LinuxGameCast Weekly EP123 – Misty Vulga

OpenRaider lives again! TF2 gets grappling hooks, Planeshift names your sack, and Sportsfriends release a game pack. Then Geometry Wars™ 3: Dimensions faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail



  • If you’ve been waiting for us to give up on the conversion and return to Vanilla let it go, man.
  • This is the new shatsauce and it’s here to stay.


Vanilla ESCAPE!11!

Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Merry Smissmas, Everyone!

  • Was gonna write this off as “don’t give a fuck” but then I saw grappling hooks.
  • They’ve also updated some new weapons or
  • Mannpower Mode? With powerups?
    • Gentlemen...
  • The new Shotgun looks A LOT like the Combat Shotgun from Fallout 3.



  • the only linux game I know of to require the purchase of playstation move controllers.    I’m half curious to see if that integration actually works under ze linuxes
  • Contains four hipster pixel party games for 15 schbucks
  • The fourth to last screenshot looks like Kami’s lookout.    Toryama is gonna sue somebody


WarThunder 1.45 Update

  • Errors that lead to ground vehicles to spawn at the same spot have been fixed.
  • Several new missions
  • Bug allowing players to have fun without paying has been fixed
  • and ZOMG decals!!11!!


Best Core Changes of 2014

  • Top changes and contributors
  • It goes fairly in depth regarding what these changes are and what they do as well
  • One of the more interesting ones is the CPU optimization
  • Tried the latest version on the render boxen. I only have two legal games and FK all if I can play them.
  • Adjusting, hell; attempting to setup the Xclone causes it to nope.


OpenRaider lives again

  • Openbewbs
  • We first covered this on EP96
  • You will need the original boobs art assets.
  • And how would I go about extracting the assets from a Saturn CD?
    • Last time I tried, it didn’t work so well!


OpenMW 0.34.0

  • Lots and lots of fixes
  • Not much in the new feature department as they approach 1.0
  • We should totally throw the chairs at this sucker once it does hit 1.0
  • The known issues being only Windows and Mac specific can either be a good thing (there are no major issues with the Linux version) or a very bad thing (No one’s digging deep enough on the Linux version to find such issues).


Annex addon factions

  • Megaglest Z, We’ve covered it before
  • This is an expansion adding two factions, the astro marines and the crimson maidens
    • That second one has got to be some sort of innuendo
  • “I included The Astro Marines as a selectable faction, however you will need to install Astro Marines separately, otherwise selecting that faction will cause the game to crash.”
    • ^ Yeah, that won’t generate a few bug reports.


Hedgewars 0.9.21

  • Best Open Sauce WORMS clone gets an update
    • Wormux would like to have a word with you
  • Now taking notes from Team Fortress 2
  • New missions, new UI design and general mechanics improvements.


Planeshift 0.6.3

  • GPL MMO that’s been around since 2002
  • They’ve added NPC speech speed adjustment, armor and weapon crafting amongst other improvements
  • Still crashes if I hold down the mouse wheel and spin the camera around too fast.
  • THE game that used Crystal Space
  • “Rename-able sacks” Yeeeeees! Sack-o-dicks!
  • They have a school of brown magic in this game


CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Geometry Wars™ 3: Dimensions
Devel: Lucid Games / Ass-pyre
Engine: FLEDGE Engine
Price: €/$ 14.99

Wazzat: The next chapter in the award-winning Geometry Wars franchise. Battle through waves of enemies in this frenetic arcade shooter.

Makes with the working


  • I want to ding it a chair for not having a res setting but I can’t.
  • If it had one and it didn’t work that would be fair.



  • Whar video settings?


Shiny / Sounds


  • This game loses two chairs for not having a res setting.
  • It just stretches the game to 3840×2160 resulting in some weapons grade fugly.
  • This could have been sorted /w a FK load of AA but that would require some sort of graphic settings menu.
  • If I bounce my ball back and take a few “at the end of the days” it looks alright.
  • Picking out individuals object from the colour soup is difficult. Even when you do there’s nothing to mail-bomb home about.
  • Shapes, spinning on shite …the game
  • Did you just WUB at me, Brad? YES YOU DID!


  • They’re geometric shapes.    oooooooo
  • I mean, you don’t buy this sort of game for the aesthetic value
  • The soundtrack is just kind of there.   Was too busy listening to darkthrone


  • Don’t mind the soundtrack too much, it fits the overall aesthetic.
  • Doesn’t get 4 chairs because, again, whar video options Asspyre?




  • I was going to give this two but after learning the filthy peasant controls works.  
  • I’m dinging it a chair since the only realistic way to play this critter is /w dual sticks.
  • Go ahead, try it /w your keyboard organ …and build a log cabin


  • Xbox controller works great
  • You guys can keep whinging about the keyboard controls
    • I bet you bring nerf guns to paintball too


  • PS2 Dual Shock works, Nvidia Controlla doesn’t
  • Can’t rebind the Super and Smart bomb on the keyboard to control and NumPad 0.
    • “But Pedro, why aren’t you playing a twin stick shooter with a twin stick controller?”
      • Because fuck you, that’s why! Also, I’m on a PC not a console.
      • If the game is available for PC, I expect it to work with the “standard” PC inputs.




  • It’s challenging and seeing your friends scores kept me coming back.
  • Then you eventually give up and claim they are cheating.
  • Now ass-pyre said an upcoming patch would enable the res options.
  • “Basically video options were pulled at the last minute for some weird tech reasons. Not huge for an arcade shooter like this, but still irksome and they are going back in with the patch.” -Blair
  • That was on Dec 2’nd.
  • And in full disclosure they sent us the keys.
  • While I find the game challenging, I also find it hella overpriced.
  • Multiplayer is, at best, FK all confusing.
  • You can get a lot more game for your wet stinky ..and you should.
  • Pick this up when it goes 50%


  • It’s a challenging twin stick shooter.
  • I haven’t played any of the other geometry wars games, but this one was fun
  • The competing score hovering over your head is annoying because I end up paying more attention to that than where the enemies are
  • Multiplayer is decently fun as well


  • This game is a perfect continuation of the Geometry wars series.
  • Which is why I don’t like it!
    • As far as twin stick shooters go, I liked Assault Android Cactus because of the character and boss designs.
    • There is no character design in this game. It’s just shapes blowing each other up.
  • I won’t give it one chair, because I can recognize that it is an objectively good twin-stick shooter.
    • But I suck at twin stick shooters and that means I usually don’t have a lot of fun with them.



Hate Mail:


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