out at the end of the month

  • Those characters look Fortnite as shit

  • It’s Xcom with antiheroes and superpowers.

  • Every hero has their own super power.

  • Doesn’t look to be bringing much new to the formula.

Steam: Game Updates


  • Is it on the list?

  • Now with 100% more controller support.

  • Inventory in the main menu so you can check on your dickorations

  • Bots are probably good to give you something to do if you’re just playing with yourself.


RNDA Chonk

  • What could have been.

  • Sadly, AMD has run the numbers and realized being 2’nd place is profitable as hell.

  • It’s very easy to not give a damn when NVidia is alone at the top and Intel can’t quite get to the mid range yet.

  • If the leaks on the next gen AMD cards are accurate, this 6700XT has yet another generation of work ahead of it.

  • At some point AMD was thinking about making a super chonker Navi 4 GPU with 9 Shader Engines.

  • Instead, Navi 4X GPUs will be very much non chonk according to rumors.

I See Yuzu

  • Consider moving that repo off GitHub.

    • Or any sort of managed, hosted git service.

  • DMCA Waves.

  • They’re just like ban waves but with more lawyers

  • At the same time I’m over here thinking, can this be weaponized?

  • What’s the tipping point? I’m curious.

  • That’s right, kids, Nintendo is going after all your forks and some of your spoons.

  • That’s 8,535 DMCA takedown requests.


  • After over 5 years of development, Dr. Robotnik’s Ring Racers is finally complete.

  • Dr. Robotnik’s Ring Racers has been a tireless effort by the Kart Krew Dev team, and additionally comprises the work of many more independent contributors across the SRB2Kart, Sonic Robo Blast 2, Doom Legacy and broader Doom communities.

  • Yes, this is the DOOM engine and it’s fkn amazing what they are doing with it.

  • Local split-screen multiplayer up to 4 players, and online play up to 16.

  • Ver 2.1 makes the tutorial unlock a bit quicker along with some bug fixes.

  • Had to track down two deps.

    • libyuv-dev

    • libvpx-dev

  • Flatpack available for Arch users.

  • You need to play the not so short tutorial to get into the game proper.

    • The data file has a password that you can enter to just skip that

      • gaster

  • That looks a lot like Mario Kart on the SNES

  • SDL2 Magic baby.

  • I started up hookersense after I started the game and all the buttons were sanely mapped

  • Compiling it was pretty short

Summer Cart

  • Incoming SuperTuxBench

  • 2.0 will feature five new HQ tracks and improvements to gameplay.

  • A bunch of these features are in the exp branch.

  • Please find a way to stick the car to the track.

  • It still comes across as the track sliding around under a static car.

  • It looks silly in 2024.

  • Oh, you can actually set the max frames now.

  • I remember a few years ago on the LGC forums, RIPIP, that the game seemed to cap out at around 110FPS for most people.

  • That’s very nice!

Dangers of Anti-Cheat / RIP LOL Linux

  • Yeah, you probably don’t want to delete bug reports in the bug report thread.

  • Attempting to hide shit by deleting it never works, but it seems like that message hasn’t been received yet.

  • And I really don’t need more confirmation bias on how bad client side anti-cheat is.

  • Stop fucking with your players/customers/users.

  • It’s not their fault your game is easily exploitable.

  • If you want proper security you need to link your game to PSN.

  • Not to take Riot’s side or anything but reading through Riot’s response, it seems like some folks needed to enable FTPM which can require switching from a legacy boot mode to UEFI which can stop your stuff from booting

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if a fair number of these so called bricking incidents are a result of windows “power-users” not knowing their systems as well as they thought they did

    • Also you don’t need to turn on secure boot, which could cause further issues

  • Bunch of folks are still having client issues though.

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