LinuxGameCast Weekly EP124 – Twisted Sisters

Steam brings the FPS! Desura releases an updated Linux client, Giana Sisters gets delayed, and GOG does a thing. Then Blaze Rush faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro Sandy

Steam News:

G-money calls BS

  • Protip: Don’t make shite up.
    • Yeah, as much as I hate to say it, at least Phoronix attempts to fool you into thinking they actually have a source
      • This guy could have been one of Michael’s understudies that never made it to the big time.
      • also love how he starts the article. “There’s hardly a name in gaming that generates more hype with its mere mention than that of “Half-Life 3”” Like what he just did……click bait.


Steam FPS Update

  • Steam overlay finally gets a feature it should have fucking had from the get go
  • Finally, you can lord your high ferps over your console peasant friends
  • The update also fixes a buch of of broadcasting issues
  • It works.
  • You need to enable it on the Steam Settings -> In Game.
  • Game recording and streaming


Leadwerks Wins Steam Community Choice

  • Leadwerks takes first place in the most important …i’m just FKN /w ya!
  • What does this mean?   Fuck all really
  • Leadwerks went up against a couple of other creative products for a sale votey-thing and it won.    That’s it…


Blaze Rush

  • BlazeRush is a dynamic arcade racing survival game with no health, no levelling and no brakes….. Badass arena of Badassitude
  • The graphics are so good, you can’t even see them man!
  • Stick around, there’ll be chairs flying in its direction


Fake Colours

  • Rubix cubey block rolling puzzle
  • Dat price tho.   If you’re buying this guy you had better love the shit out of puzzle games
  • That’s too frickin’ much for a neon-skinned RUSH
    • Which btw, RUSH is only €5.
    • Or EDGE, but that’s €7.99


Giana Sisters port? Naaa!

  • First off, kudos on spinning your (almost a year late) Linux port on QA ..ten month organs later.
  • Humble Indie Bundle 11 called and it wants a refund. (February 18 – March 4, 2014)
  • Let’s get some shite straight kids.
  • Humble is a FK mothering business and inclusion can generate a mental amount of wet-stinky for indie devels.
  • Part of being included is having a Linux port.
  • Who did you pick to port the game, Brad? The SkullGirls volunteer?
  • I was going to let this slide but on Dec 12 2014 you motherfuckers released on PS4 and Xbone1.
    • But Vinn….we outsourced the port.   That absolves us of any and all responsibility
    • Seriously though, it’s great if you want to outsource your port to fine folks like Flibit or Icclebutts, but it doesn’t mean you just let them have at.
      • HAHAHAHA Icclebutts….
      • But really it bad that Dev like this really dont give a shit because they already got alot of linux gamers monies from the bundle. But as well to add on to what Jordan was saying If you out source your title you need to check up on what the issues are. Or at least have some one from your team work with the “Out source-e” and at least have someone on your team learning what you need to do when porting.
      • Black Forest Games you can officially suck it.



  • As if millions of pirates cried out at once.
    • There are no pirates crying out, since what gets uploaded to the The Pirate Bay is actually the full installer.
    • So as long as you’re not trying to extract the files from the installer without running it, you can still pirate it at will.
  • My only real issue with this is their choice of compression algorithm.  Rar is so 2005.   
    • Cross platform, open standards such as lzma2 (xz, 7z) exist for a reason and are much better algorithms than RAR.


New Desura client

    • Because “The Linux client download link will appear on the official site when we add browser/OS detection”
    • “we’re working on it, but I don’t know if it’s a few days or a few weeks”
  • Because adding a simple link on your download page is too much work apparently
    • Seriously BadJuJu.  I know you’re cool and all, but you gotta get your shit together
    • Especially when it comes to Desura.
    • People are looking for a Steam competitor and the Desura client still crashes more often than a narcoleptic.
  • Holy install loop batman
    • hahahahaha…. oh wait , it did it for me as well.

Enemy Territory: Legacy version 2.71a released

  • Basically this is compatible with ET 2.60b and most of the MODs.
  • Still no Punk Buster
  • Updated engine
  • Better performance


Relics of Annorath Alpha Update 6

  • Oh geez, we haven’t covered this one in a while
  • Everyone’s favourite uningine based MMO
  • Highlights of the update includes
    • Updates and optimizations to the launcher
    • The ability to have three characters per profile
    • dropped filthy peasant 32 bit support
    • Dropping supid monkey in game login
    • Numerous backend rewrites and optimizations
  • Got the e-mail about the update and downloaded it again. Completely forgot to play afterwards.
  • The installer looks proper now! Kudos!
  • Still nothing more than a really pointlessly demanding walking simulator.


CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Blaze Rush
Devel: Targem Games
Engine: Hammer Engine
Price: $/€ 9.99

Wazzat: BlazeRush is a dynamic arcade racing survival game with no health, no levelling and no brakes! You can assemble a team of friends to play in local or online multiplayer, choose a car to your taste and chase, blow up and cut off! Adapt your style and tactics to new enemies, obstacles and tracks.

Makes with the working






Shiny / Sounds


  • Disappearing car models, Brad.
  • None of that low-rent always disappeared nonsense! Nope! This happens with because FK YOU That’s why randomness.
  • Yeah, I know “fix” but shipping without checking if the main thing people watch while playing is ..ya know, there.
  • Outside of that it looks fine for an arcade racing game
  • I muted the sounds


  • The car models would be great…IF I COULD SEE THEM
  • They have fix for that, but still.
  • Can’t hear the soundtrack, too busy listening to 3 Inches of Blood


  • I was going to give it 2 chairs because there’s a bug that causes opponents cars to become invisible.
  • Then I checked the Steam forums and the devs had already created a test depot with a fix.


  • nothing really amazing here in terms of looks.
  • The music was fairly well done overall but no single track was one that would really stand out of the crowd.




  • I wanted to hate it but it’s so fucked it adds a new level of challenge.
  • In this moon universe you don’t navigate by turning your tyres left or right.
  • You point the car organ in the general direction and have at.
  • That’s not racing. It’s dragging shite /w an invisible string.


  • It takes a bit to get used to it, but once you do it’s fine


  • What the FUCK is up with these gamepad controls.
  • Barring the fact I had to use xboxdrv for it to recognize either the PS2 DuSh or the SHIELD controller, what the fuck were they thinking?
  • Keyboard controls on the other hand were proper and I was actually able to play the game with reasonable success.


  • took me a min to get a handle on the control scheme for driving but one I got it it was really all, down, hill….. really? COMEON!



V-CHAIRCHAIRAsteroid?   Asterisk?

  • Alright, two chairs /w an Asteroid.
  • The short single-player campaign can eat a glorious bag-o-dicks
  • The camera squirrels the hell out, often
  • BUT getting pissed and playing the “stay on the track game” /w some mates is borderline enjoyable.


  • It’s a decently fun little combat racer
  • Multiplayer is also pretty fun
  • Not perfect by any means, but I’d give this a recommend


  • I don’t hate it!
  • It’s not going to change anyone’s opinion on the MicroMachines genre, but I don’t hate it at all.
  • I say MicroMachines but it’s more along the lines of the old Sierra RC Racers Deluxe.
  • There’s an option to change the video behaviour.


  • nothing spectacular here in terms of fun. It definitely lacks a steam leaderboard.
  • but overall this is fun when playing with others if you few buds over.


Final –CHAIRCHAIRAsteroid?   Asterisk?

Hate Mail:



Shameless Plug

  • I kept reading and all I got was that you have to pay $1/week for a Browser MMO spreadsheet simulator!
  • It’s good to see more games coming out of Europe’s dick countries but come on!
  • I know they’re targeting a niche audience, but that’s a niche that Eve online has been filling for the past 11 (nigh on 12) years.

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