LinuxGameCast Weekly EP125 – Sterms Of Service

VALVe finalizes the Areola Controlla! GOG nopes their DRM, MSI reveals the GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 100ME, and Skullgirls comes to Linux? Then Fake Colours faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

It’s dead, Jim

  • Welp looks like the pic we showed two weeks back was legit.
  • Unfortunate.    Well, I suppose we will see how the areola controlla stacks up once it gets released.
  • Not happy about the fact the left areola has a dpad carved into it.
    • It used to look like you could maybe set it up to move with the right areola and use the left to look around (using FPS as example).
    • Now it seems they’ve caved in to the right handed fascists.


Movable FERPS



  • oh wow, it’s a buck off till next wednesday.  What a deal!   I’ll take twelve!
  • Fikle in their forums said it best: “This is an overpriced mobile port. “
    • In all fairness the mobile versions is pay to win.
    • That won’t fk /w game mechanics. Nope, no way.
  • On iOS it costs $5, on Steam? $15.
  • “Oh but in those cases the game usually ships without in-game microtransactions.”
    • Not this one. You get all them Microshaftactions and the ability to purchase in-game currency with real money.
    • Fuck THAT NOISE!


Heroes of Issachar

  • Bills itself as a first person actraiser/suidoken/skyrim type game
  • It looks like another ambitious early access game that has a lot of ideas and no project management.
  • “20 GB available space” For wat?
  • Oh wow, it has an entirely superficial religious element too.    That’s gonna piss some people off.
  • IMA just put this here
  • Oh look, a shitty FPS Unity game with Tower Defense elements. What’s the count at?
    • It’s like they completely missed the point on what made Orcs Must Die good.
      • Speaking of which, the fact your character has a crossbow can’t be a coincidence!


Shadows of War

  • Side scrolley strategy
  • Slightly less obvious Lane Defense (read Plants vs Zombies)?
    • No, it seems to be a grittier version of WORMS without any of the charm.
  • Planned updates include
    • A Tutorial
    • Cloud Support
    • Improved Grammar


Damn I wish I could be a

  • Note: The Linux version has had limited testing on Ubuntu 14.04
    • Aka,we made sure it runs, but you get what you get for a dollar game
  • I get a Deathspanky Vibe from it.     Deathspank was hilarious though.   I don’t know about this…
  • Originally iOS / aOS
  • Free on Android so stick /w that.


The Depths of Tolagal

  • $10 for a five dollar hipster pixel roguelike
  • The one review on the steam page says the gameplay redeems it, but I can’t swallow that price.
  • This game already exists, it’s called Tales of Maj’Eyal.
    • Once again, ToM’E is actually $5 while this one’s 10!
    • Doom the Roguelike is better and it’s free!


Secret Of The Magic Crystal you have a contender *draws line in sand*

  • Needs more human teeth
  • That's more like it


Skullgirls Linux version update 1/5/2015

  • Before we open up a can of rant sauce… To little too late?
  • WTH is “14.04 Linux” ??
  • Linux support topic must be at the top of the Steam forums *checks* yip.
  • “Willing to NDA army of linux coders if need be” payed off?
  • This guy summed up my thought organ
  • Now I know for a fact that Renaud was helping with the volunteer effort.
    • Also explains why he gave me the game and all the DLC back then.
      • He’s in shatrealm static.  The poor bastard
  • We are so past the point of damage control.
  • As Venn said in a prior conversation, we’re at the point now where people just want the damn game they paid for, reasons be damned
  • As for this non-apology, I really don’t think we should dignify it with anything close to a response.   Lab Zero has shown zero willingness to learn from their mistake and I don’t think anyone should be giving them any money any more.
    • Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed they didn’t apologize for anything other than the flak they’ve been getting for baiting and switching.
    • I like how they worded it to shift the blame over just about every single “volunteer” and not themselves.
      • Because remember kids, Project Management is for punk ass bitches


Oh Shi- DRM, Week 2

  • “9.1 (b) We want you to be free to use your own GOG content and back it up etc, but equally we need to have legal rules to protect against misuse of the GOG content. So (unless you have prior GOG permission) please don’t modify, merge, distribute, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works of GOG services or GOG content – unless you’re allowed in this Agreement or by the law in your country. “
  • Last week I came out in their defense saying it was nothing…
    • Now… Well, now I’m not so sure anymore.
  • BREAKING: GOG is selling new games that are not so old, good.
    • Yup, and when they do that, the big boys are going to want some copy protection up in there
    • This boils down to how GoG largely defined what it means to be “DRM Free” and that, at the end of the day, it is about inconvenience.
      • It is somewhat unfortunate, but that’s GOG becoming a higher profile digital distributor.    Look at what happened with humble


Here today GOG tomorrow

  • Ah bad publicity.   At least they’re conscious of their core fanbase.
  • This would have been really nice if they hadn’t changed their ToS THE DAY BEFORE to condemn any and all people who are willing/able to circumvent their BS rar wrapper.


MSI Announces GTX 970 Gaming 100ME

  • YOLO swag ..the card.
  • Just like the Gold Edition the new GTX 970 Gaming 100ME will feature increased clock speeds over the standard GTX 970 Gaming, however we don’t know by exactly how much.
  • It seems to have similar specs to the regular MSI Gaming 970.
    • Which means the STRIX is still faster.
  • Remains to be seen what the “special gift” is
    • With realistic genetalia!
  • You gave us lots of money!   As a reward, you get to spend more!
  • Are we doing favorite picks of CES? Cuz if so, I’mma say I want this one:


Drift Stage ALPHA

  • Step 1: chmod +x (2015 guys and goils)
  • Step 2: FK ME! The controller-organ works.
  • Wow!  It’s like a shittier looking less fun Distance
  • Physics don’t work like that.
    • In fact, driving these cars reminds me of driving the Mako in Mass Effect
    • It sucked balls on console too


You know, for kids O

    • Gooby pls
  • This is the disney old toontown MMO, rewritten a la openmw
  • Not sure if it keeps any “legally questionable” art assets.
  • I know how this is going to end
    • This is what happens when you fuck with me! Ho ho!
  • This one I just came across trying to look for screenshots.  I don’t even
      • It’s an MMO where people get to virtually indulge in their cartoon fantasies. Are you really surprised?
        • Someone missed the point
      • So be it


(from Gustavo) Battlemass 2

  • Unity game that doesn’t cock-up full screen nor does it show the pop-up launcher.
  • Non-interactive tutorial I find is a point against it.
  • Hex-Grid, Turn Based strategy.


– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Makes with the working


  • You know I really dreaded spending the rest of my day playing another half-arsed cube based puzzle game.




Shiny / Sounds


  • Performance is locked at 60FPS and that’s what I get /w the 4K
  • The menu and level select screen look like placeholders
  • It’s cubes …in a void
  • The sleep inducing soundtrack makes me want to suck off a shotgun.



  • Oh lookie, it’s the Unity pop-up! Hadn’t seen that in awhile!




  • Partial controller support? WHAR?!
  • Can’t rebind keys? In 2015?
  • Your one step at a time camera control is bad and you should feel bad.


  • Desperately needs controller support
  • Default key mapping is all over the place, which is fantastic when you’re being timed


  • It’s 2015 now.
  • Can we please allow people to rebind keys?
  • This UI was very clearly designed for a touch screen, it’s not what you want to see when you’re using a mouse and keyboard.
    • Microsoft learned that lesson, when will indie game devs?




  • How can I have fun with a game that you have so little confidence in?
  • Put on your detective hats gumshoes!
  • I noticed they managed 9/10 from Gamespot and knowing they could not afford such a score I made /w the digging.
  • Enter Rizzonian1
  • Same person over at the IndieGameStand
  • Who is this international man of mystery?
  • The same one who posts the news for Forthright Entertainment, Brad.


  • Puzzle games can challenge and harden a mind
  • This one does not do that.   It bores me.


  • Played it for 20 minutes and I can safely say I’m done playing apps on PC.
  • The difficulty curve turns into an 89º upwards ramp at around level 3 then it flattens
  • It’s at that point the Chore curve goes from 0 to 100 and the levels take longer to complete based solely on the amount of bullshit you have to do.
    • That’s not good puzzle design!



Hate Mail:

Fake colours

  • That’s new!
    • Also refreshing!
  • Your keyboard layout is bad and you should feel bad.   Whar controller support
  • Quit posting fake reviews.
  • PLEASE invoke the Streisand Effect by trying to cover your tracks *grabs popcorn*



  • Octo-core and OBS
    • Yeah, that’ll do it. It’s easy enough to switch video streams around with it.

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