LinuxGameCast Weekly EP79 — There Is No Mexi-try

Ceiling Steam watches you masturbate? Humble goes to eleven, FTL goes full-metal time vampire, and something about Strife. Then we throw the chairs at Guacamelee. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Steam’s VAC protection now scans and transfers your DNS cache

  • Now /w damage control goodness


  • At the end of the day Valve is doing sneaky shite because there is a kernel level market for hacks.

  • It’s Valve, they’re a big corporation. Of course they do sneaky things.

  • As long as they keep providing a decent service I’ll keep using their things, just like Google.


In Home Streaming to support hardware encoding

  • Whar linux to linux streaming!


Paranautical Activity devs say it is Steam’s fault

  • Goddamn communists!   If it weren’t for them, I’d get my game published on steam!!!11



  • Oh look another android game.


99 Levels To Hell


HIB 11

  • “Please note: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is currently available for Windows. Mac and Linux versions will be available later this year.”

  • ^ slipped that in

  • Having fun /w Guacamelee! Gold Edition

  • Holy crap!   Only one game I already own!

    • ^ same


Strife Closed beta

  • 64-bit only

  • I have to note that their website design is much better than your typical linux game fodder

  • Waiting on Feb 28 to try this sucker out

  • Never did get an invite, but if it’s 64bit only then I suppose I don’t mind.


FTL updates

  • Le Drool

  • Seriously though, why an ipad port?   Android first man!   ANDROID!


Paragon Evolved

  • Unity Quake 3 in a Tron suit

  • Demo starts, menu interaction is fine.

  • No ability to change key bindings

  • The demo freezes for me whenever the window is in focus, in game.

    • If I change focus to another window it seems to run perfectly fine. It’s when I try to interact with it that it throws a hissy fit.


Arena of Heroes

  • Turn based moba?   Tickles my interest.   Will have to fart around with it

    • ….And Its basically turn based LOL.   I don’t really know what I expected


MX vs ATV Supercross Coming in 2014

  • Yes, please!


Bombable: a FlightGear-based combat flight simulation


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Guacamelee Gold Edition


Devel: DrinkBox Studios

Engine: DrinkBox Engine (developed in-house)

Price: $14.99/€13.99

Wazzat:”Metroid-vania style action-platformer set in a magical Mexican inspired world. The game draws its inspiration from traditional Mexican culture and folklore, and features many interesting and unique characters.”

Makes with the working



  • Couch co-op works without issue, although you have to hit the respawn orb thingy



Shiny / Sounds


  • Bitchin’ soundtrack is bitchin’

  • I liked the art style but fell in love when it was brought to my attention that it could cause fk mothering seizures \:D/

  • Knocking it a chair the decided lack of children


  • The soundtrack is pretty awesome


  • Shank in a full metroidvania outfit.

  • None of the gritty stuff

  • It’s all colorful and cheery

  • Background music compliments the visuals perfectly






  • Where Shank and Mark of the Ninja fell short, Guacamelee succeeded.

  • Tight and responsive controls paired with an out-of-the-box working PS2 Dual Shock can only mean one thing…




  • Pacing is spot on. Really, piss me off just enough and I keep coming back.

  • Most modern games are just too easy


  • Little disappointed the chickens don’t try to kill you after turning red.    Pollo Loco indeed

  • Gotta love Luchadores


  • On the first go, it sucked me in for over an hour without me even realising it.

  • It’s like Shank and Dust: An Elysian Tale got drunk in some random mexican bar and this was their dumpster baby.

  • At least it doesn’t take itself seriously. Unlike the aforementioned two.

  • Random pop culture references are actually pretty mild and, considering the general tone of the game, well placed.

  • It does prey on the mexican stereotype to get some cheap laughs, but it does so successfully.

  • Have to duck it a chair because, like most metroidvania games, it resorts to having you backtrack like some obsessive compulsive lunatic in order to squeeze some extra game time.


Final –

Hate Mail:


  • So you admit we’re entertaining.

  • That NoX guy has been on my automatic downvote list for a while.



  • ContentID


Papo yo, yo

  • You might want to sit down for this. That’s 9000% us.

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