Team Fortress 2 Reviews Drop To Mostly Negative

Twitch disbands its safety council, Team Fortress 2 drops to ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’, GOG is deleting cloud saves, NVIDIA open-sources Creator Toolkit, and 50% of PCs will be ARM in 5 years.


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00:00 Intro
01:55 Gating Steam Wishlists
02:59 Knight Pedro
04:10 Increase of Linux users on Steam
06:49 Odd screen resolutions
07:44 Oh yeah, mixing up the format
08:13 Unhaunter
09:57 TF2 is mostly negative
10:52 Why are players mad?
11:53 The TF2 bot solution
12:49 The only way to fix TF2
13:29 Fishards open-source tournament
16:04 Running with rifles 1.98
18:47 No new NVIDIA cards in 2024
19:01 Battlemage deep dive
25:07 Battlemage performance expectations
30:19 Open-source RTX Creator toolkit
24:29 GOG will deletes cloud saves
36:46 Angry if you lost all your saves?
41:08 Gaming on the EliteDesk 705 Mini
47:13 PC market 50% AMR in 5 years
56:52 Twitch fires safety council
01:03:39 I would Linux IF
01:06:05 Physical games only!

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro


We are the 2%

  • SteamOS still keeps bumping those numbers up and by far the most popular GPU under linux is that Steam Deck APU

  • ronpaul.gif

  • I think it was the Linux Gamer that did the extrapolation of the numbers based on what VALVe have said are currently active accounts.

  • Over 5 million people on Linux these days if those numbers are accurate.

  • After a decade of almost being a full percent, Linux is the new #1 rounding error OS!

  • Dominating OSX by a decisive 0.85%.

  • Not so long ago we were the 0.85%.

  • +4.02% uptick in AMD AMD Custom GPU 0405’s.

  • Linux users like to game at 1080p and 800 x 1280.



  • If you have an overwhelming desire to bust

  • Written in rust but can compile to WASM so you can play it in your browser

  • Is Project Zomboid not cutting it anymore?

  • Ghosts!


Negative Fortress

  • I bet Valve didn’t plan on supporting this game for seventeen years.

  • That said, why is this such a hard problem to solve?

  • People need to learn about the community servers.

  • Hashtag #SaveTF2 is still going, I see

  • There’s also #FixTF2 now

Open Fish

  • GODOT game.

  • Devs will open-source the game (MIT) if the community can beat them in a tournament.

  • I hope they still open-source the game if nobody shows up.

  • Neat, it does the magicka thing where you can build your own spells120

Running From D-Day

  • D-Day was 80 years ago and one of the longest running online Army Men style shooters on Linux is releasing a map centred around that particularly gruesome day in the Normandy coast.

  • I played a lot of Medal of Honor Allied Assault, that game’s version of this event was a genuinely hard bit on an otherwise easy game.

  • Running with Rifles on the other hand, that’s already a hard game.

  • I can imagine playing as the landing party in this map is going to be extra hard


Battlemage Deep Dive

  • Xe2 will be slightly less fkd moving from SIMD 8 to 16.

  • 12.5x increase in Draw XI performance.

  • Apparently AlchemistGPUs had a lot of unleveraged power.

  • I’m more surprised at Intel getting rid of hyper-threading.

  • Coming to laptops first because Intel

  • Supposedly changing their proprietary drivers to make game compatibility better, which you won’t have to worry about on Linux since DXVK has been a thing on this side for a long time.

  • JPR has Intel at 0% share in the first quarter of 2024.

  • The Nvidia 30 series was released 4 years ago.

  • Battlemage has to be what, 50% faster to stand a chance?

  • I do want to give credit to Intel for attempting to hammer out their compute-stack.

  • It’s still poo, but they are actively working on it, unlike team #ef0707.

  • Seems like a lot of the architecture changes have to do with better utilizing the hardware available by reducing wasted resources and cycles

  • Right now the Rx580 in my TV box is due for a replacement and it’d be cool to replace it with some battlemage variant if they don’t completely suck ass.

RTX source thingy

  • Lol @ the performance comparisons using laptop GPUs

  • Fancy new rest API so you can hook RTX remix into other software

  • Last year they open sourced the game integration bit, which we saw a number of people use to add unofficial DLSS to games.

  • Now they’re releasing the sauce to the Creator Toolkit to further expand its compatibility.

  • Good on you NVidia!

  • Might finally be able to RTX Remix on OpenMW rather than just vanilla Morrowind

GOG Saves

  • Any save files you have that aggregate over 200 mb are getting noped, so maybe back up your stuff

  • 200 MB per game

  • Good guy, GOG.

  • Saving Linux users from losing their cloud saves by not having Galaxy on Linux.

  • How devastated would you be if you lost all of your save files?

  • I’m talking all of them, on everything.

  • I would be mildly perturbed for an afternoon.

  • I look at cloud saves as a convenience that can go poof at any time.

2024 Gaming powerhouse

  • These are cheaper than a 2400G CPU.

  • Seriously, if you want a little fk around 2D gaming rig / media centre grab one before the prices jump back up.

  • You can shove a RX560 4GB GPU in it if you’re feeling brave.

  • A whole computer for cheaper than its uncut CPU variant

  • That’s pretty good

  • The price in canada land is about $200 but that’s still pretty good for a full system.

50 Arms

  • Here in linux land we have a heck of a head start on x86 and x64 emulation.

  • Microsoft has some catching up to do when it comes to software compatibility oddly enough.

  • Qualcomm is not messing around with their new SOC.

  • DaVinci Resolve just added support and For old Snappy Dragon.

  • Will we see a Steam ARM client before 2030?

    • Hah! No, it’ll be the same x86 client running in FEX

    • I guess setting performance expectations at the level of the steam deck gives any ARM based platform a lot more wiggle room in catching up

  • Although, I look forward to VALVe giving the FEX and Box86/64 people some money to improve what they’ve got

Twitch nopes Safety Council

  • Twitch will replace the 9 member Safety Advisory Council with Twitch Ambassadors.

  • What’s the point of having a board unless you call the shots?

  • Swap them out with twitch ambassadors (read loyalists) and volunteers. That’ll make folks safer.

  • To celebrate, Twitch will increase the price of tier 1 subs.

  • I don’t think I’m the only one who knows this is going to have at least one major incident with one such “Ambassador” (read volunteer) pushing their agenda.


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