LinuxGameCast Weekly EP43 — Bonus Soda

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly: We’re giving away five games! Oddworld comes to Linux and Steam is both up and down for the month of may. Then we throw some chairs at Legend of Grimrock. All this, plus your hate mail.

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro








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Steam News :

Steam Stats decline for May


Steam Stats up 0.21% for May

  • Gabe, make HL3 a Linux exclusive for the first month. Hell, release DOTA2 (FK all if I’m ever going to play it) and show you are in the business of giving the business.

  • Valve takes as long as Valve takes.    DOTA2 is coming.   Perhaps in and around the same time as Half Life 3 </sarcasm>


Little Inferno

  • Soooo this is a pyro simulator?

  • Batteries are neat.

  • Put it on mah PHONE!

  • It…it burns…


Guns of Icarus Online – Patch Released,1385.0.html

  • New 2v2 Deathmatch map, Paritan Rumble

  • New costumes, hats, and goggles for achievement unlocks

  • Fire weapons have been tweaked, and are much deadlier

  • Guns will now maintain their direction prior to mounting after mounting


Paranautical Activity – Complete double standard?


Akaneiro: Demon Hunters – Still $9.99 for Kickstarter backers??

  • “Having put money into the kickstarter and through small $5-10 buys through the website, this seems like a double dip to me.”

    • Because it FKN is?

  • “We need to test the game balance, but you’ll have to pay us $10 to test our Free2Play game!”

    • Barring the cash-wise irony, they also give you $30 worth of in-game items to further fuck the balance testing.


  • What? Oh, we had no idea that people who backed the kickstarter would mind paying 9.99 for the Steam version.


Tachikoma simulator 2013 Greenlit with a few others


Humble Weekly Sale of MEH

  • Hey, at least they all support Linux

    • And Android!

  • WHAR Warzone 2?

  • Tower offense-a-ganza, nope a rama


Soda Drinker Pro available for Linux

  • Holy effing LOUD!

  • Bonus Soda!


savagewheels 1.5

  • Sweet mother of FK. fmod installation is a proper PITA

  • Oh, it fails to launch with zero output.

  • Worked outtadabox, on my end.

  • Will I ever play this again? NOPE!

  • Worked for me.   Not very interesting


Xonotic 0.7 released

  • Mapping updates, new compiler, Animation blending

  • Still as beginner friendly as a kick in the nuts.


SSTFE HD and SSTSE HD Coming to Linux

  • I’m definitely looking forward to having one of my favourite games of all time ported to linux.   Jordan can’t wait!

  • Second comment “The “unconventional” porting sounds scary. Whatever you do, but please do not publish a WINE port of the games. WINE ports are totaly unreliable…”

  • “unconventional” best not mean WINE

  • They say it doesn’t mean WINE and judging by how the BFE port behaves, I’m willing to trust them.


Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is coming to Linux

  • I have mixed feelings about this.

    • I love Oddworld, I played Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus on my PS2 (because mine had backwards compatibility) all the way to the end. In their heyday the games were awesome. So new Oddworld does get me a bit excited.

    • Then comes the issue with reviving old IPs. The last Oddworld game was released in ‘05 and, by all that isn’t holy, it Suuuuuuuucked. As such, I’m not so confident this one will be the redeeming factor.


Futuridium coming June 20

  • Funky little 3D arcade shooter. Think Starfox on a budget. Only hope the devel actually tries his Unity build before shipping.

  • From the screenshots I thought it looked a bit WipeOut-ish. The actual game, on the other hand, does not!


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies 

Game: Legend of Grimrock – We’re giving out 5 keys ..bitches


Devel: Almost Human Ltd.

Engine: Custom

Price: $14.99

Contest – Simple away of give. LINK

1. Post a screenshot of your Linux desktop running Steam (including your name)

2. Include your system info (from Steam)

3. Show that you don’t already own Legend of Grimrock

Makes with the working


  • Extra points for the level editor.




Shiny / Sounds


  • I loathe dungeon-crawlers but it’s the best looking one on Linux. Sounds are what I would expect from such a game.


  • Ditto Venn.   Also ran into Pedro’s issue on the HTPC


  • Best graphics on a semi-roguelike, dungeon crawler ever!

  • It makes my ear pussies extremely happy!

  • Graphical glitch in the cursor. Happens with all AMD graphics cards regardless of which drivers you’re using.




  • Yeah, it “controls” but the move *pause* move makes me stabby. Why is this a thing? Freelook would have been fantastic.


  • Controls were alright.  Makes me very nostalgic about dungeon crawls passed.   I


  • For what it is, it works and it works well. Part of the game’s appeal is working with the limitations you’re presented with.




  • If you dislike dungeon-crawlers this will not change your mind.


  • Makes me want to play some actual D&D, but good old nostalgic fun.

  • The classic mode thing seems is a nice addition.   Great for old people like venn who want these newfangled rpg players to get off their lawns


  • Doesn’t get the 4th chair because of the puzzles.

  • The puzzles need to make sense or have some sort of hints. From the 4th level onwards, it starts getting a bit too far fetched.


Final –


Frozen State

  • Love the concept! The Alpha footage on the other hand… Not so much.

  • How about Co-Op? It’s one of the very, very few things I hate about Fallout 3 is the lack of Co-Op.


Game capture


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