LinuxGameCast Weekly EP143 – Heat Lotion

Skullgirls is finally happening! Oculus nopes Linux, Virtual Programing releases another “port”, and PlayOnLinux embraces Java. Then Action Henk faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

Steam News :

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

ǝɯ ɹoɟ uǝǝʇǝuᴉu noʎ ɹoɟ ǝuo

  • How does this protect local retailers again?
    • It doesn’t.   Nobody buys PC games from a retail store anymore
      • Thatsthejoke.jpg
  • Poor Yaspoon and Kloinka.   Soon they will have zero upside-down-money
  • “Intangible Digital Imports” is the name of my Guano Apes cover band!


Metroid Axiom Verge

  • It looks like something that’s trying to look like a 16-bit game and doesn’t quite get there.
  • *watches trailer* Nintendo gonna sue somebody.
    • Yeah, those boss fights look way too similar
  • Actually recommends a dual shock 4 controller!
    • Quick, someone divide by 0. We need to restore the status quo!
    • Well, flibit did help out, and you know how much he loves his DS4
  • From the creator of Orn, not the shatrealmer, but the actual gameboy advance game.
  • Alright, I like the game but calling it “inspired by Metroid” is an understatement.
  • The weapons look interesting, but I’m not sure it’s worth paying 20 schbucks for a metroidlike
  • I found a secret spot.
  • ...Yeah.   Miyamoto gonna sue somebody


80% off so you know it’s a VP “port”

  • Considering one of their pinned post reads “MAC Crashes/Unplayable Thread – Gathering Data” I don’t have much hope for Linux.
  • What does this mean?
    • Video Card: NVidia/AMD OpenGL 4.1/OpenGL level 3.2 compatible”
    • It means if you have AMD video you are better off playing it with WINE because works.
  • From reading on Steam the “port” suffers from stuttering, crappy mouse, sound nopeing, and spite crashes.
  • Gather round and let me explain how VP keeps getting business “porting” Linux games.
  • Ever wonder why Witch, BioSI, and OPS were all released for Linux at 75/80% off retail?
  • You spend $5 on a $30 title and your brain-organ tells you “We made out like bandits so if it works bonus! If not, we’re only out a few quid”
  • Ironically this cuts down on people complaining about the quality of the “port” because it was such a steal and hey, it might work one day.
  • Then those who did not catch the sale check the forums, see that it’s busted, and decide not to buy.
  • VP can now show they shipped X amount of units with minimal issues using their “porting tech” at a fraction of the price of Ass-Pyre or Feral.
  • Wash, rinse, repeat.



  • I had typed out the bullet points for this one, just needed to get a few minutes of footage to get through it.


Invisible, Inc.

  • This game tickles me somewhat.   It reminds me of a stealth focused shadowrun returns.
    • So it wasn’t just me!
  • I don’t know if I’d actually like it and 20 bucks seems a bit steep to find out.  I’d wait until it goes on sale.
  • From the same people who brought you Shank and Mark of the Ninja.
    • If it wasn’t obvious from the character design on the logo on the top right.



  • Free for the low low price of $24.98
  • I remember a while ago we covered a game similar to this, except it was LAN exclusive
  • The game seems like a cool idea, and true cross platform multiplayer is an awesome addition, but I’m, curious if the game can stand on it’s own legs without the DLC.



  • “non linear, 2D, side-scrolling, open-world cyberpunk RPG”
    • 2 more and you get a bite-sized snickers!
  • Big thanks to Jan Jirkovsky for sending us keys.
    • There will be chairs flying in its direction soon.
  • You know what would be awesome?   If they fixed blocking before we had to review their game.   Cuz it don’t work.



  • Directly followed by
  • “Can’t say who’s working on the Mac/Linux versions of #Skullgirls, or say when exactly it’s coming, but we’ll let you know as soon as we can!”
    • I’m unfamiliar with this reverse NDA they’re under. How does that work?
    • Brought to you by Virtual Programming
      • Don’t even JOKE about that.
    • My money says it’s Aspyr! And they did this so that, if Lab0 backs out on the port and the shitstorm hits once more, they won’t be front and center.


DolphinVR Gets NOPED

  • Could be cool if you set up the wiimote and pretend to be Luke from that one scene in star wars whilst playing no more heroes.
    • Make no mistake though, you will feel awesome and look like a complete idiot
  • I read Oculus Share and the first thing I thought was “Oh, they’re sharing some of the sauce freely to even the field with a Valve a bit!” then I remembered, they’re owned by facebook now.
    • Oh Facebook, you do not disappoint!
    • Although supposedly this was taken down at the request of one of the Dolphin Devs
  • That said, Dolphin-VR is GONE!


Oculus FK Linux!

  • Fucking facebook!
  • They kinda went Windows first after CMack showed up.
  • I think this might be a slight fuck you at steam.  “No, we won’t support your OS”.


Limit Load

  • You know, they could at least provide a zip containing just the source so I don’t have to waste precious bandwidth on downloading a windows executable I’ll never use.
    • And man, that took a while to compile.  It’s zipped and depends on .sh files, so run a find to change the permission of all bash scripts
    • You’ll also need to build your own copy of panda3d
    • And fix their busted makefile
  • And the game runs like complete ass.   Good jorb guys


The year of 5

  • ...I mean Jython...I mean Aliens....
  • Y you want me to install Java on a desktop? In 2015?
    • Not just Java.   Jython.   Python written in Java.   Because Raisins
  • I can smell the fork from here.


Hipster Craft 1.7.3

  • In all seriousness I can see the appeal.
  • From what I read some popular MODs for official Minecraft only run on version moonturboXcheeseburger.12 and by the time they get it working on the latest a new release appears.

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Action Henk
Devel: RageSquid
Engine: Unity (Although you can barely tell!)
Price: $/€ 14.99

Wazzat: Run, jump and butt-slide into the glorious toy-filled world of Action Henk! Become a master of momentum and defy physics as you race against a band of ragged 90s action figures to once and for all prove that Action Henk is the fastest of them all!

Makes with the working


  • Not only does everything work OOTB it manages a steady 90+ FERPS at the 4K’s.




Shiny / Sounds


  • It’s a good looking game. A lot of work went into the background of each level.
  • All of the playable characters look equally batshit insane.
  • Everyone has three (or so) verbal taunts and that is entertaining …for about three seconds.
  • Mix all that in with, shall we say “memorable” background music and you end up with something that’s a little bit of alright in the SS dept.


  • The voice work, what little there was, was ok
  • I wasn’t really paying attention to the music because I was too focused on getting a good time
  • Yeah, the backgrounds are pretty genius.    Good on them for that.


  • It looks great!
  • The background music got noped, so minus 1 chair.




  • Hope you like the default layout because it’s 2015 and re-mappable controls are BECAUSE FK, YOU! THAT’S WHY!
  • I would cut RageSquid some slack if the layout made the slightest bit of sense.
  • It’s spray-and-pray, at best.
  • However, once you wrap your brain-organ around the default madness, you will find the button mashing responsive.
  • At the end of the day RageSquid released a 2.5D arcade racer with static controls ..and that boggles my mind.


  • Do not, and I repeat do not, put you reset level button right next to your jump button or you’re gonna have a bad time
  • I’m not the guy who usually brings this up, but this game seriously needs the ability to remap controls.  Desperately even


  • It’s 2015 and you’re shipping a game without the ability to rebind controls.
  • I get that, considering how the UI is laid out, you’re targeting consoles.
    • I get that!
    • But SteamOS doesn’t exactly come with standard controller.
    • Let people reassign their buttons!




  • Some of you might wonder why I invested eight hours into a game with busted controls.
  • Simple, multiplayer is FKN amazeballs.
  • It’s 2.5D TrackMania and I couldn’t be happier with it.
  • Simple to learn impossible to master.
  • I was going to give it three chairs but I had a moment the other night on one of the Disco levels.
  • I was placing 2’nd or 3’rd until I managed a near perfect run, beating everyone by a full two seconds.
  • This resulted in me (a grown arse man) standing up and screaming “FK alls yall!”


  • I never really had much expectation for this game going in
  • However, it really does suck you in
  • Like venn said, very much an easy to learn hard to master game
  • It’s really well designed, it’s fun, go buy it!


  • It tickles that side of my brain that wants to be the best.
  • I managed to beat Venn on just about every level I played.
    • Couldn’t for the life of me beat Sandy’s time on the first level , though.
  • As fun as it is, I can’t give it 4 chairs because it simply doesn’t allow people to rebind controls.



Hate Mail:


  • There really aren’t


HalfLife Pandora



  • I’m still worried about their business model.
  • Their latest update notes “Temporary weapon skins” as a monetization option and that makes me cringe.

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