LinuxGameCast Weekly EP34 — GNU/Lovin’

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast weekly: open sauce Jedi, Euro Trucks on The horizon, floaty balls and Portuguese Raaaaaaage. All this plus your hate mail.







Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


Zandronum (DooM 2 w/ OpenGL and modern multiplayer options)



Steam News :

Don’t Starve – Now Out for Steam for Linux!

  • A very “shallow” reimagining of Minecraft with a horror theme and a sort of plot dangling in front of our noses.

    • It’s basically Minecraft with a Tim Burton, circa 1990, vibe.

    • I really did get a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe from it

  • Digging the art style but having a hard time maintaining interest.

  • The integration of adventure mode into survival mode might be interesting.

  • Unlike Minecraft where you need to figure out the recipes, here you already know what you need to make stuff. Baby’s first Minecraft!


Euro Truck Simulator 2 ..soon?

  • T’is in closed beta right now, it’s about 2 chairs in the makes with the workings so far.

  • Your’s truly has been invited to test it.

  • Change gear, change gear, kill a prostitute, change …

  • But where is Train Simulator and its thousands of dollars worth of DLC?


Oil Rush gets Steamy

  • Supported Linux (as a standalone application) from the very beginning

  • Granted, it’s been on Desura forever but hey; I actually use Steam

  • UNIGINE graphics are shiny but demanding

  • €16 for a strategy game… I don’t care how pretty those graphics look, nope!

  • Yeah, it looks pretty, but I’m really not interested in Oil Rush.


Linux Port Of Jedi Outcast In The Works (two projects)

  • Looks like a full-on MOD project is underway in the gits.

  • Can’t get it to compile on Ubuntu 12.04.

  • Can’t wait for this to be playable

    • Either one of them really, I foresee a lot of sleepless night ahead!


NVIDIA Has Major New Linux Driver: Optimus, RandR 1.4

  • Introduces some support for its Optimus

  • Actually a bit slower on my system

  • Finally enables 1280×720 (stretched mode) on my new ASUS monitor.

  • Waiting for the RPM Fusion monkeys to package this’un and do all the testing for me

  • Still have to use bumblebee/primusrun

Another weekly Bundle of meh

  • Two whole Linux games and I already own one of them… Nope!

  • Includes Atom Zombie Smasher, Air Forte afn 30 Flights if Loving

  • Do any of these games work on Steam?

    • Nope! Atom Zombie Smasher is on Desura, but they don’t provide Desura keys either so…

    • Supposedly there is a linux port coming for 30 Flights of Loving in the works


Divinity: Original Sin by Larian Studios LLC. Linux (and Mac) versions confirmed.

  • Turn-based isometric RPG set in the Divinity universe which was introduced in Divine Divinity and expanded upon with its sequels Beyond Divinity and Divinity II.

    • Seems to be quite a bit of those coming out for linux with Torment and Project Eternity

  • “Original Sin will now definitely be coming to Mac & Linux.”

  • They had me Weresheep

    • Please, nothing can top AD&D’s Werekangaroos and Werehippos

  • 12 days left to get in ($25 for the game)

  • MOAR LINUX RPGs! Lord Pedro demands it!\

    • It is good to see this marriage between RPG nerds and linux nerds.

    • In all seriousness though, about goddamn time the RPG genre got a some GNU/lovin’!

      • I’m pretty sure the binary gods of Sacred: Gold hate me at this point, judging by how I’ve gotten to the point where I can kill most stuff with a single spell. I really need a new RPG or they’ll come and haunt my electric sheep.


Some idTech4 games progress

  • Yes, please!

    • I remember trying the Dark Mod a while back.

  • Work continues to make The Dark Mod standalone

  • The biggest needs right now are the replacement werebeast, a skeleton mesh, and zombie animations.

  • Good to see some work done converting some of these


– Nooope

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

 Game : Gravi Alpha

Devel: Hashbang Games

Engine: Unity

Price: $5.99!gravi/c255i

Gravi is an intense puzzle-platformer that’ll test your tolerance for pain. Fling yourself through terrorizing traps and manipulate gravity to swing towards victory. Death is guaranteed.


Makes with the working


  • OOTB


  • Penis


  • Game crashes everytime I die on Fuduntu 2013.2 with fglrx 13.1


 Shiny / Sounds


  • It looks great on some places and shite in others. Guessing  some of the textures are placeholders. Only getting 57’ish FPS in 1080 with things set on “Awesome”.


  • The game looks fine for what it is.  I didn’t have any graphical issues


  • Couldn’t really find any issues. Was there any background music?


 Control / fun


  • Honestly, I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing. I can finish a level but it’s accomplished by a shite-storm of random clicking. For the most part I’m all like ..hey, . Really don’t like how my “ammo” randomly flies away.


  • It managed to keep my attention for about 15 minutes.   One of the few puzzle games that didn’t get on my nerves.  Same kind of deal with dustforce

  • Something I would play if I had a ton of time to kill


  • It’s very reminiscent of Nightsky, with the twist of having the gravity control thing.

  • There comes a certain point where having to restart the whole game every time you die becomes a chore and that’s why it doesn’t get the perfect score.


Final – *


Game Reviews with fglrx

  • So the hardware stops existing just because the firmware isn’t done right?!

  • People should stop doing things because in your opinion they’re not right?

    • Sets quite the precedent for opposers of gay marriage, doesn’t it?

  • And yes it is a problem with the game, because I’ve played many other Unity games (Guns of Icarus Online comes to mind) and I had no such problems.

  • Final Note: I know the problem in the textures lies with the fact that ATI tessellation is pretty much non existent in Linux, stemming from the fact that AMD doesn’t give a flying fuck about Linux.


Thanks for the coverage, problems

  • It’s called hyperbole, and it is often used in parody and satirical descriptions. Aka an exaggeration.

    • Yes I purposefully exaggerated to demonstrate just how fucking boring it was!

  • If the point is exploration, there is really very little reason to do so at this point and I’m the guy that loves Minecraft and DayZ type-games, where “there is no point”.

    • But it’s still in Alpha so you’ll get a free pass.

      • I’m sure you’ll make me eat my words when the game is finished.



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