LinuxGameCast Weekly EP17 — Steam Stocking Stuffers?

Coming up this  LinuxGamecast Weekly: Steam Stocking Stuffers?, Give hug get Scrumble, Vessel Inbound and Bacon submits to the beard.


Steam News




What we’re up to :
Venn –

  • New system is up and running.
  • Still need a new power supply (in my hands) for streaming games.
  • Ended up using an old PCI sound blaster.
  • Sound is smoother/natural/warm coming over 32 pci.

Jordan – Last week at CDOT working for fedora.  Imma miss you guyze.



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Steam News :

Steam Linux to Launch Open Beta Next Week

  • Already 80K users in the closed beta
  • Released over the holiday weekend.
  • Influx of people with 5yr old laptops complaining about poor performance in 3.. 2..
  • Hoping Left4Dead is included in open beta or as launch title
  • Maybe  Dota2 as HON is the only MOBA available in the linux space at the moment

Jordan show us how to change the data directory

  • I could not make Steam use the new directory
  • Ended up symlinking .wine
  • Tried as well, doesn’t look like that feature is implemented

Steam at your Login Screen script updated

  • Neat project, but for what use?
  • Good for DIY linux based steam consoles

Penumbra finally available on Steam Beta

  • For weeks now Overture has been on the list of linux games, but not downloadable
  • Other games in series are available for purchase
  • Confirmed overture installs and runs
  • linux_gaming user psycho_driver says that Black Gate installs and Runs but Requiem doesn’t
    • Speaks to a larger issue of uninstallable steam games on linux.  Will this keep happening?    I kind of want to be able to play the games I buyI


THQ pondering Linux development

  • HTH can you be “Evaluating cost/benefit” of porting to Linux when your company is almost bankrupt? Something tells me you’re not so good at that.
  • Should the HIB guys help out and minimize the blowback from the last bundle
  • Not gonna complain about more linux games.  Hope they follow through

On Being Childish; An Apology


0 A.D. gets a new website

  • New video tutorials for total beginners

Giving out free copies of Scrumbleship in exchange for hugging someone you care about.

  • Print out (Or draw your own!) a ScrumbleShip Christmas banner.
  • Find someone you care about.
  • Hug ’em, hold up the sign, and snap a photo.

Raspi  App Store:  Yet another software distribution system?

  • Seems neat.  gives people a place to put their pi software
  • Have to question the redundancy of it all.
    • So many package managers and software distribution systems
    • Steam/Desura/Yum/Apt/PKG/pacman
    • I feel that there isn’t enough leveraging of the existing tools
  • Only in Raspian so far


Games :

Enemy Starfighter, an indie space combat sim from an ex-Bungie dev

  • Classic STARFIGHTER COMBAT puts you in the cockpit and offers a visceral way to affect the outcome of each strike
  • A DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN means different systems will fall to the Empire during each playthrough.

Choo-choo motherfu*ker

  • The source code and assets are available from the frogatto github project.
  • No Linux binaries
  • There are no popups asking for credit cards to buy in-game currency with.
  • Buy the expansion pack ($2.00) and get 11 more levels.
  • No copy protection or DRM,

0 A.D. Alpha 12 Loucetios: New Random Maps, Improved Water Rendering, And Diplomacy

  • Diplomacy: Determine if you and another human player are allies
  • Formation Order Queueing: Allows giving units several tasks to carry out in order
  • Slaughter Attack: All domestic animals are killed with melee weapons, even by otherwise ranged units. This speeds up meat harvesting.

Ensign-1’s missions 4 and 5 now feature recorded dialog for the mission

  • Man, that guys voice really grinds my nerves.
  • Missions 4 and 5 now contain the same level of scripted events that the rest of the missions feature
  • New alien cockpit


  • 4 Player dungeon crawling co-op a la gauntlet
  • Unity based

Legends Of Aethereus Beta Launches On Linux And Mac

  • According to ThreeGates CEO Don Geyer, getting Legends of Aethereus ready to run silky smooth on Linux and Machas been a top priority
  • The beta allows participants try out the the four player co-op and a variety of the PvP game types.
  • The site is hella down at time of recording.


Morgawr Havenlost
Greetings, I am the developer of the gogonlinux project. Thanks for featuring it in your episode, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately upon releasing the 0.2.0 beta version I realized there was a problem with downloading some of the games so I release a 0.2.1 version to fix it (we’re at 0.2.3 now). I would really appreciate if people reported bugs so I could solve them, that would make my job infinitely easier when trying to cater to multiple platforms. :) Thanks

N.C. Weber
Thought I’d mention that LinuxGameCast’s tutorial on using the VLC Beta app for Android was used on episode 89 of “All About Android” on

Jason Howell mentions the tutorial as an answer to getting TWiT programming streamed live to a mobile device that doesn’t have Flash (time index 55 min. 40 sec.)


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