LinuxGameCast Weekly EP47 — Impromptu Second Chances

Coming up on Linux Gamecast Weekly: DOTA 2 finally makes with the working! Guns of Icarus gets a massive update, Crytek comes to Linux and Apogee brings the source. Then we throw the review chairs at Gateways. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


Teslagrad for Linux. Testers needed

  • Anyone else get the “Step 1” email?

  • Three paragraphs (and five steps) to join the alpha?

  • Yeah… I’ve completed all the steps and you know what? It’s not available yet!

  • Protip: You send a link to the game. I play the game and provide feedback.

  • Or…you know just provide a link to the game…


Voice work

  • It goes like so. You have a for-profit game? Ask for my rate card. Go into shock. Then we try to work something out.

  • Now, FLOSS games? Ask the guys at 0 A.D. No cost. Always willing to help out.

Away Of GIVE #4 Winnars:

  1. Freejack_
  2. colinkeenan

  3. Sore_Loser7

Steam News :

Steam Client Update Released

  • Added support for 64-bit Linux titles

  • Fixed finding Steam client skins on Linux

  • Fixed crash looking at community images on Linux

  • Fixed Linux Steam overlay not restoring the proper mouse cursor in certain situations

  • Fixed resource leak on game exit leading to graphics corruption on Linux

  • That beta update we mentioned awhile back has been promoted to official client update.


Sales Error 503 everywhere!

  • ಠ_ಠ Savings on things I already own.


Folk Tale (Linux is teh hard)

  • The devel tossed out the following logic “we’d have to make the minimum supported specification NVIDIA cards only.”

  • Until AMD unfucks itself

  • Oh so they didn’t test on AMD, just did the usual “AMD on Linux Sucks!”-thing and went on their merry way. ಠ_ಠ

    • I have to agree.   What a way to bitch out.  How the fuck am I supposed to play shit on my giant TV!?!



  • “The Mac and Linux builds are currently in testing and will be available soon.”

  • “soon” =’s Valvetime™

    • Until then, there’s only a missing executable to keep us comfy.

    • HA! Knocked Steam offline for a few minutes.

    • Looks like a scaled down version of HON

    • Oh, everyone claiming DOTA2 “is the last straw that would make me switch permanently from Windows” No, it’s FKN not. STFU and EABOD (in a bad way).

    • Someone on Reddit went so far as to say once DOTA2 was on Linux and AMD graphics drivers were as good as in Windows. Oh dude… You’re stuck with Windows!

    • Noooope! Now that type will move the goal line.  

  • Good for valve.   This is gonna sweeten the pot for some people who are on the fence about kicking their windows partition.


Guns of Whateverthehellitscalled 1.3,1604.0.html

  • New gun, new ship, new costumes, higher level cap.

  • This is what I call a patch! If this was EA they’d charge €20 and call it DLC.


Unvanquished Alpha 17

  • It works!

  • It’s kinda like Natural Selection, only based on the id Tech 3 engine.

  • YAY! For bot improvements

  • Start it up, connect to a server, crash


Blake Stone Planet Strike source code released

  • Dat box art

    • Reminds me of space mutiny

  • It’s Wolf3D in spaaaace.

  • I hope we get the new ROTT on Linux

  • Hooray for old shit being open sourced!   Let the fans do all the work guys!


Crytek looking for a Linux programmer to work on the Linux PS4 version of CryEngine

  • “Willing to relocate to Germany” :D

  • “Keep a positive team-oriented attitude.” >:( !!11!


Linden Lab (makers of Second Life) buys out Desura

  • BREAKING! Failed project buys failed project. In other news; water wet, sky blue.

    • I wouldn’t call Second Life a failed project. It’s aimed at the needy attention whores on the internet and I think it does wonders in that respect.

      • All those people playing the same game, together in one place on the internet, not clogging other mediums/games… That’s a positive thing if you ask me!

    • And Furries


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Gateways


Devel: Smudged Cat Games Ltd

Engine: ???

Price: $4.99

About: “Grab the gateway guns and explore a huge lab filled with mysterious puzzles in this classic platforming adventure.”

Makes with the working



  • on both ATI and Nvidia


  • Had to force enable VSync from AMDCCC before I could even create a profile.

  • How do you cock up the menu so bad?


Shiny / Sounds


  • Retro, pixel, platformer. It’s like Mari0 /w puzzles.


  • The Visuals aren’t horrible but the sound is

  • I know there is a bias against pixel platformers

  • but the music gives me a headache


  • I would excuse retro graphics and 16bit sounds if there was something about the game to redeem it. Unfortunately there is not.




  • The menu navigation was upside down using the gamepad.

  • After playing for a bit I obtained the portal gun THEN we need a hat pad. Had to switch to the key/gerbil.


  • The controls can get a bit tedious with keyboard and mouse

  • Controls are equally as tedious with the controller.   Logitech generic controller didn’t work but ps3 controller did


  • Save for the jump function being a bit temperamental and having to keep the button pushed for almost a second to do the full jump. I don’t really mind the controls much.




  • Fun is a strong word. I’m going with challenging on this one. This is something you can pick up, tinker with, and forget about.


  • After about 30 minutes I got reaaaaaaaaaaaaal bored with this one


  • The game screams: “We wanted to make Portal. But our budget only allowed for a 2D retro-platformer and no snarky, homicidal computer voice actors stepped up.”




Question about your website

  • 0.o Where’s the question?

    • ^This

    • That is the question


Champions of Demah

  • I “think” they have a Kickstarter but since there is no available demo I …can’t seem to recall.  


Battle of the Sands released in Linux version

“The Linux version is a Debian package.”

  • You’re doin’it wrong!


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