LinuxGameCast Weekly EP38 — The Year Of Linux Gaming

Coming up on LinuxGamecast Weekly: Humble releases a Double Fine bundle, Return to Castle Wolfenstein gets a massive update, and Valve Half-Lifes all the things. Then we throw the chairs at Brütal Legend. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


HD4650 doable for Linux gaming? Bwahahahaha ahahahah ..nope.

  • To be fair, my Mobility HD5650 is very doable for Linux gaming. But then again, the 13.1 drivers (now the legacy ones) SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED. So yeah… nope!

  • Would you ask “Is HD4650 doable for Linux Windows gaming?”


  • cal·cu·la·tor  

  • /ˈkalkyəˌlātər/

  • Noun

  • Something used for making mathematical calculations, esp. a small electronic device with a keyboard and a visual display.

  • Yes, you can play some older indie titles but have no illusions of participating in the Steamy goodness.

  • Now, here’s the thing. Linux system requirements are (usually) higher compared to Windows when it comes to gaming. Check with the judge.

  • Eeeesh 354. Mine scores 553 on that website.

    • 3,508

    • 5350 

Steam News :

Brütal Legend, Costume Quest, and Stacking make with the downloading.


Good news, everyone – Linux version of GMod almost done ..kinda

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Is this still relevant? I’d rather see the Source Movie Maker get ported.

  • Apparently GMod is still a thing. A big thing. More the merrier.



  • HL2, Half-Life 2 Ep1, Ep2, and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast all make with the working.

  • Mmmm! FSMdamn, Valve! This is some serious gourmet shite! Me, Jordan and Pedro would have been happy with L4D2 right, but you spring this serious GOURMET shite on us!

  • First time playing HL2. This must have been face-melting in 2004.

  • Still one of the best games of the past decade!

  • We now have the entire Orange Box on linux.  That’s pretty cool.


Double Complete Humble Bundle

  • Mr. Schaffer keeps doing right by me, Imma keep givin’ him the moonie$!

  • Psychonauts, Costume Quest, Brütal Legend and $35 for a taste of Broken Age.

  • Now accepting Bitcoin

  • Linux still crushing the average but slightly less purchases vs MAC.

  • Well, I wanted a copy of Costume Quest and Brutal legend, and they’re on linux now


OpenXcom 0.9 released

  • Downloaded it to see if it was at least as much fun as Dune Legacy, then it reminded me why XCom was the first game I honestly disliked.

  • Need the original art assets, $4.99 on Steam

  • Went from a fairly incomplete version 0.4 to a fully playable and enhanced version 0.9.


Salvation Prophecy: A Military Space Epic – native linux port released

  • A dev who doesn’t sheep along with the “AMD-on-Linux-sucks-so-don’t-bother” Movement! RESPEKT!

  • Crabwalk is baaaaack!


Rawbots free during Kickstarter

  • Shite don’t run, son.

  • 64bit only, because they don’t really want people to give them money.

  • Did you look at Valve and go all “Pfffft! We know better!” #doingitwrong

  • In all fairness the $29.99 “early access” version has a 32-bit build.

  • You people need to get with the times, maaaaaaaaan

  • Idungeddit


8-bit commando

  • Hey, controller support! Neat!

  • Keeps crashing on the first level with FK all error output.

  • I’m not getting any crashes

  • No crashes here either.


rtcwcoop 0.9.5 Released

  • “This is the first release I consider stable.”

  • Added banning and tempbanning

  • Added obituaries for players

  • Fixed dead bodies blocking bullets

  • Fixed loading screen on widescreen setups

  • What about the improper syncing between clients, like we experienced in our Playas?

  • Perhaps we should give this one a part 3


Game: Brütal Legend
Devel: Double Fine Productions
Price: $19.99


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Makes with the working


  • It’s Steam but i’m dinging it a chair because VSYNC should not be default.



  • Because Steam!


Shiny / Sounds


  • WIN win and win. Did I mention win? \m/


  • Can’t complain about an all metal soundtrack


  • For once I didn’t experience any of the vsync issues other people complained about.

  • Yay! They don’t discriminate against certain types of Metal just because “some people” don’t like it.




  • Clearly constructed for a console. Four years after the console release and random gerbil clicking was the best you could come up with?


  • Controls are a bit jittery, I was able to play with keyboard controls.   


  • Console oriented UI, lack of proper graphical options and defaulting to vsync.

  • I spent a good 10 mins to make it through the bridge at the start because that car is impossible to drive




  • You tricked me DF. If this had RTS anywhere in the description I would have noped the FK out.


  • I can’t hate this game.  I like the atmosphere, the soundtrack and the little heavy metal references.     It ain’t perfect, but I certainly had fun


  • Like Venn said, it’s an RTS in the guise of a hacky-slashy, driving sandbox. It’s like Road Rash meets Age of Empires 2 with the “HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON” cheat.




MIC Licking

Retrobooster demo updated to 0.6.5



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