LinuxGameCast Weekly EP132 – Steamy VR

VR picks up Steam! NVIDIA discovers the secrets of time travel, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is officially out of beta, and VALVe has a massive package. Then Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Sandy

Steam News :

Some correct, some missing, one hidden

  • HL2 Episode 3 CONFIRMED!11!
  • You can hear Venn vibrating at the thought of GRID Autosport under linux
    •  Shaken, not stirred
      • I see what you did there.
  • Would be nice if we could get a batman game on linux
    • I know right?! Fuck us, right?
    • Yes.   Fuck you Sandy.
    • Never heard of it
  • GDC will bring the truth and it might be ugly. Remember, SteamOS was created in retaliation. Windows, under Ballmer wanted to go full-metal app store for the desktop essentially cutting into the Steamy profits. Now, under the control of Nadella that business met with a proper curb-stomping.
  • I don’t think for one second-organ that VALVe will kill SteamOS but unless we see some exclusives I’m having a hard time understanding why it exists, business wise.
    • Absolutely agree boils and ghouls.
    • It is handy to have your own platform to call the shots on, but yeah
    • This is make or break time.   I hope Valve has some good shit up their sleeves


FK them old areolas

  • Understandable, but a bit sad nonetheless
  • The old steam controllers were cool, but now we have to put our srs faces on and focus on what’s going to market
    • unless the beta testers are also getting updated controllers. But still I would have used the old areolas fur sho.
  • Mein nipples!   Zey cry


Steamy VR at GDC


  • HAWT
  • VR Gaben rubbing his areolas? Ummm YES.



  • You knew it was bound to happen eventually.
  • I’ve heard this game referred to as “Kerbal Space Program for horrible people”
  • This looks like a digital representation of my childhood Construx set. Mum said Legos were for dullards.
  • Always enjoyable to see people ignore the “game” element in favour of fkn madness.


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare out of Linux beta

  • Woo!  I wonder if it’s less buggy now that it’s out of beta
    • of course typical broken AMD textures, But at least the FPS is 54 on high.
    • oooooo shiny.
  • Hey, you can download the Linux server now.
  • Still has the bug where you can thwack the first trainer so he is unable to hit your.
  • Good on them for making /w the beta and now the release for a game from 2012.


Aaru’s Awakening

  • Play as that thing we’re going to make fun of in the next segment.
  • A whopping 4hrs of gameplay for 14.99


Now for something half the price! Lost Light

  • Limbo /w a gravity reversal mechanic.
  • Seems like another indie puzzle platformer
  • Partial controller support is never a welcome sight.


YouTube comments …the game

  • More like Tumblr: The game
  • Why should I pay $7 for a morality tale?   THis is the same problem that games like “This War of Mine” and “Gone Home” have.    If you can’t achieve your message through gameplay and story and have to hammer it to your players, you are failing as a game designer
    • Why? It worked for hitler……what? too soon?



  • Defaulting to your systems built in C and C++ may result in some performance increase, but you’re in youreonyourownsville when it comes to random patches your distribution throws in
  • Steam runtime YOLO!    
    • Also,yes.



  • Someone hook a generator up to these guys, because the amount of backpedaling here could power a house.
  • Listen, here is the fact of the matter:   The card has 4GB of directly addressable memory.   That means that any application breaching that last 500MB will run into the performance it.   You did not architecture it in a way that the firm ware will use that memory segment as slow cache and nothing else.   End of story.    Period.  Finito
  • I seriously hope Aaron Plattner tracks this guy down and smacks him upside the head.
  • “Instead of being excited that we invented a way to increase memory of the GTX 970 from 3GB to 4GB, some were disappointed”
    • Excited? How about a little confused since you never mentioned this amazeballs MOON tech until you got called the fk out.  


Grifta – Morphing Gamepad

  • This is not a prototype that might end up getting made.
  • This shite is baked and the Kickstarter is to raise wet stinky for the initial order.
    • After I saw the video I was sold. I honestly believe peripherals like this can help PC really take over the living room.
  • The video really does sell it.     Geez.   I really want one now.
    • I know, right?!


Open Spores

  • oooo, that’s Thrive, it’s so hot right now.
  • An ambitious project for sure, and I hope they pull it off.    Would be neat to play a spore style game with like 15 different phases of evolution
    • Because Jesus yo
      • I want my penis monsters.


Terminal Overload 0.6.0

  • New guns, Capture the flag and support for yoinking content off servers instead of requiring it to be installed locally
    • Reminds me alot of Tribes series, I love Tribes. Did I mention Tribes?…..Tribes.
  • This was an unfinished prototype several years back.
    • Tribes?
  • Open source version of ROTC-E minus textures

Edge of Eternity passes its beastieality goal.

  • You can breed cat marsupials
    • If you listen closely, you can hear new otherkin being born
      • Midgar seems pretty set out to update a classic style of JRPG experience.
      • I honestly want to see a stretch goal of adding a custom character like “Final Fantasy Tactics”, That would allow people to play online with other people raiding bosses.
  • An indie tribute to J-RP….NOPE, I’m out.

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
Devel: Just Add Water
Price: 17.99

Wazzat: Built from scratch from the ground up, enjoy breathtaking visuals, enhanced audio and improved, deeper gameplay as New ‘n’ Tasty reignites the original Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee using the latest next-generation technology Unity.

Makes with the working


  • Everything worked OOTB on day one.
  • Granted, nothing worked quite right but it was still playable.



  • when I first started Oddworld up after install I had a black screen with sound. So I ALT-F4 my way out started it up again and bam worked. I could only duplicate it every time I restarted za rig.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Despite being built /w Unity this this is pure eye candy.
  • Seriously, everything is boiling over /w detail.
  • Now keep in mind I’m viewing it @ 4K /w everything on 11.
  • Why are the cutscenes busted?
  • That is supposed to be a little reward for finishing a zone.
  • I find myself skipping them and possibly missing part of the story.
  • They play just fine /w VLC
  • The sounds won me over when I pulled a lever and sliced up a baddy …Abe giggled.


  • Good ol’ unity shadows
  • However, it does look pretty good for a unity game.   Usually you accomplish this by using none of their stock assets
  • The voice acting is decent too


  • Unity! Don’t get me wrong the game looks great, now that the graphics have been updated, Unity?! COME ON!
  • Fun fact: the game was originally was being built with Unigine but they changed to Unity as a lot of the editor commands the were making from scratch were already pre-built in Unity.
  • I remember now why I disliked the Oddworld series, ABE. I loath his voice so much.





  • Before the patch the controller “worked” but you had to figure out where the buttons were mapped.
  • The first patch added a xinput option so now they buttons are mapped correctly.
  • You can also adjust the deadzone but I never had that issue.
  • However this means fk, and, all! I can’t chant babe!
  • Mix that /w half the verbal commands missing
  • Game breaking bugs? Yeah, I think so.



  • Aiming is fucking awful in this game.
  • Some of the talk and chant commands don’t work on the xbox controller
  • Speaking of which, you actually have to go into the option and select xinput for your 360 controller to work.    Now, I know we know, but other people may not put two and two together
  • The has an annoying delay, but it makes sense given thats how people usually jump
  • running works when the game feels like it


  • I found the controls rather delayed and had to time them just right to account for that delay after input.
  • When switched to Direct Input on my Logitech F710, forget about it. You pretty much have to configure bindings to the Xclone setup.  Otherwise you’re guessing.
  • Like Hodan (get it, Hodor and Jordan? fuck you guys.) said,  The up and down chant commands did not work for me only left and right.



  • Until they fix my ability to chant and issue proper verbal commands I’m not putting another minute into it.
  • I was having a good time until I hit that massive cockup.
  • *If it gets fixed I would give it 3 chairs but until then


  • Someone didn’t qa this fucker
  • The puzzles are alright, but it’s very much trial and error
  • Seriously though.   How are you supposed to be able to be the saviour if YOU CAN’T FUCKING COMMUNICATE


  • Not going to lie, ok maybe I will. Controls really pissed me off. Especially when this game is also planned for console’s in the very very near future. It’s great that they make an effort to show a xclone controller for what buttons do what. But not everyone has that and for those that use PS3 or PS4 controllers Which this game is coming out to you would think they would add support for those as well.
  • Everything else I had not issues with. Story was great and music was wonderful, Abe is still my favorite moron. This is a great visual remake of Abe’s Oddysee, Butt funk those controls



Hate Mail:

Hello Comrades

  • Ooh!   Ooh!   Is it the jews?
    • Russian dude, the gays.
    •  It could also be the jews.    Or gay jews.   Who knows?
      • Gay Asian Jews
        • He could have a son named ”Homer Jr” The kids would call him “Ho-Jew”.
  • You dare question the CHAIRS?!
    • That isn’t even ¼ of the chairs equations.
  • Their rounding system is beyond your primitive ape mind.  




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