LinuxGameCast Weekly EP97 — Crytek Crysis

Mount & Blade makes with the Linux! Crytek denies crisis, Greenlight is back with a vengeance, and Intel wants the Mantle. Then Goat Simulator faces our chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail


  • Come for Linux gaming history, stay for the “Die motherfucker” Linus story.

  • Kinda shocked he didn’t throw 2014 Humble under das bus.

    • He did say it was “not so much the case, anymore” though.

    • That’s about as close as it comes to biting the hand that pays your bills without getting sacked.

 Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Steam Mehlight June 25th 36 Linux titles.

  • Oh hey, Ensign 1 is on the list.   HI BRANDON!

    • Great, I voiced a lot of that game.

  • A whole bunch more Unity games for Mac and Windows, because fuck Linux!

  • I want to get my hands on InSomnia RPG so bad, it’s not even pretty.

  • RC Mini Racers, the Ubuntu Software Center Re-Volt clone, may be interesting.

  • Oh look Void Space, dogecoin MMO.


Steam Machines competition? “Maybe someday”

  • A calm, measured and entirely logical response?   Where’s the fun in that?

  • That sounds like a PR-friendly version of “We have less than 200 games running on the PS4, right now. If the Steam Machines hit the ground with a higher game count than us, we’re probably fucked.”

    • This is assuming the whole “games drive adoption” mantra is still valid.

    • Granted the Free Market thing VALVe is going for will, probably, hurt initial adoption. “It’s got a lot of games but they’re mostly shit! We’re not buying that!”

    • Eh, that’s a wee editorializing.   Sony’s sitting pretty right now, having won the last console bout.    No reason for them to be worried.   Yet


Metro Redux available for pre-order

  • Normally we don’t pimp pre-orders,

    • but because these guys insist on doing it right, give them your hard earned monies

  • I find it hard to justify to myself the purchase of Last Light Redux, but 2033 Redux is already sitting in my account.

    • ^


Good guy Rust

  • New found respect for caveman dicks.

  • Still waiting on those female player models

  • It’s like Garry is a reasonable guy all of a sudden.


Mount & Blade: Warband


Dungeon of Elements

  • Because if Tetris and Bejeweled got married, all they’d ever need was a threesome with RPG Elements.

  • Wordtrap Dungeon seems a lot more fun than this


Intel approached AMD about access to Mantle

  • The whole idea of cross platform mantle smells fishy to me.   The intent, at least to me,  was to be able to target a standardized architecture ( ie radeon).    Supporting more hardware means adding more abstraction, which then turns this into another generic directX/openGL competitor.   I’m not sure if AMD is up to the task

  • We need something. Even Ryan admits OpenGL is a huge PITA.  

  • “an Intel spokesman said that it remains committed to what it calls open standards like Microsoft’s DirectX API”

    • Hahahahahahah! Microsoft DirectX!? Open standard?

    • There are no drivers providing the low level API defined by DX on linux.

      • Weren’t the Mesa guys reverse engineering that at some point?

      • Ryan mentioned in the SELF2014 talk, that the next version of OpenGL may provide the same sort of low-level programming. Remains to be seen.

  • As for the whole Mantle on Linux thing, I’ll believe it when I see it.


Can it run Crysis Accounting

  • Not paying employees is a hella bad sign

  • Will this affect the Linux? Yes, yes it will.

  • Keep in mind Star citizen is banking on this (this worries me)

  • When you start fucking with people’s money, it’s open-season in conjecture-ville.


Hipster piskel

  • Open sauce app for all your hipster pixel creation needs!

  • Create animated GIFs 3X the size of the games you are trying to copy ..poorly.

  • Hipster Forum Avatar Creator 2014.



  • Do a barrel roll!

  • Written entirely in armv6 asm.

  • First code glace I was all “what twelve year old wrote this?” then I read

  • “part of one of our first year computing projects at Imperial College London”

  • So now I’m all

  • 480px-Obama_not_bad.jpeg

  • It’s no Quake 3 but it’s nice to see people still developing for the pi, even if it is just hobby level stuff.


It’s still alive?

  • They’ve moved their source to github in an attempt to attract more developers

  • They want to develop the universe more

  • This project has been so mismanaged from genesis. FK all if i’m giving it a single wet stinky.

  • Also it’s the Blender Game Engine.


*waits for multiplayer*

  • What should you expect from the Editor? Crashes. Terrible GUI. Nice cats.

  • 4 textures to choose from.

  • 4 brushes can be picked at the moment.

  • Admittedly, with the ability to OCD over fractions of seconds in Distance, I don’t really care about STK anymore.

    • I like how we ranked in the 20’s just by dicking around.

      • Yip!

  • Unless of course, they get online multiplayer going before Refract fixes their shit!


YSoccer out of Beta

  • Hey, Linux needs more sportsball games.


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: \m/ simulator


Devel: Coffee Stain Studios

Engine: Unreal Engine 3

Price: $/€9.99 (40% off until the 30th)

Wazzat: Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true! WASD to write history.

Makes with the working


  • Still nopes when changing zones.

  • Does not save game progress (I noticed this AFTER collecting 15 statues)



  • No crashing on the calculator!


Shiny / Sounds


  • I don’t know what it is about the soundtrack ..but I dig it.

  • Explosions splode, people scream etc.. no complaints.

  • /W everything on 11 it’s completely playable minus the occasional slowdown during complex scenes. (in all fairness this is usually me collecting 50 splode tanks)

  • Dont’ even THINK about enabling MSAA



  • UE3 is second only to Unity when it comes to lack of optimization.

  • To get an even remotely playable frame count on the open sauce drivers, I needed to turn just about every graphical “enhancement” off.




  • Because I don’t play a FPG /w a controller.

  • No issue /w keyboard + gerbil controls.


  • Contoller support is fucked


  • Mouse sensitivity has two modes:

    • ZOMG look at me so twitchy; and

    • Slide mouse off the desk to look slightly to the right.





  • The game is surprisingly deep for what it is.   Good on the devs for that


  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the better UE3 port! Sorry, Ryan.

  • Bugs are fun until they force you to restart the level.

    • And when you have to restart it for the third time in less than 2 minutes because the roads become ethereal and you fall through the world, all its charm kinda goes out the window.


Final –

Hate Mail:


  • IMA call this rules for being a backup host.

    • You MUST be entitled (no Windows/OSX gaming)

    • Must have a strong opinion regarding the superiority of distro X over distro Y.

  • We will bring on a guest if they are talking about their game.

  • If you are one of the following people:

    •  Richard Stallman, GabeN, Bill Gates, Michael Rooker, Lucky Yates, Edward James Olmos, Buck Angel,David Hewlett, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Peter Dinklage, Billy West, Liz Quilty, Amanda Tapping, Rob Ford, The Developers of Gone Home

    • What we’re saying is, we’re a misogynistic bunch, you can only come on the show as a guest host if you have a penis! Even if at some point you didn’t have one, you’ll need one to be on the show!


G-bug (about Ryan ports taking forever)


I REALLY can’t read ..babe

  • You don’t even offer Linux support so yeah, I ignored the first message.

  • Kickstarter based in SanFran? My ass, you lot are from the Ukraine.

  • And your webzone?

  • I replied to your first e-mail with the standard crowdfunding speech: “Linux prototype or gtfo” (I may have been slightly nicer and more eloquent about it, though)

  • You told me you didn’t have a prototype on the penguin because you didn’t have the funds to create and maintain the Linux preview. Which was part of the reason why you were having a kickstarter.

  • Now you send another e-mail, still no Linux, and when I went to look at the press page on your site, it clearly fucking states “PC/Mac”. You know what!? Fuck you people and fuck your game.


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