LinuxGameCast Weekly Ep 117 – Hellen Killer

Steam goes CMD! NVIDIA beta enables multi-core moon technology, Leadwerks trips the rift, and Dolphins cry. Then Spacebase DF-9 faces our Chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Sandy Pedro

Steam News :


  • Good for downloading games that do not require DRM
  • Now you can easily run your NS2 server that nobody plays on!
    • Sweet now I can setup my dedicated servers for my native Arma 3….. wait no thats not on Linux, Oh how about my Insurge…..wait , nope not that either. Oh I know, there is at least Blade Symph……damnit!
  • Okay, someone needs to hack this and figure out a viable way to make it work as a Steam Streaming server without needing a display.


Steamy Thun-der

  • For fun please deposit $125.96
    • Hey man, don’t go making deals with the Canadian Devil
      • Yes you have, I’ve seen it.
        • I am the Canadian Devil
          • You’re a Canadian something something…..
  • Gave it another 9GB download because windowed mode hack.
  • They fixed it. Then I deleted it.
  • Already covered this game last week.   Not much to say otherwise
    • That’s why I’m here suck bag…. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
      • And he’s fired
        • shit….


How do they work?

  • tappy Chicken with magnets
    • Finally! A game for me comes out that I can really reverse polarities, YES! SUCK IT TREKKERS!
    • How can she polarize?!
    • You go
  • So… They played the final few levels of LIMBO and thought: “Hey, we could make an entire game out of this! We’ll call it Frustation Sim 2014 Magnetic by Nature.”


FPS Weapons Pack DLC Released

  • Good on these lot for bringing ze (my first game) assets but i’ve yet to see a single game ported to Linux.
    • Or game, period
      • The CEO is full-metal Sandy about an interview
      • I am going to play devils advocate and point out that there are 3 games on IndieDB that are running off of Leadwerks 3 one of them is on Steam Greenlight.
        • With a working Linux version?
          • I don’t think any of them have a working demo for any of the platforms yet……Nope none of them do.
          • Then they aren’t really games.   They’re the promise of a game.   Its like how salad isn’t food
            • Fuck plants.


Oculus Rift support now available

  • Speaking of the game engine no one uses, here’s support for hardware on it that  no one uses!
  • Supposedly 2D support isn’t quite there yet, but 3D works
  • The article basically explains how you add support to your game for the OR.     BWAAAAAAM


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (pending)

  • Kinda sorta want.
    • Plus they implemented real thrust kick technology! SICK BRA!
  • They’re taking their time.
    • In a way it could be good, since they may be porting the game properly.
    • But it could also be that they have no idea what they’re doing and it’ll probably be crap
      • Well from what I have seen …… I want the first answer to be true. But 10 out 6 times its the second answer. (never learned fractions)
  • In any case, I WANT IT! PUT IN MY FACE!
  • I’ve been waiting for this one since Mount and Blade came to linux.   Nothing more cathartic than slamming a morningstar in someone’s face


Venn on Steam

  • Imagine a world…a space world….
  • From friend of the show Brandon Smith, who’s been working on this off and on for longer than I’ve known Venn
  • Hear him roar!
    • Why does the music sound like it should have been in a fantasy title?
    • WOOO HOOO instant not buy. There needs to be alot of polishing before I start tossing gold coins at my screen.


I’m gonna let it shine

  • Yes please. The music and game setting already sold me. And Besides its 11Bit Studios they also ported over their Anomaly series which was well done If I might say so.
  • I was genuinely curious about this game when it first came out. Wonder what took’em so long to have a Linux version?
  • A game that presents the actual horrors and human cost of war?   But…butt…MY DORITOS!


Trine Enchanted Edition

  • Meh
  • Trine 1 with Trine 2’s engine.
  • Now supports Linux and online co-op.
    • See that was my biggest gripe about trine one.    We should start playing it and finish it never


Frozen Synapse Prime Dev says Linux is too expensive

  • These are the guys behind the Pixeljunk series.
  • That entire post makes me want to reach inside the screen and slap a motherfucker over the interwebs.
    • But what about Bryan C. Gordon (The C stands for Cranston)


New Nvidia hotness v346.16

  • Fixed a GLSL compiler bug that would produce corruption when running games such as Far Cry 3 in Wine. GG NVIDIA
  • Improved the performance of nvidia-installer! YAY for more than one core.
    • HURRAY!!!! Downloading…
  • Fast install is nice, but the fucker would outright not detect my second monitor properly
  • Xrandr and a bunch of xorg.conf fuckery wouldn’t do jack about it either.   Had to roll back


WHAR Linux?


Rich bitches

  • This reads like someone is buthurt about a controller and wrote an article about it.
  • He contributed to VOGL but noped out of VALVe.
  • Direct3D is certainly a leaner and simpler API right now, granted.
  • OpenGL 5, hey! Get rid of global state and immediate mode FFS!
  • ^Search for Carmack
    • Because mobile
  • See, I think it’s good that Valve based their OS off of debian.   The two tend to operate on the same glacial clock
  • Does raise a couple valid points.   Non-proprietary non-nvidia drivers aren’t doing the greatest under linux performance wise
  • Still, as anyone embedded in open source knows, development doesn’t stop until your last developer starves
  • So Valve just spent millions of wet stinkies to make a point?
  • Thousands of manhours and millions of dollars down the drain just to show Microsoft who’s boss?
    • If they publicly come out and say that, I’ll be okay with this.
    • “We’ve literally spent millions of dollars of research and development just to troll Microsoft.  Lolololol”
    • Trolling that benefits open source is best trolling
  • I predicted the Steam Boxen would be fail-sauce last year. That said, Steam for Linux is here to stay.
    • Easy Larabel, Ok the major thing everyone needs to take into consideration is that…….What happend? We can’t consider Steam Boxens a fail until they actually release with SteamOS and controller. Valve on their part needs to have a proper sit down with vendors and work out an same day release of ALL steam boxens.
      • And then suddenly the sky and earth will  crack open, Irishmen will lose  their appetite for liquor and GabeN will finally ascend into heaven to rule upon us.
      • As I said, Valve moves on the glacial time scale.   Sure the steambox will be a properly finished product, but timing is a key issue here.  Consoles are starting to get their foothold, and waiting longer will put the Steambox in an awkward market position.
        • The console are having a hard time with gaining a foothold right now due to lack of content for the libraries. Look at the Xbone for example. A number of “Exclusive titles” eg; Ryse : Son of Rome  have already come to Steam because of lack of sales of not only the Xbone but because of how much cost it is just to develop on those platforms. Yes Valve move blistering slow but when trying to do something at the magnitude of what their doing. I for one am not surprised why people are frustrated. HYPE TRAIN! WOOO WOOO.
          • You’re both glossing over the fact that I’m right.
  • This is the same guy who made that click bait post about the state of OpenGL, isn’t it?
    • Yeah, his rambling equates to just about naught in my ears.



  • IT'S A TARP!
  • WHAR direct3d?
    • Microsoft may have some desire to focus a bit on openGL, given WebGL is a thing and webdirectX isn’t
  • .net Core has been released under an MIT license and M$ has given a patent promise
  • This seems to be a concession of the server market.   They’re realizing that people don’t actually want to run windows servers in production
    • You mean people don’t want to pay money to have their server secured with screen doors?! I call shenanigans!
  • Still, it will have interesting implications for gaming.   Only time will tell


The Rise of HLE Audio

  • Yes the sound , Quality on the latest versions of Dolphin 4.0-4127 sound quality is way better when I play Arc Rise Fantasia and Xenoblade Chronicles without total frame rate collapse. But the Dolphin team has always been great at keeping the updates coming.


CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Spacebase
Devel: Double Fine Productions
Engine: Buddha Moai engine
Price: 21.99 CAD / 20.01 US / €19.99
Wazzat: Sim / Strategy

Makes with the working


  • Don’t have a “DirectX Compatible Sound Card” but it still worked.
  • Yes by all rights the 1.0 release was fail-sauce but 1.06 has most everything sorted.




  • Catalyst drivers bros (in game text non-existent or garbbled)
  • Open sauce yey
  • SteamOS runs fine (Nvidia surprise)



Shiny / Sounds


  • I would give it 3 but that menu is seizure inducing
  • Really, that swirly shiz bang effect every, fkn, time, it opend caused me physical pain.
  • I guess it had sounds but didn’t bother. You can only play a simulation /w Slayer with the possible exception of Enya


  • The music sort of reminds me of FTL’s.   Except worse
  • Everthing else is pretty middle of the road


  • Brings back memories of the old Theme Hospital days.


  •  Catalyst drivers bros (in game text non-existent or garbbled)
  • Open sauce yey
  • SteamOS runs fine (Nvidia surprise)




  • The physical controls worked without issue.
  • Digging into four submenus for every other item can eat a glorious bag of dicks.
  • After 20min I noped.



  • The game has a really hard time explaining its mechanics properly.
  • I guess that was something they were going to improve in the final version.





  • Sims in spaaaaace!
  • I can’t hate it. Really, if I was stuck on a island organ I would take a game like this ..and a satellite phone.
  • That said, my brain nopes at resource management games. Why? Because it’s work and we should be getting payed.


  • This game reminds me a lot like FTL
  • You know, minus the exploration, adventure, high stakes and overall fun
  • I do like the names they give your crewmen though


  • It was aiming to be Theme Hospital in space but it ended up being a very, very boring FTL where instead of going on an epic adventure you just micromanage a bunch of whiny bitches.


  • I was waiting forever for some Sims nookie action… fail.
  • Like jordan said I don’t give a fuck what makes you happy do you damn job.

Total – CHAIR


Hate Mail:


  • TIL Bad Juju watches our shite
    • You’re in for it now….RUN AWAY!



  • I like the new Desura people already!



  • Um, yes?
  • Sorry for your disability

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