LinuxGameCast Weekly EP112 – Show Me Ze Stinky

Metro nopes from Steam! Unity looks for a buyer, Unvanquished Alpha 32 is out, and Octodad embraces DLC. Then Shovel Knight faces our Chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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 Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro





Hate Mail

Steam News :


  • Oh, I know one way they could really FK it up! *glares at VP*
  • Seriously, give the game to Ass-Pyre or Ferral
  • Basically the pre-release screens look not so good compared to every other build.


Shovel Knight

  • something something hipster pixel
  • I would say hipster pixel done right
    • IMA say better but really, think about it. If someone did it “right” nobody would play it.


Costume Quest 2

  • As is tradition, double fine makes with the linux on day one.    We luv you Tim.
  • The Schaffer delivers, again!
  • At this point, Double Fine would have to screw the Linux pooch really bad to lose the good faith they’ve been gathering since the 5th HiB.
  • Of course, people are just jumping on the hate bandwagon because of Spacebase DF9.
    • Personally, I’m glad they’re not wasting anymore resources on it.


Metal Dead

  • The game looks like it was coded in flash
  • Apparently it was nominated for an award for dialogue and the 8 or so reviews seem positive,  so it might be worth your time to check out.   All two hours of it
  • However, I’m extremely upset that there is no metal in the trailer whatsoever
  • “Metal Dead is a hilarious comedy/horror point and click adventure filled with laughs, blood, insanity, and of course… hordes of the undead.“
    • Would you be so kind as to let me know exactly how funny you think your own game is? I don’t think I got it from both the times you mentioned it in the opening sentence.


A Golden Wake

  • They asked for our help fixing some issues. Forwarded the request to P-man.
    • It has been acknowledged and tested.
    • Achievements now unlock, cloud saves work and it works really well in just about every PC built in the past 10 years. (Trust me, I tried it on my dinosaur of a desktop PC.)


Left in the Dark: No One on Board

  • These guys don’t exactly branch out.
  • Brilliant.  I look forward to not playing it
  • To be fair, LitD was NOT developed by Artifex Mundi. They’re just the publishers and the ones who created this particular engine.



  • A “free” game ladies and gents.
  • Fuuuuuck me, $100 worth of DLC for a free MMO with 2d isometric graphics? Really?!
  • aaaaand WTF is it? Description much? Not on that page.


The Disappearing of Artyom`?snr=1_4_4__12&term=Metro+last+light

  • This is supposedly due to the fact that Deep Silver wants the Redux games to be at the forefront, what with the the updated engine and cross platform support.
  • So they say
    • Yeah, that’s on of the downsides of Linux being treated like a redheaded stepchild.
    • It also removed the DLC
    • Worst case you can buy Metro in 2 months.


Show me the stinky! (Thank Orn)

  • Unity declined to comment.
  • Shared presentations with possible acquirers including Google
  • Could be a good/bad thingy E.g. company X gobbles Unity and only focuses on mobile.
  • With Leadwerks and Unreal4 around I’m not exactly worrying


Linux 3.17 includes working open-source AMD Hawaii GPU support, an Xbox One controller driver

  • Good thing AMD released their new driver with up to date kernel support!
  • Xbone One controller support (without vibration) is useless ..because reasons.
  • Supposedly improves performance a little with the R600 cards.
    • Might have to build it and check.



  • I’m not pandering but maybe this is what they need.
  • Marissa Mayer is making progress unfkn Yahoo
  • As long as she doesn’t halt AMD’s contributions to Mesa and the Kernel, I don’t care.
    • I will still buy an NVidia graphics card for my next PC.
  • I may even come to praise her as the new Jesus if, by some stroke of fate, she actually makes AMD start giving a damn about Linux.
    • Don’t, J-man would kill her. .
      • Listen!  I keep telling you that was an accident.  I tripped and crucified the last one!   Seriously you guys!


Octodad Shorts DLC

  • Free content and good on them. Looking forward to playing /w proper controller support.
  • I have played the game since our review and it actually is pretty fun with working controller support.    Another one of these goat-simulator-esque fuck around simulators
    • Except you’re a cephalopod
  • Oh look, appropriately priced DLC.


Annex 4.0

  • That’s right!   Let’s annex Poland!
  • The one game (I know of) who made use of the MegaGlest engine.
  • It’s your standard collect resources, build shite, go fight.
  • Hey, priced to sell and should run well on hella old hardware.


Unvanquished 136-32 alpha

  • Still the best way to play NS2 On linux
  • Big patch merge with performance improvements and optimizations
  • New SMG skin for the rifle with appropriate changes
  • New animations for the Mantis and a complete overhaul for the Trapper’s animation.
  • But perhaps, most importantly, it works. Alpha as it may be, it works better than NS2 ever did and that was a full release.
  • They do still need to fix Custom Asset Downloading. I’m not going to sit through a 16MB download at 8KB/s. This isn’t 1998 anymore.


My first true hate article

    • BEFORE I get started IMA say this. The only thing I found insulting was the fk mothering quality of it.
    • “You are very brave to accuse someone of plagiarism”
    • This pisses me off because I WANT proof so J-man and I can rail him …without mercy!
    • It’s giving me a 404 now. Guess he chickened out
      • And here’s why (he deleted his comment as well too fast for me to get screencaps, but David Key got’em):
  • Also, don’t you just love being called a “plagurist” by someone who has no idea how to both write english and what plagiarism even IS:
  • 23+


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Shovel Knight


Devel: Yacht Club Games

Engine: Custom (C++)

Price: 14.99

Wazzat: Shovel Knight is a sweeping classic action adventure game with awesome gameplay, memorable characters, and an 8-bit retro aesthetic. If you love games with perfect platforming, beautiful art, infectious music, crazy bosses, humor and levity, and real heart… Shovel Knight is for you!

Makes with the working



  • Don’t need to restart the game to plug in a controller.   Plus



Shiny / Sounds


  • Mario 3, Zelda 2, Ducktales, and Megaman jumped in a snog box and nine months later this poped out.
  • I played those games and they did not look this good. This is SNES level hipster pixel graphics.
  • And I’m not even touching the parallax scrolling holy war because some people will scream about Battletoads and Mega Man 3 (that’s not real parallax scrolling)
  • All in all it genuinely looks nice for what it is.
  • Now ze sounds. FK the soundtrack and the effects. They are hella accurate and equally hella annoying. Put on some Slayer and be done with it.


  • Accomplishes it’s goal of emulating the retro look and sound
  • I usually play platformers without any sounds.


  • Standard hipster pixel fare
  • I had to mute the music because it made my ear-drums bleed.




  • It worked /w the Xclone controller OOTB
  • The jump jumped and the shovel shovelled
  • Now character movement. It feels sluggish; hell, the whole game feels like it would benefit from a 10% speed boost.
  • That said, the mechanics are spot on. I had no issues /w landing jumps or poking things /w my shovel stick.   
  • Inventory management was even useable /w the controller organ.
  • Special attacks were a bit wonky but work considering the two button layout.


  • My two problems are thus:
    • I am used to playing this type of game on a handheld, usually on a toilet somewhere
    • Games like these require a good d-pad, which the stock xbox controller fails to provifde
    • My hori precision controller don’t wanna work with this one


  • Recognized my PS2 Dual Shock ootb.
  • At first I thought the way the character moved as far too weighty.
  • Then I realized it didn’t actually matter mechanics wise, because it was just the animation. The actual mechanics/movement are spot on.
    • And it really does make sense to have the character move like he’s heavy.
    • He is wearing full plate armor and carrying a steel shovel with him at all times.




  • Is the game FUN? Yes, for a hipster pixel game this is on top of the nostalgia grab pile.
  • Is it NintendHARD? Pffft! It’s boringly easy compared to what I grew up with.
  • Does it have problems? Well, check /w the judge.
  • I had to put on a hard hat during the boss battles because they were beating me over the head screaming “hey! look how scripted our attacks are!”
  • Yeah, in the old old times /lawn the attacks were scripted but the devels (the good ones) did everything possible to cover that up. Figuring out the pattern took time and your accomplishment organ would swell /w pride when you sorted it.
  • Another thing hipster-pixel games lack is random slowdown. Remember when shite would go sideways when to much shite was going down? Bring that back.
  • Finally, where did the life system go? “But Venn Zelda 2 had battery backup and you could save progress with extra long BS codes!11!”
  • Bring that shite back! Make a battery meter or give me some FK you long code to write down.
  • Having a checkpoint system makes it too easy.


  • I hate to say it, but this is the wrong platform for this platformer
  • I feel I would have enjoyed it more on the 3ds


  • Not a big platformer fan.
  • I played a lot of platformers in the early 90s but that’s mostly because there wasn’t a whole lot for alternatives on the Master System.
  • This game does harken back to those days.
  • It does have the Metroid-Vania elements of only being able to get to specific places in a level once you’ve unlocked a certain ability/spell.
  • For what it is, the game is solid. But I don’t really enjoy platformers.


Final –

Hate Mail:


  • Good to know.   I knew the Gnome and nouveau guys have been working hard on Wayland compatibilities, but I didn’t know it was that far ahead
  • And yes, Gallium3D supports both DRI3 and glamor (Radeon 6k< only).




  • At least we’re filled with “decent”, whatever that means.



  • worste” ?
  • Worste?
    • That’s the wurst
      • ^ That’s racist!


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