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Unity releases a beta! Dying Light gets a demo, NVIDIA gives us another driver, and GabeN wants to put a rocket in your pocket. Then Kings of Kung-FU faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

Special thanks to our patreons:

  • Timothy
  • Jonas
  • Francis H upped his pledge so we would be over 100
  • bagbobilgins

Steam News:

Red rocket

  • So, $19.99 off a Controlla …hmm
  • Hope we get the FKR before Nov. 11.
  • They shall get my wet stinky cashes thrown in their face organ when I see a SteamOS icon, but not before.
  • Yeah. As tempting as this pre-order is, it’s still promoting pre-order culture and I’m not okay with that.
  • It’s great that Linux is getting another very popular game.   For all the good it’ll do the dual booting heathens out there


We need a Hero

  • No cross-platform multiplayer? Really?



  • Amnesia, Bioshock and System Shock all got together and had a babby
  • Frictional is a hella small studio, yet they were able to have their game ported to Linux.
  • 25GB… I guess they took the “Amnesia: The Dark Descent is too short” criticism to heart.
    • That, or it’ll be just as short and the size is just the 4k ready textures.
  • Now all Frictional needs to do is let us take a crack at it
  • It’s not often that I’m tempted to pay full price for a game, but this might be one of the few exceptions.


Now we can all complain

  • #steam_welcomemessage_nofriends.  Sadface.
  • 11GB and 13 minutes later, I’m comfortable not paying $60 wet stinky for the game.  Probably ever.
  • Picked it up at full price-organ on day 1.
  • Managed a full refund two months later because I STILL had ONLY two arns in the game.
  • “We got / are getting a shit-ton of refund requests. We should do something about it.”
  • “Let’s make a demo.”
    • That’ll scare off potential customers for sure!
  • It’s about 7 months late, Brad!
  • And said Demo won’t even start for me.
  • Not worth the bandwidth pendejo
  • #popcorn


Victor’s Patch of Nope

  • That’s all well and good except the game now doesn’t get past the initial loading screen.
  • Judging by the terminal output, I’d say it’s failing to set the resolution properly.
  • And they fixed it.



  • Only available on windows. On linux, we already have an abundance of unfinished fan made games
  • I can’t believe they seriously thought that video showcased anything other than a Leadwerks ghetto.
  • So now you can make “My First Video Game” in Leadwerks or Unity.  Glorious.
  • Bypass Greenlight for the ~1.2k people that own it? (



  • Hello, sweetness
  • This is a Hipster pixel 2D platform shooter with an 80’s soundtrack (do want), randomized levels, permadeath with checkpoints?
    • It ticks almost all of the cliché Steam game boxes, dunnit?
  • Some of the weapons look interesting at least.
  • 5 bucks says if this ever leaves early access it’ll be in a humble bundle within 6 months


Clown no like

  • “Step inside the grotesque house of lunatic clowns.”
    • Or as Shatrealm calls it “Saturday night”
  • It’s free, I guess…
  • Apparently you can literally finish it over 10 times in less than 5 minutes.
    • Fucking Magnets!
  • A free game I won’t play.  There’s a first.



  • “It has everything except controller support”
    • Because Unity
  • It’s not often you see a game in which the pre-rendered in-engine trailer looks worse than the actual gameplay footage.
  • This looked janky when I saw it on YouTube last year, and it still looks janky.


Nvidia Linux Driver 352.41

  • Introduced support for the 950 and still running damage control on the 970 3.5G, apparently.



  • Sweet mother of chainsaw! They have a rewind button.
  • Also, no Flash.
  • That’s what you think.
  • Firefox is all “WHAR FLASH?!”
    • That’s cuz google wants you to use chrome
    • It just wants to love you.   Why won’t you let it?
      • Because I already promised my butt cherry to Bing.
  • And people are already reporting false positives for content ID take-downs.
    • Nothing spits in the face of “Innocent until proven guilty” like the RIAA
  • Yes, the system will nope your stream if it thinks you are teh copyright infringer.
    • And that’s why Twitch is not going anywhere.


Star Accounting

  • All previous calls for accountability have failed.
  • Everyone says he’s just doing this to shine his own game in a better light than Star Citizen.
  • His original contribution was refunded, so this story confuses me
  • My take on this, is it sounds like a whiny cry-baby going after a legitimately bad business.


Something something QA

  • Maybe one day we’ll have that kind of disposable wet stinky kicking around
  • At least they’re doing something to help out AMD users. More than what AMD is doing,  Amirite?
    • Part of me is thinking “Oh, NOW you start extensive AMD testing?”


Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • Something not working? Just reinstall Unity! sudo apt-get remove unity…
  • Now, before we get started I just want to say Unity is a fine engine and the humans behind it are sold.
  • Yeah, with a disclaimer like that you know we’re about to talk some shite.
  • I like how they were all ‘omg you guise we have a leenoox editor’ and go on to say that they’re not sure if they will continue supporting it.
  • At least it can export to windows and mac
  • “Your adoption and feedback will help us determine if this is something we can sustain alongside our Mac and Windows builds.”
    • Read, “We don’t want to maintain/support a Linux build. So we’ll only do it if we get enough money from Linux creators to justify it.”
      • See my point above
    • Welp, it was a good run. It’s unfortunate it’s over before it even started.
    • Remember kids: Unreal Engine 4 is open source and basically free.
  • For an experimental build, it feels pretty damn stable.
  • There does seem to be some font rendering issues.


Backer rewards?

  • Did you donate $150 for a boxed copy? Yeah, about that.
  • “Part of the problem we face here is that we’re a game development studio – and the focus of our attention is constantly on the game(s)”
    • “game(s)”?!!11? You mean all the $$ you wasted making the mobile ports that were never part of the Kickstarter and nobody asked for?
  • “ but we really want the boxed game to be the “final final” one”
    • And there we FK mothering have it boys and goils.
    • Carmageddon: Reincarnation was shipped in a hella incomplete state and you knew it, Brad. Yes you did!



  • This has quite possibly the best chance of succeeding of any mobile “console” I’ve yet seen, and that can be attributed entirely to the nostalgia factor.
  • This is janky looking home-brew 3D printed bullshit.
  • Never underestimate the rosey tint of nostalgia glasses.
  • I think this will ultimately fail due to lacking the chemical composition of nintendium
    • Seriously, my OG brick gameboy still plays tetris. This thing won’t last anywhere near as long.
  • “We’re new to the hardware business, but we like that.”
    • You won’t.
  • Or you can get this for considerably cheaper


CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Kings of Kung-FUhrer
Devel: Jay Lee Productions
Engine: Unity
Price: €/US$ 9.99 – CDN$ 10.99

Wazzat: Inspired by classic Kung Fu films, this passion fueled fighter provides fun 1 vs. 1 gameplay for gamers of all skill levels. Take on the role of one of 14 martial arts stunt masters as you fight to show your style cannot be beat.

Makes with the working


  • This thing does not detect resolution, period.
  • Why is the a PITA?
  • Going from 4K to 1080.
  • Let’s navigate the lower left-hand corner of our screen.
  • Mix that /w the busted way you select resolution.




  • On my Intel i7-4790k quad-core yolo-swag-dorito 780 powered 4k box of business it starts and runs.
  • I recall having to fiddle with the resolution the first time I launched the game, but  it was a simple matter of setting the resolution, and the game consistently comes up at 4k every time I launch it.


Shiny / Sounds


  • When this critter was in Early Access I was handing out pass-organs like a mofo
  • I considered the graphics, sound, animation, fighting system (basically everything) to be placeholders.
  • You know, a solid foundation that could be improved on.
  • Then they changed fk-and-all and called it baked.
  • If you disable all the graphical bullshit you will see the fugly, in spades.
  • The sounds made while spanking an opponent with your meat-sticks is wholly unsatisfying.
  • As for the soundtrack, well, are you a fan of three second loops?


  • The film grain effect really does a bad job of hiding the terrible rigging
  • The announcer is so lacist
  • Soundtrack is meh


  • It doesn’t look particularly good
  • The film grain effect makes everything look blurry and they’re not giving me an option to disable it. even though they give you the option to turn it off I didn’t fucking find it until Venn mentioned it.
  • All you’re given is the Unity quality slider of nope.
  • I didn’t mind the background music so much, but that fucking announcer screaming “Very good!” whenever someone makes a 2-hit combo was getting on my nerves.
  • Guess what?! They don’t give you a separate slider for the announcer either.


  • Welcome to 2004, we have nice graphics.  Blech.
  • There are NO graphical options to be found beyond resolution, and an ambiguous “quality” slider
  • Or rather, no useful options
  • Also, WHAR Vsync?
  • And the soundtrack, is, well, it’s there, I suppose.  And repetitive as fuck.




  • I’ve played 3D fighters on the FK mothering PS1 that controlled better than this.
  • My gamepad is not a FSM damned SUGGESTION STICK!
  • Seriously, I gave up trying to execute specials.
  • Button mashing has the same effect.


  • Remappable controls, detects the ps4 controller fine
  • Combos fire when they feel like it


  • I don’t mind playing a fighter game with the keyboard.
  • Disclaimer: I never thought I’d be using SkullGirls as a positive example for anything, but here we are.
  • I have beaten the SkullGirls story mode with all characters using just the keyboard.
  • But that’s because SkullGirls has tight controls.
  • This busted ass piece of shit will barely register anything more complex than a 3 or 4 hit combo.
  • Oh and the hitboxes are slightly larger than the characters.


  • I, for one, simply cannot play a beat-em-up with a keyboard, at all, period, so luckily it picked up my 360 controller from the get-go.
  • Any game where I can’t control the menu with the D-pad AND navigation with the thumb stick is in the least bit floaty, is going to get dinged a chair automatically.
  • I’m going to have to ding it another chair, simply because the controls lack the precision to easily deliver combo moves.




  • The AI in this game is pants-on-head-organ-retarded.
  • I played on ‘Easy’ for 20+ minutes using the five-fingered button mash technique.
  • Only died once and let me tell you ‘easy’ is where you want to play the game.
  • Higher than that prepare to get killed to death because the CPU has the ability to, I don’t know ..EXECUTE MOVES!
  • “Waaaa Venn is blaming the controls when the truth is he can’t play!11!”
  • Listen, I have Skull Girls and got my ass-organ handed to me repeatedly for the first two hours.
  • Now, I can get about halfway up the ladder.
  • How? I was able to learn the moves, and, get this, (it’s the good part) pull them off.
  • That’s something you simply cannot accomplish with KoKf.
  • I would rather play Mortal Kombat on the O.G. Gameboy
  • Seriously, this is a fighter that can only count to potato.


  • Honestly, it gets kind of boring after a while
  • The AI is kind of dumb, and while at first it was fun to wail on some mooks as Chong Li from bloodsport, it gets pretty repetitive
  • Sometimes you combo someone so good you punch them in the dick.   I’ll give it to the game,that’s pretty satisfying
  • A grim reminder that we will never actually get a tekken game on linux


  • I played through the arcade mode with a single character and unlocked 5 of the 12 achievements for this game.
  • When I saw that I immediately felt like I was done with it.
  • That’s bad, yo!
  • I did all of that in 30-ish minutes, that’s still within the refund window.


  • This game isn’t quite boring enough for me not to play it ever again.
  • But I seriously doubt I’ll ever play it ALONE again.
  • Might make an OK social game.



Hate Mail:





FK yall

  • First, you tell me it’s not available on the Linux bzzt!
  • Then you tell me it’s X86 bzzt!



  • I’m just poking at Josh since he called me out on the PCPer aftershow.



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