LinuxGameCast Weekly EP16 — About Tree Fiddy

On this LinuxGamecast Weekly. Steam expands the beta, Intel does damage control, and Stallman throws some FUD. Then we talk mouse based Tetris, slow ostriches, and contest ideas. Stick around for our spoiler filled aftershow where we talk Doctor Who and some Bloody Chrome.


Steam News




What we’re up to :

Jordan:  Installed f18 beta, can’t run steam because 32 bit gtk2 is borked…for now.  Also got a jaerb. Risked really cold fingers for the sake you people

Venn: Finally convinced the YTubes that we were not uploading copyrighted content. SPEC out a new capture/streaming box. Bought the box. NewEgg is evil with the prefered customer card. 12mo no interest and no payments.


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  • T Brown – Kicked us a few shekels that we used towards the TBrown memorial headset.
  • Atomic-penguin – Friend of the show and fellow fan of our favourite subreddit. Sent over a few keys for SS3BFE
  • Dirkson ScrumbleShip dev – Sent in a few keys for ScrumbleShip
  • Fraser from Elefantopia Studios – Sent in a key for MCDroid beta available on Desura.

Steam News :

Expanded beta

  • Expanded the limited public beta by a large amount
  • Added a new group of sub-forums (Valve Games, Non-Valve Games, AMD/NVidia/Intel Graphics Cards, etc).
  • The beta time period for Serious Sam 3: BFE has expired.
  • Will this be the last beta?

Steam Games Begin Adding Linux System Requirements

  • Games in the Steam store have begun listing Linux system requirements
  • I remember reading the system specs on my first Loki box Quiet you!

Steam’s ‘Big Picture mode’ out of Beta

  • Gamers use Big Picture with a mouse and keyboard too by connecting their PC/ laptop to their TV sets.
  • Valve is holding a sale on “games with full controller support (that) work without a keyboard and mouse on hand, from installation to play and beyond”.
  • Is this proof that Valve is working on a console? Well…yes.  they just confirmed it

Steamboxen cometh?

  • In an interview with Kotaku at last night’s Video Game Awards, Gabe Newell confirmed the company’s plans to sell its own living room PC
  • Expects companies to start selling PC packages for living rooms next year
  • Working on their next-generation engine—which he said will work with next-generation consoles as well.

Steam installer for Debian

  • It’s a Steam installer for Debian. That is all, as you were.


AMD releases 12.11 Beta 11 driver for 5K+ series cards


  • TF2 Now launches (no more black screen) and runs smoothly
  • Resolves stability issues found in the previous AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta8 driver for Linux
  • Resolve missing fonts issue in XBMC

Intel covers their arse rejects the idea that they are going BGA-only

  • “Intel remains committed to the growing desktop enthusiast and channel markets, and will continue to offer socketed parts in the LGA package for the foreseeable future”
  • Foreseeable future?
  • I feel we should maybe apologise for jumping to conclusions without a matt.   We don’t wanna be the audiobook version of phoronix

AMD ‘committed’ to CPU upgrade path

  • “We have no plans at this time to move to BGA [ball-grid array] only packaging and look forward to continuing to support this critical segment of the market,”
  • Will this save AMD? Probably not.  They’re still the best for budget systems, but lack of adoption by PC manufacturers will be the death of them fo sho

Ubuntu Spyware: What to Do? – (RMS is at it again)

  • The main issue is the spying?
    It is just as bad for Canonical to collect your personal information as it would have been for Amazon to collect it.
  • People will certainly make a modified version of Ubuntu without this surveillance. You mean Minty Fresh Linux?
  • “If you ever recommend or redistribute GNU/Linux, please remove Ubuntu from the distros you recommend or redistribute.”  -RMS

Ubuntu Community Manager Says Stallman Spreads FUD

  • The goal of the dash in Ubuntu has always been to provide a central place in which you can search and find things that are interesting and relavent to you
  • Today it is not perfect – we need to improve the accuracy of the results
  • When we implemented the Amazon search results feature we didn’t get it 100% right with the first cut in the development release

On Calling Richard Stallman A Childish FUD Spreader

  • I’m a bit flabbergasted by Jono’s response to Stallman since it didn’t seem to defend at all against Stallman’s claims.
  • When the EFF, an Ubuntu Developer and former Canonical employee, and heck, even myself point out privacy and security issues with the feature, we get ignored or told we are spreading FUD.
  • Ubuntu is the only Linux Distro that currently does anything like this.
  • Invalid use of MEME! Should be Scumbag Steve (SSS) not Wonka.

  • I like the poll at the bottom.   “”””””Do you absolutely love it or do you simply dislike it

gogonlinux – A community made client to get your games working on Linux

  • Beta is an understatement
  • Requires root install
  • Requirements
    • – wine ( is required to run windows (.exe) games
    • – winetricks is a wine script required to setup some wine games
    • – scummvm ( is required for some old adventure games
    • – dosbox ( is required for most old dos videogames
    • – innoextract ( is required to extract and
      • setup the .exe installers downloaded from
  • Good idea but needs a lot of work.

Games :

Alpha 10 of Unvanquished is out!

  • New map in this release, the alpha version of Yocto
  • VoIP menu
  • Preliminary x32 support
  • New server-side scripting features

[OPEN SOURCE] Monster RPG 2 free since Dec 1st


  • Indigogo campaign funded
  • Game engine and data open sourced.
  • Now available for free on Desura.
  • Its a fun little game.  I like it

MouseCraft is finally available for download


  • The Alpha is available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
  • Uses the Unity engine
  • Think tetris having sexy time with Tetris

SuperTuxKart 0.8 Release Candidate 1 released


  • Skidding and better collision physics
  • New Blackhill Mansion track
  • Story mode and new challenge set
  • Improved AI
  • Grab the nightly build at

Ostrich Island Looking For Beta Testers

  • “I have just finished conversion of my game Ostrich Island to Linux.” Dude, it’s Unity. You clicked at most three buttons.
  • It’s an adventure platformer
  • Looks nice for an early build
  • The Ostrich animation needs work.
  • It’s an ostrich not a snail. Let him run a bit faster?

Contest ideas?

  • We picked up a few copies of L4D2, SS3BFE, MCDroid, and ScrumbleShip for our next LinuxGameCast Weekly giveaway.
  • We’re looking for ideas for the contest.


New TARDIS Interior Revealed

BSG Blood and Chrome

  • Holy F Balls the BETTER get picked up.
  • Some of the green screen really stuck out
  • Rather liked how it ended
  • Minimum two years before we get a new series

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