LinuxGameCast Weekly EP100 — Namcai Bando

Tekken is being built on Unreal Engine 4! Skullgirls finally makes with the update, Torchlight 2 shows up on SteamDB, and we interview a real live game developer. Then Retrobooster faces our Chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail



  • Oh boy, here come the “it runs like crap on my laptop” and “how do I audio” questions.

  • It probably will run like crap on laptops. Unless you have one of those 6-core i7 ultrabooks.

 Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:


  • So one paint makes you bounce

  • The other gives you the runs.

  • It’s using the “paint” mechanics from Portal 2 and trying to make them into their own little game.


Infinity Runner

  • Temple Run in spaaaaaace!

  • Moar android games!


X-Plane 10 Global

  • So much for AMD users running a recent (3.14,3.15) kernel.  SUCKS TO BE YOU…oh wait

    • Additional Notes: please note that you must install the proprietary Nvidia or AMD drivers. X-Plane will not run using Gallium or Mesa open-source drivers

    • Do the proprietary drivers install on the new kernels yet?

      • Nupe.  Gotta patch them with something that removes the KVER check


New old news (pointed out by Strider)

  • That’s the same status as last year. Just saying

  • That thread…The mental gymnastics…Dear god


  • Mental gymnastics X vegeta-scouter-dbz-google-glass.jpg

  • Summary: “They never claimed Linux support” guys posts link “I’m not here to click links”




  • I don’t mind top down 2D games, it’s when devs use it to excuse their lazyness with proper modeling/texturing that I’m not okay with.

    • I don’t think its lazy.   The design here is clearly an aesthetic choice and if it doesn’t detract from the gameplay then I have no issue with it

    • Hell, the biggest complaint I see in the comments is that the thing is too damn short for a $10 game


Where’s your head at

  • This was the game Diablo 3 Should have been.  I really hope they do a decent job of porting it this time


Yes please

  • Air juggling, in my linux?

  • It would be a turbo-dusche nixing Linux support.  


Reinvent the wheel (mentioned by empty in Shat)

  • If this means Unity controller support will stop sucking, I’m all for it!

  • I’m just glad they are admitting the gamepad support is busted.


*Sips tomato Juice*

  • From scratch rework of VTM Bloodlines done in unity

  • Adding multiplayer, a DM mode, full character customization,

  • Adds a bunch of OWoD stuff for VTM nerds

  • Oh, look who’s back

  • giveafuck.gif

  • Speaking of Unity not sucking…

    • I hope they don’t cock this one up!



  • From Sophie Houlden, of Rose and Time fame

  • Mexican Standoff: the Game

  • Gamepads required, no keyboard allowed.

  • Local Multiplayer only or you can have some forever alone time with the bots.


OpenMW 0.31.0

  • Fixed slaughterfish detecting player when player is out of the water  BOOO!!!


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Retrobooster


Devel: Really Slick

Engine: Custom

Price: $17.99 / €12.99

Wazzat: A reinvention of the cave-flyer for players who love games of skill. You control an extremely responsive ship, which opens up new possibilities for speed flying challenges, puzzles, and bullet hell scenarios. This game is set at 1980s difficulty–Survive it if you can.

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • It’s a bad sign when the particle effects outshine the one thing you are constantly looking at ..ze ship.

  • The backgrounds look fantastic but the lemmings and baddies are meh incarnate.

  • I actually enjoyed the retro inspired soundtrack.



  • More often than not, enemies will be off-screen and you kinda have to guess where they are  to shoot them down.




  • The controls worked OOTB /w the Xclone

  • Tight and responsive unlike your mum.

  • They work for navigating the puzzles and setting the lemmings on fire.

  • That said, they are FK mothering useless /w this physics when it goes all bullet-hell


  • This is a tricky section.   The controls themselves are spot on

  • However, you require the ability and co-ordination to use the controls effectively



  • SDL2 kicks several kinds of ass!

    • That or Terry did a very good job with getting my Dual Shock 2 to be properly recognized.




  • The gravity mechanic is annoying and inconstant. My ship and the lemmings are the only two things affected by it. The baddies have FK all anti-grav moon tech.

  • $17.99 worth of fun? That’s almost two Goat Stimulator’s.

  • Try before you buy guys and goils.


  • Oh god the physics

  • The dudes you’re supposed to be rescuing are a mite suicidal.


  • It’s the proper kind of difficult.

  • Doesn’t get the perfect score because I get a bit motion-sick in a few of the levels and the price point is a bit… much!


Final –

Hate Mail:




  • That’s racist.

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