LinuxGameCast Weekly EP59 — ♪I Can’t Green Gabe♪

NVidia drivers get knee·capped! Valve ships 300 Steam Machine prototypes. Half Life 3 is confirmed? Linux stretch goals can DIAF, and a bit of steamy irony. Then we throw the chairs at Legends of Aethereus. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Gerbil repair

  • This is for Logitech 500 series and up. That said.

    1. Works 100% of the time

    2. Don’t you dare attempt it.

    3. Part Number: 36K7257

    4. I explain the sticker method

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Steam Machines – Prototype Details

  • Full-metal Intel?

  • Oh please almighty FSM let me get the NVidia Titan SKU

    • Mineminemineminemineminemine

  • Fuck the Titan! I’d be prancing around like an elementary school girl with the low end one.


Half Life 3 confirmed

  • “A trademark application does not necessarily indicate that Half-Life 3 is in development” (yes it does)

  • $3.50 says HL3 launches /w the Steam Boxen.


    • As will Portal 2 and CS:GO for Linux.

  • There was also the leak of the team posting for the HL3 team.


You get green, you get green, and you get green!

  • 32 new titles Greenlit – 14 support Linux

  • AdventurOS – Scan your hard-drive the game!

  • Known faces: McDroid, Nihilumbra, MouseCraft, Crystal Kingdom,

  • New comers that interest the Pedro: No Heroes, Pulsar and Of Guards and Thieves.


NS2 Update

  • Thats wonderful and all but I STILL CAN’T PLAY YOUR FUCKING GAME

  • Still refuses to start with the Open Sauce drivers.

  • After two months I still can’t play a game I purchased at full retail.

    • I got about 10 months on ya


ARMA Tactics now Available on Steam for Linux

  • Granted it’s not THE ARMA game people want *cough*DayZ*cough* still, big names coming to your Linuxes!


GLIDE 2: Electric Boogaloo,24434.html


  • Allowing game developers, who don’t know jack shit about how to properly optimize their product, to code directly in the silicone is going to cause a lot of Alpha and Beta testers’ PCs to go up in flames.

    • Um

  • That said… Carmack, stfu! You’re no longer relevant.

  • Like GLIDE Mantle’s low-level API grants direct access to AMD’s Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU hardware features, which allegedly allows developers to achieve a far higher level of hardware-optimized performance than is possible with OpenGL and DirectX

  • GLIDE was eventually open sourced but D3D and OpenGL took over.  

  • What I’m saying is this. We don’t need another proprietary API.

  • It has all happened before and FK all if it should happen again.

  • From AMD

  • “The plan is, long term, once we have developed Mantle into a state where it’s stable and in a state where it can be shared openly [we will make it available].“

    • That’ll happen never

  • Riiiiiiiiiiiight


AMD Drivers

  • I no longer give a fuck.

  • That said, it does seem to fix a bunch of shit they’ve broken over the past 6 months.

  • New features? Zero, rien, nada!



  • Added GPU utilization reporting to the nvidia-settings control panel.

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused display corruption in GLX applications while changing the display configuration.


I can’t Green Gabe

  • Plenty of games unable to pass the Greenlight sniff test

  • Ah, this is from Flippy (race the sun) and his game was just Greenlit. Irony.

  • Rose and time is the standout here.   Everything else looks pretty meh

    • Yup


Linux Games, Crowd-funding and Stretch goals (again!)

  • “Some people raised concern about the Linux goal being very high” Those people were being nice. They should have told you you’re fuckin’ doin’ it wrong!

  • You want to make your game for Linux, then just make it. If not, cut the bullshit and the fucking stretch goals.

    • ^this

  • Unity game.   Click export!


Of Guards And Thieves

  • Demo works great outhabox *cough*Unity*cough*

    • They tar’d it!

  • Hopefully they’ll fix the multiplayer “failed to connect” issues before they get on the Steams!


Not sure if want
Check it out

Game: Legends of Aethereus


Devel: ThreeGates

Engine: Unity

Price: US$29.99/€27.99/ZBW$10’857’000

Makes with the working


  • ZERO in-game gerbil control until you disable “Mouse lerping”

  • Had to Alt+Tab and kill the game to unfuck this.

  • Why won’t this game remember a resolution?

  • Is 12.04 some generic drop-down menu option when posting a game? Because fk all if you bothered testing with it.


  • While it does run, this category also covers running well

    • It runs like ass


  • The game freezes with no apparent reason in seemingly random places.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Oh, have a look. Glitches like this be everywhere.

  • When the game is running correctly it looks meh (even on ultra) at best.

  • I’m not hating but $30 should buy 2010 graphics, not 2005.

  • The voice acting is atrocious. It caused me physical pain.


  • It looks like a console game

  • I’m not blown away by any thing really.   It just reminds me of monster hunter

  • Really hard to focus when their camera is squirreling out

  • takes forever to load on my SSDs


  • It works great with the Open Sauce radeon drivers, unless you’re using any other resolution than 1280×720 or 1920×1080 (Performance takes a serious dive, even at 1024×768)

  • Gamma is bugged on my end, it’s always too frickin’ dark.

  • Dat stock Unity grass! (See




  • 9/10 times gerbil control locks the game.

  • Yes, I tried unplugging my gamepads (I shite you not! That’s a “workaround”)


  • Holy shit what is up with that bollocksed  camera

  • I’ve almost got killed so many times due to camera fuckups

  • Why am I  unable to turn around half the time


  • Mouse lerping is the doom of Unity3D games.

  • Mouse sensitivity is constantly increasing itself, regardless of how many times you tell it to stay down. Even altering the settings .ini file doesn’t stop it from going up.

  • Melee strikes don’t connect, unless the invisible/non-existent crosshairs is aimed at the random ass hitbox those NPCs were coded with. (Frustrating as fuck to swing a 7 feet long greatsword and even though the animation clips right through the model, it doesn’t register as a hit)




  • Can’t say. Never managed to get it working.


  • Bored.   This is boring.   Lame monster hunter clone


  • I wanted to like this game, I really did! Linux needs a proper, modern, hacky-slashy RPG.

  • It did a number of things right. Letting you craft your own armor/weapons and keeping gameplay simple but effective.

  • Unfortunately, it fell far short when it came to execution. Unoptimization, random freezes and the fact that about 10 missions in the difficulty curve doesn’t ramp up; It sky rockets!

  • Also, fuck those goddamn narrated tips. Fuck them right in the ass.


Final –

  • You don’t really need LGC’s review to tell you the truth about this particular game. There are plenty of review/opinion posts on its Steam community board and they all say pretty much the same.

  • With that said, I can appreciate the scope of what they TRIED to do. Unfortunately they bit a little more than they could chew.

  • I give you the known issues thread. The Linux version is unplayable. I’m talking demand a refund unplayable.


Areola Controla

  • Oh, you don’t like this controller for playing FPSes?   That’s too baaaaaaaaahd  *rubs nipples*

  • That’s a really nice haptic feedback I’m getting here.


Keyboards, biatch!

  • Possibly the fact platformers were designed for controllers? The rise of the platformer happened on arcades (Donkey Kong and Co. in the early 80’s).

  • I don’t know about the arcades where you’re from, but to me the feedback a controller gives is much more similar to the arcade inputs than the kbd/mouse ever will be.



  • Bwahahahahahahaha Optical drive

  • Yeah, with those 20 you save on the optical drive you can get an AMD 6300 instead of the 4300.

  • $60 for a Standard case that just happens to be branded CoolM. That’s another $40 you can shave off and get a 600W Power Supply instead.


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