Experimental Build Of Haunt Comes To Linux

The Linux version of Haunt is out. It’s still awaiting authorization from IndieDB and Desura. In meantime you can grab a copy from GameFront. The project owner would like the following feedback if you decide to have a go.

As it is experimental build (with no warranty) we would be very grateful if you will find a while and send us:

1 – info if game works with your Linux (or not)
2 – and what  distribution is yours
3 – and if it worked – how it worked (fps, glitches etc.)
4 – and what is your PCs spec

Update: Rename the “Haunt_1_Data” folder to “Data” before launching.

screenshot_00 screenshot_04 screenshot_06 screenshot_08

Haunt is a first person adventure horror game inspired by popular ‘slender-genre’. Don’t be afraid – artistic part of Haunt isn’t the only one thing that makes this game unique. Provided story and whole ‘GreenPark’ proves, that Haunts vision of “Slender-Man” is deeper than ever before.

Website: www.indiedb.com/games/haunt
Via r/linux_gaming


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