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Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly. We talk Linux game sales. Slenderman sees his shadow. Champions of Regnum lands on Steam, and Hexagons ..everywhere.










“I get a 10-30% FPS increase with Nvidia by doing the following…”

  • No sh*t

How to stop TWC and ATT from sucking at Youtube
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j REJECT
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j REJECT
Android AFWall+


Steam News :

Steam For Linux: 2.02 percent

  • Woo!  2%.  Take that mac!
  • Wonder how many TF2 Windows kiddies logged in once to grab the Tux.
    • There was an .exe file floating around that’d set up a VM with Linux, install Steam and set everything up so you could login, start TF2, get the tux and you could then uninstall it from the Windows App Wizard.

Defender’s Quest – Our Steam Linux Sale Results

  • 16% came from Linux vs 6% from MAC
  • Spent less than $1,000 worth of labor getting our game working on Linux.
    • Where is your excuse now
  • Could have been more if the game was written in something other than AIR
    • I don’t buy AIR / Flash games
      • I wish I could wish Adobe away at this point. Even their PDF reader is effing bloated.

BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Available On Steam

  • Simultaneous release for all three platforms.
    • “California rest in peace, simultaneous release, California show your teeth, she’s my priestess I’m your priest… yeah… yeah”
  • So it’s like the first one on LSD: less retro crispiness, more motion blur.
  • Never was particularly interested in Bit trip franchise.  Trailer looks cool though

Super Hexagon on Steam

  • It’s a one way ticket to Epileptic Seizure Town with a short stop on Claustrophobia-ville.
    • That is a pretty apt description
  • I noped out of the game after 2 minutes.

[Free 2 Play] MMORPG “Champions of Regnum” now on Steam for Linux

  • Hmmmmm… Are you getting any dosh out of this Venn? (nerp that was six years ago)
  • Fun game during the beta days but not graphically impressive.
  • Not a huge fan of the MMORPG and left soon after launch when premium items became damn near mandatory.
  • Doesn’t work on Fuduntu 2013.2 if launched from Steam, launching the binary file directly from the ../Steam/SteamApps/common/regnum folder works. >.>
    • They fixed it!
  • Moar FGLRX woes, no Anti-Aliasing pour moi.
  • MMO = No jordan play


Retrobooster demo update

  • Added fullscreen switch to Settings menu.
  • Refined art pipeline, improving some art assets and boosting performance about 10%.
  • Lunar Lander with coherent physics and just as unforgiving, needs to be finished!

DreamWalker Now on Linux

  • I had an AlterEgo binge a few months back, on my android phone. It doesn’t really work in a PC medium though, not for me.
  • Free Linux demo

Gearscape closed beta

  • The critters at subvertgames are seeking beta testers for their new game.
  • Described as “Super Meat Boy meets Portal”
  • Email after creating a forum account (/w username) and a short bio

Asylum: Free-as-in-Freedom Horror Adventure, Successfully Crowd-Funded

  • I’d donate the extra 30k just to see what the Figs Dubbing stretch goal was… If I had that kinda money.
  • As long as it isn’t another crossframe game like Scratches (or the original Myst) and more along the lines of Amnesia, I’d drop them a few more $$ if I could.
  • Its neat to see FLOSS games being crowdsourced.

TrenchBroom: Modern Cross Platform Map Editor For Quake 1

  • 16 years too late to be relevant. >.>
  • It has a different philosophy than other editors; forcing you to think in 2D rather than in 3D.
  • People still play Q1?

Games :

Slenderman’s Shadow

  • Causes my gerbil input to go haywire.
    • Likewise
    • People, TEST your Unity games on Linux before shipping
  • Crashes silently as soon as it finishes loading any of the levels included in the Demo. (probably FGLRX)

Sacred Line – free dark adventure/surreal thriller got an upgrade

  • Deleted from IndieDB and the Mega link ain’t workin’ either.
    • Mega link works here
      • It works now, probably some Mega downtime.
    • Both links don’t work for me
  • Unable to load mono library from /media/Storage/GAMES/Sacred Line 1.2b Overhaul Linux/Sacred_Line_1.2_Overhaul_Data/Mono (x86) Failed to load mono
    • Same.
    • Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

Open Hexagon

  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones?
  • had to relink a ton of sfml libraries to get it to think about running
  • Holy 3840×1080 batman
    • Crashes when put in windowed mode, I have to play with only one monitor 🙁


  • Performance is a bit shit.
  • Fun puzzle game, reminds me a LOT of Q.U.B.E. / Portal
    • Yeah.  Got a real portal vibe from it.   Mouse is a bit shaky though
  • Can’t re-arrange controls, means I ain’t playin’ it.

Death Boulder Bones

  • You get to play a non copyrighted Henry Jones, Sr. as portrayed by a bad impersonator doing Sean Connery.
  • I’m going to say the same I did about AlterEgo: Dreamwalker, or better yet, I’m going to quote Extra Credits on this one: “…it really shows how platform and input device can really change an experience.”
  • The guy’s dialogue had me chuckling.   And they were right about it being almost pure trial and error
    • cha-ching

Racing Game Project 0.01

  • We’re having some issues with Yum on Fuduntu, I can’t get blender to install on my end.
  • Martinesh is a bit of a legend in the Blender community.
  • The FIRST Blender game I played where the control didn’t feel like mush
  • Runs pretty niceley, I suck at it


0 byte Steam downloads from filibitijitibibo

Guns of Icarus insecurities

Glog78 sends in some Linux tweaks

Krayon from HPR, /dev/random and KernelPanic

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