L.G.C. |Reviews| — The Fall

This week your intrepid heroes install DOS, search for blood, and lose focus.


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Game: The Fall

Webzone: http://www.overthemoongames.com/

Devel: Over the Moon Games

Engine: Unity

Price:$/€ 9.99

Wazzat: This week we’re reviewing a game based on Tarsem’s “The Fall”.   Its a lovely story about a man trying to kill himself with morphine and the illiterate young foreign girl that saves him from….Wait…That’s not

Wait don’t you mean it’s based on a psychological thriller that examines the lives of two hunters? One is a serial killer who stalks his victims in and around Belfast and the other is a talented female Detective Superintendent from the MET who is brought in to catch him.


Makes with the working


  • How do you manage to not capture the gerbil input in 2014?


  • Crashed on the first run on my AMD box



Shiny / Sounds


  • The graphics / voicework are above average for an indie joint.


  • Textures are expensive you know!

  • Audio outright didn’t work for me


  • Competent voice acting

  • Using a pitch dark environment helps hide the shortcomings of the Unity engine.

  • “Hey! Who turned out the lights?” – The game

  • The one bit of criticism I have is: That flashlight doesn’t illuminate a goddamn thing! For a futuristic, AI controlled, power armor / space suit thingie, the flashlight is pretty weak!




  • Again, not capturing the input made the game hella difficult.

  • For an advanced AI suit thingy it moves like arse. The stopping momentum is mental.

  • The Xclone gamepad layout is unadulterated nightmare fuel. The hard-coded layout is Pepsi challenge bad.


  • Controller mappings are seriously wack

  • On teh Steambox, everything is super twitchy

  • Someone was on some bad acid when they came up with this control scheme


  • We made a Unity game and we didn’t know about SDL2 – The game

  • Playing with the keyboard and mouse sorta works until the cursor goes outside the window and you start clicking on other things.

  • PS2 Dual shock layout is completely wrong and outright unusable.




  • It’s a 2,5D point&click adventure game …in spaaaaaace!

  • I kinda got into the story and the graphics / voicework are above average for an indie joint.

  • Combat is rubbish and some of the FK YOU! That’s why! bugs were introduced by the devels

  • “I disabled jumping until they enter cover” “the feel of that moment”


  • Combat is really, really horrible.   Especially if you’re playing on an xbox controller

  • I suppose the plot could be interesting if the gameplay didn’t make me feel like I’m wasting my time

  • Boo urns


  • I really like the atmosphere and the AI’s “moral” dilemma regarding what it must do to keep the pilot alive.

  • I would very much like to keep playing it and would probably give it 4 chairs if it weren’t for the control issues and the free-roaming cursor (which would be less of an issue if I could use my Dual Shock).


Final – 


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