LinuxGameCast Weekly EP42 — You’s Trollin’!

Coming up on Linuxgameast Weekly: Low sales for Garry’s MOD. A delayed Machine for Pigs and a not-so-serious Humble weekly sale. Then we throw the chairs at Anodyne. All this, plus your hate mail.

NOTE: The J mans A/V sync is cocked up for the first two segments.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro








Amazon Oh So Fine and Dandy Bundle

  • Steam keys only. No DRM free Linux versions.

  • Steam reselling, eh?

    • For cheap, yo!

    • Apparently it’s exclusive to USA residents.

Steam News :

Client Update

  • Nixed my HL2 (beta) and Portal (beta) saves. Brilliant!

  • I’m genuinely pissed. Never played these games before and my progress is lost.

  • Yeah, I know Valve has a “because FK you! That’s why” clause.


Shank 1 arrives on Steam

  • The longest running 0byte download is finally over. What was it, 9 months since it was “available” on the Steam closed beta?

  • Though, to be fair, it does seem to bring new fixes and better support for people creating steam-boxens

  • Doesn’t pick up my logitech adamantium controller


Lugaru HD

  • Still $9.99? This critter was part of HIB 1.

  • It’s probably foreboding for the sequel Wolfire is working on.(Overgrowth)

    • Ah the DN4E of Linux games

    • With the same number of bunnies oddly enough


Knights of pen and paper

  • Nice that a devel is on top of the port and not “gauging community interest”

    • I liked that comment in the thread

  • This is an android game. I know I have it on my tablet.

  • It’s great that it’s getting ported to Linux (moar games make Pedro happy) but… medium!


Low Steam sales for (beta) GMOD

  • Do you still need the the code, enter the beta etc. Nope! but FK all if anyone knew.

  • Hows about a Linux download link on

  • Seven-years-old, Dude.

  • How’s about people don’t buy shit from bitches. I know I don’t own GMod and fuck all if I’m giving that jerk-off any money.

  • Well, a lot of people already own it, so it was never gonna be a good seller.

  • Also, Garry did generate some hate


Skip Steam?

  • Please apply cold water directly to the BURN!


Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Delayed To Q3 2013

  • GAH! Why do you tease me so?!


HIB 8 releases 4 new games (Oil Rush, Tiny and Big, English Country Tune, and Intrusion 2.

  • Neat! One game I didn’t own.

  • I did get a few extra I didn’t own. (Oil Rush, ECT and Intrusion 2)

  • Likewise.   The extras made it worth the 10 bucks


Serious Humble Sale

  • Only SSBFE makes with the working.

    • And that is only for people who pay above the average.

  • Old ports exist for SS1 and 2 but they are old and good luck making them work

  • Which is a goddamn shame as

  • Really wish they would have ported Double D and the Random Encounter


M-O-O-N That Spells Lune Alpha

  • Dig it but HTH do you save progress?

  • Only runs in fullscreen (we explain)

  • Even after setting the resolution and fullscreen in the prefs file, it refuses to play in any resolution other than 1920×1080

  • Messes up with my multimonitor setup

  • Idungeddit


Drifter pre-order for Linux

  • Available in the Humble Store for $10

  • After Notch having promised 0x10c it seems like no space exploration game matches up.


Life Goes On Prototype 3: Dead Bodies Solve Puzzles

  • Like most Unity games it runs OOTB

  • Hey, lemmings with bodies.

  • Looks like The Cave, except here you play only with the knight and the point is to die.

  • Cadaveriffic


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Anodyne


Devel: Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka

Engine: Air

Price: $9.99

Makes with the working


  • It installed AIR *shudder* gracefully as possible.


  • Needed to install a whack of 32 bit dependencies

  • Air man, its what it is


  • First time I started the game I got a big window full of Nope! I let it sit there for a few minutes but it did nothing (apparently), so I closed it and ran the file manually.


Shiny / Sounds


  • It’s the classic play of Zelda with the updated graphics from SNES. The sound is a hair out of sync and I find it hella annoying.


  • The Piano gives me anxiety.

  • It looks like a zelda game


  • The sound gets a bit annoying and to be honest, I refuse to give retro type games from 2012 more chairs.

  • Other than that, it looks like the RPGs of old.




  • Keyboard only? Really? REALL001Y?!


  • Desperately needs controller support.


  • Wharr controller support?




  • Stick /w Zwlda


  • I like that every statue and monument say mean things about you

  • OOH I wanted to give it one chair


  • The game works in the fun department, until you get to that point where there is so much stuff happening at once you just wish you had a more tactile way to NOPE’ing the fuck out… like .. I don’t know, a fucking game pad?!


Verdict- *


Gateways coming to Linux on July 16th

  • Oh look it’s being released on my birthday.


Verdun – WW1 FPS in Beta and on Greenlight

  • Yes, we covered it already but giving the Greenlight a mention.


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