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Coming up on this LinuxGameCast Weekly. Fotonica trips us the hell out. Intel looses its mind. Humble goes full Windows, and Ryan C Gordon talks about living under a desk.

Stick around for our spoiler filled aftershow where we talk DBZ Absalon


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Humble indie Betrayal?
From: https://www.humblebundle.com/

“We are hopefully going to raise a huge amount of money for charity and expose a ton of new customers to the Humble Bundle model.”

IndieCity Coming to Linux!
From: http://blog.indiecity.com/?p=2227

  • On the look-out for people with Linux games and applications who’d like to be a part of the launch line-up.
  • Looking for people to test the client
  • Mac version of IndieCity should be ready fairly shortly after the Linux launch.


KDE better for gaming?
From: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTIzOTI

  • Bwahahaha
  • (cut to Venn)
  • Nope


Intel ‘preparing’ to put an end to user-replaceable CPUs – So what NOW?
From: http://www.zdnet.com/intel-preparing-to-put-an-end-to-user-replaceable-cpus-7000008024/

  • This is why you should buy AMD, people.
    • AMD CPU’s simply don’t cut it compared to Intel, and that is the problem
  • The second Intel thought they could get away with this ..BAM!
  • Intel has briefed PC building OEMs on the switch from LGA to BGA for Broadwell architecture processors, which are expected to make an appearance next year.
  • Motherboard makers will be out of the equation
  • I remember the days of $700 mid-range Intel chips when they had zed competition
  • Will another company (or will AMD go all phoenix) fill the gap?


Intel 2012Q4 graphics package release Ready for Valve
From: http://intellinuxgraphics.org/2012Q4.html

  • Basic 2D and 3D Haswell support with all the PCI IDs,
  • OpenGL support for Haswell,
  • Initial OpenGL 3.1 support
  • Hardware accelerated video decoding, and encoding for Haswell.
  • Averaging 50+ fps in Xonotic and Nexuiz /w Intel 4500MHD
  • Steam games actually run fairly well on IGP, so any improvements are great


Interview with Ryan C. Gordon about his involvement porting games to Linux, the current state of gaming on Linux, and its future.
From: http://cheerfulghost.com/panickedthumb/posts/771

  • Former Loki Software employee
  • Ported Braid, Shank, Psychonauts, Prey, Google Earth, UT2004, Postal 2, etc…
  • Q: One of the major reasons publishers and developers give for not releasing a Linux version of their games is that the demand doesn’t justify the extra development cost.
    • A:  think it’s short-sighted. A one-man team–me–can take a completed game and port it to Linux. Usually this is pretty fast and cheap. If they had concerned themselves with portability right from the start, there would be no problem at all.
  • Q: What are you currently working on?
    • A: With Steam launching, I’ve lost count.
  • Q: How’s the work on iodoom3 going? When can we expect a release?
    • A: iodoom3 is pretty much stalled at the moment.
  • Q: What was your favorite project to work on?
    • A: Google Earth. This wasn’t a game, but living under a desk at the Googleplex for a month was an amazing experience. I miss it sometimes.


From: http://www.rootgamer.com/news/doom-3-bfg-code-released-under-gpl

  • Good on Bethseda for releasing the source.
  • We hope one day someone can (outside of Carmack) make sense of it.
    • Better chance of finding a sober irishman


L.G.C. |How-To| — Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Speed Boost With DX9frames
From: https://linuxgamecast.com/

  • We mentioned the script last week.
  • Made a quick and dirty L.G.C. how-to for installing the critter.


From: http://www.reallyslick.com
“My name is Terry and I am thrilled to announce Retrobooster, an upcoming 2.5D survival shooter and cave-flyer. It was a hobby project for a long time, but my day job was holding me back. In July, I quit my job at NASA and became a full-time indie game developer.”
High quality physics, with believable collisions and death by crushing

  • 4 difficulty levels
  • Single player or up to 4 players split-screen
  • Cooperative and deathmatch multiplayer modes


From: http://www.fotonica-game.com/
A first person game about jumping, sense of speed and frustration.

  • The key is timing,
  • Sent over a review copy
  • Unity game
    • Still love the fact that unity games work out of the box on Fedora or other Linuxes
  • No playable Linux demo
  • Reminds me of BIT.TRIP RUNNER
    • Bit trip runner mixed with mirrors edge


Road Rebel: with music by Rob Zombie, Motörhead, Pussy Riot
Jason Asbahr, CEO of Monstrous Company wrote in to tell us about Road Rebel.

My team and I knew that no publisher in their right mind would let us do what we wanted with our game Road Rebel.

  • Release it on GNU/Linux first?
  • Run a live “crowd development” effort and bring in gamers as decision makers and designers?
  • Backers get early access to code and assets.  Interesting model.  I’m interested to see what comes out of it.
  • Releasing all the source to the game — while we are building it? And include uncensored music from our favorite bands, like Rob Zombie and Pussy Riot? Hell no.


Europa Driving physics & gameplay
From: http://www.quickfingers.net/europa-driving-physics-gameplay/

  • Originally part of the #7DFPS competition
  • This does away with the built in physics engine in Unity
  • Still haven’t fully finalized the physics model
  • It will be your main mode of transportation around the play area
  • It’s Unity so BAM! Automagic Linux support.


Annorath Game: Our New Launcher (shipped with next Update) will be open Source (GPL3)

  • uingine


Fan made DBZ goodness?

  • Voices could use some work
  • The intro is painful
  • Animation is not horrid for fan-made
  • DBZ power creep makes it kind of pointless
  • Pan and Uub, eh?
  • I guess I’ll have to watch it
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