LinuxGameCast Weekly EP58 — Areola Controla

NVIDIA gives back to the community? Dolphin 4.0 brings the emulation, Gabe counts to three, and Carmageddon: Reincarnation might be a real boy. Then we throw the chairs at Legend of Dungeon. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


Nexus unlocker

Steam News :

Valve announces SteamOS for realsies

  • I know an online columnist having a “shit, they knew what they were talking about” moment.

  • Will Netflix FINALLY come to Linux?

  • Oh, bwahahahahahahaha! Suck it, Ubuntu!

  • WHAR download?! I wanna dick around with it.

  • I might toss it on the ol’ steambox and give it a shot.     Very interested about the streaming feature


SteamMachines! + controller

  • What I want to know is, how many firstborns do I have to sacrifice to get a Steam Machine in the beta?

    • And finally be relieved of your calculator

  • Also, how many gallons of Hyland’s Cramp Ointment will I need to counteract the cramps I’ll get on my right hand from using that controller?

    • Between that and the lube your deskspace will be reduced to naught.

  • The buttons are labeled “Aim,” “Trigger” and “Crowbar”

  • Called it

  • The controller looks weird, but I’ll reserve judgement for when I actually get my hands on one


Steel Storm: Forgotten Prison DLC

  • OLD friend of the show.

  • Claims this is how the original game should have been

  • Includes shtuff from previous DLC and doesn’t have Mac requirements on the Steam Store page


Boo Bunny Plague

  • From the creators of Curse of the Nordic Cove

    • Good to see more stuff coming out from those guys

  • A musical…with plenty of blood and gore to lighten the mood!

  • Well, we could use some more musical games

  • Sounds like a lovely tea party

  • I’m all for blood and gore, but from the trailer alone it didn’t peak my interest.


Stainless is Listening!

How I guess it went down…

  • Stainless: Kickstarter: Yay we were funded

  • Outside Investors: HAR FK load of wet stinky!

  • Stainless: FK Kickstarter! We’re funded! Hookers and blow! No updates!

  • Outside Investors: Seems you created such a negative shite-storm that we demand a time-frame.

  • Stainless: See above.

  • Windows version for Q1, Linux and Mac for Q4. Something tells me it’s going to be shitty port.

    • ^Translation: We’re building this shite for Windows. If you’re really lucky we might hire someone to do a one-off port.  


Tartarus freezes over

  • Baby steps.

  • The first step was releasing docs on shite the community already figured out.

  • Bah humbug.   They have no interest in supporting open source, they’re just trying to make it easier to install their drivers.

  • Jump on the money train NVidia, jump on it before it leaves the station


Torque3D for Linux finally gaining ground, needs donations

  • I’m glad to see another engine on Linux but Torque3D is old.

  • Needs a lot of work.


Dolphin 4.0 Release Announcement

  • Beta support for the Wii official online multiplayer

  • Alpha support for ARM/Android

  • New look

  • Fastmem support for Linux and OS X

  • OpenGL video backend rewrite

  • Breaking LTS support

  • I mean this fkr will not build without really futzing up some packages

    • Builds fine on my fedora boxen.   Awww yeah smash bros

  • Ubuntu x64.debs only… Really?!

    • Be a real man and build from source


Battle Worlds: Kronos coming soon

  • 29.95 for closed beta access

  • Single and online multiplayer

  • Big thanks to Jan from King Art Games for giving us preview access, that said…

  • Ubuntu .debs only aka DOIN’ IT WRONG!

  • Can’t get it to work on Korora

  • I have brain cramps now:

    • sudo yum install quazip qtwebkit python3-setuptools xdelta

    • sudo  ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

    • sudo cp /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/ /usr/lib/python3.3/


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Legend of Dungeon


Devel: Robot Loves Kitty

Engine: Unity

Price:  $10

Makes with the working


  • Confirmed on the 12.04 LTS boxen




Shiny / Sounds


  • Another hipster pixel game ..le yawn

  • The only thing saving this? Bitching soundtrack.


  • There is such a thing as awesome pixel art.    This is not it.

  • The soundtrack is alright, albeit repetitive


  • 3D Pixels are still pixels!

  • Sound effects fit, could be better though.

  • Jasper Byrne on the background music is all kinds of awesome

  • Even though I wanted to give it two chairs, I can’t. The lighting effects they pull off with the shader are amazing and deserve the lawn trio.




  • Hate dungeon crawlers, loathe hipster pixel games, but love solid controls.

  • One of the few games that not only worked OOTB but had a sane default layout.

  • Controls are tight, yo.


  • No real issues with the crontrols

  • dinging it a chair because inventory management is a wee dumb


  • PS2 Dual Shock works perfect outhabox

  • Good thing too, since this is one of those games people will be playing on the Steam Machines beta.




  • From the “key features” section on Steam.

  • “Hats, hats, hats!”

  • It might be fun with local co-op but I have fk all idea how you could figure out who’s who.

  • Terribly unoriginal.


  • It gets repetitive and boring kind of quickly

  • Attempted local co-op with roommate.

    • It basically becomes a race to the doors to see who gets first grab at anything in the next room

    • Death and resurrection is annoying.   You can be brought back if the other players kill enough things but you’re brought back with next to no health\

  • Hahaha…. The pen is mightier than the sword


  • I had high expectations for this game and in the first 10 minutes they were crushed

  • I wanted to hate it… But after the initial disappointment faded away it surprised me

  • Even though a game that can put me through an emotional rollercoaster is deserving of 4 chairs, the lack of online multiplayer made me ding it a chair.




Cactus Review

  • Mwahahahahahahahah, heathens!


Parasite 1.0

  • Deb files?    Really?   REALLY?

    • Doesn’t start either.


NeonXSZ Demo

  • Wow, this critter is busted.

  • EXE had wrong permissions

  • WRONG Data folder

  • Controls like ass with keyboard and mouse

  • Got it to run but quickly felt very claustrophobic.

  • Spaceships in enclosed spaces… >.>


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