LinuxGameCast Weekly EP03 — GoToMeeting For Nerds

On this LinuxGamecast Weekly. Ryzom commits suicide, Jordan talks D&D, Diaspora gets a how-to and Steam for Linux ships /w Portal? Then here comes the Venngeance: Video switching software for the Linux.

MMO Ryzom Will Reset All User Accounts commit suicide Saturday 22 September

  • This will clear and reset all characters.
  • Lose all progress (paying non paying)
  • Lose username

L.G.C. |How-To| — Install Diaspora: Shattered Armistice On Ubuntu 12.04

  • This quick and dirty L.G.C. how-to is geared for new Ubuntu users who want to install Diaspora: Shattered Armistice.
  • Fifteen steps of Ctrl+C Ctrl+V.
  • This should work with other Debian based systems.

D&D on Linux? Best tools / advice (I have no idea about this one) – JORDAN could you list the order of the websites so I can have them loaded in the browser?

*I’m going to show off my stat sheet and you can attempt to explain it to my mind organ*


  • Dungeon forge?
    • Needs Wine
    • Paid

Steam Linux Beta item in the Steam registry (weekly steam news)

  • They can now add the item “Steam Linux Beta” to your account, similar to how games you bought are assigned to your account.
  • That means, that they’ll probably release the linux beta client soon. This item can then be used to control who can use this beta client.

You Do Not Need to Buy 0 A.D. on eBay (PSA)
Most of items here are from the same seller: mediaplusmobile

  • I remember bootleg RH and another distros being sold way back when. Illegal or just bad taste?

L.G.C. |How-To| — Install Slender v0.9.7 On Linux With PlayOnLinux


  • Quick update for the latest version of Slender but you may not need it for long!
  • Unity 4.0 will come with a native linux client, were in business.” – Panda, the creator of Slender.


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