LinuxGameCast Weekly EP134 – Racism Insurance

Dying Light finally gets a performance boost! Project CARS is delayed, NVIDIA opens PhysX, and Feral ports The Goddamn Batman. Then Isbarah faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

QA would like a word

  • Valve’s customer support is terrible. But EA’s and Asus’ is actually much worse!
  • VALVe is an automated middleman between devels and consumers.
  • Automated systems often have shite customer support and in this case you will just deal with it.
  • My experience with Valves customer support has been rather good, though I realize I’m an outlier on this



  • Because when GabeN sends you a plane ticket and no explanation as to what it’s for, you get on the goddamn plane
  • “I kind of expected to enter a room where everyone had their heads down, wearing hoods”
    • …happens
  • Turns out spending a full week an hour outside of Winnipeg in the Arctic circle gets shite done.



  • Well, it’s a good start.   Shame so much of it is crap
    • Are you saying the ratio of crap per good-game is superior on the 1010 Linux games than on Windows’ 4815?
    • We don’t have as many AAA games, but a lot of those are also shit! In that department, we have a much better ratio.
  • Name 10 (just 10) amazeball games out of the 1K.
  • Difficulty: You have 60sec  


Someone had to do this and I’m glad it wasn’t me

  • I guess this sort of post needed to be done.   I’m actually not all that sure how much misinformation is being spread about steamos
  • Good to make it clear that SteamOS should not be used as a desktop OS
    • I’m pretty sure we’re going to start seeing PPA style repositories based around steamos pop up as people want their overpriced steam machine to do more than just play video games
  • Now, perhaps, the unwashed masses and their youtubers can stop saying cringeworthy falsities regarding SteamOS.
    • Who and what?
      • Any of Total Biscuit’s videos where he talks about SteamOS, including the Co-Optional Podcast.
      • Any and all of windows centric “gaming” podcasts/Youtube talk-shows  that talk about SteamOS.
      • The FAQ section of that post echoes the most prevalent of the current falsities and misconceptions going around.
        • Not to mention, whenever you say SteamOS is based on Linux to a member of the unwashed masses, they’ll automatically assume they’d need to run Terminator with 5 consoles open at once just to be able to start TF2.


Hard mode

  • Ok, that just straight up pisses me off.   “This game is busted, so I’m going to give them money in the hopes that they’ll eventually get their shit together”
  • Back when steam on linux was in it’s infancy, I would be singing a different tune, but we’re two years in now people.   You don’t need to go buy every game that releases on linux just because it’s available.   It sends the message to developers that they don’t really need to care about us.
    • Especially when it’s a busted POS
  • You know who posts shite like this? Dual booters.
  • I’ll be the hypocrite and play devil’s advocate on this one.
    • At least they supported Linux on day 1 and, even though they’ve been failing miserably, they’ve been attempting to address and patch Linux specific issues.
    • Their bug “tracker” thread on the Steam forum is actually something enlightening, if somewhat misleading.
    • But at least it is more than Virtual Programming ever did.
    • “Oh but Pedro, they have a git tracker now for Linux users!”
      • After a Linux user himself went out of his way and did it for them.
      • They have done nothing but clean the diarrhea inducing “port” they threw at Linux and the ensuing shit-storm when they claimed it was the fault of people’s PCs that the game didn’t work.
    • But we’re here to talk about Techland, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re still leagues above a lot of so called “Linux” “game” developers.
  • That said though, I still haven’t bought Dying Light exactly because their game is still, in Jordan’s words, a $60 busted piece of shit.
  • We’re seeing more and more devels giving FK all about the quality of their Linux ports.
  • There is no WAY New and Tasty passed QA buuuut they shipped in anyway. Because FK US, that’s why.
  • Same with this jacked up piece of nope.


Shelter 2

  • Don't mention ze war!
  • We were going to review this but it was designed to elicit emotion / sympathy etc.
  • Yeah, you see the problem with that, right?
  • Can you just eat the babies? Like, IRL?
    • Or sit idly while the father fucks them?   Which is totally a thing that male cats do
  • Yeah, I never was one for the parenting simulators myself



  • No controller support …meh
  • Hey look! A gerbil cursor on the menu screen …that does fk, and, all :D
  • I played up until you “take off” and the controls were pulling to the left organ.
  • I assume it had something to do /w the Xclone being plugged in but didn’t care enough to go back and check.
  • It seems like a good follow-up to the X series.
  • Oh hi message telling me to switch to the beta branch
  • Runs well enough, the keyboard controls are a bit fucked though



  • Batman AK, GRID Autosport and CoH2 are being ported by the Ferals!
  • So, I got this gift copy of GRID
  • Can we all have a breath-organ of relief that it’s not Virtual Programming?
  • Wee time for more waiting on brad!


Do you even PHYSX bro?

  • An interesting play by nvidia.   They have a process to allow 3rd party devs to submit their own code to physx.    Maybe they could show this level of cooperation in the driver space, hmm?
  • It’s the CPU-targeted code that’s affected here. You don’t get to play /w the cool shite on the GPU.
  • NVIDIA’s letting loose the PhysX Clothing and PhysX Destruction features of the SDK



  • This is the third delay so far.
  • So much for namcai bando
  • It’s getting pushed back to Witcher III release time.
  • Conspiracy: They’re both “ported” using VP tech and they want a simu-busted release so one will not affect the other.
    • Given the amount of backlash, I would be genuinely shocked if another Virtual Programming port gets dropped on linux


MegaGlest 3.11.1

  • “building MegaGlest on a Mac is now easier ( while sadly no-one was willing to test, we still make an OS X Installer available )”



  • You named a release “rosy fingered” *giggles*
  • Nomad Game Mode: You get nothing! Good day, sir!
  • SpiderMonkey upgraded to ​v31: Aside from greatly improving the Javascript performance it brings Tracelogger a tool for identifying other performance issues.
  • The default AI, Petra, now supports saved games.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Isbarah
Devel: Leikir Studio
Engine: Unity
Price: $/€ 13.99

Wazzat: Isbarah is a cross-genre of bullet hell and platformer style, it’s a hardcore 2d game and each level is a duel boss fight. Players will need to fully understand the boss patterns.

Makes with the working


  • So I played the game @ 3840 then switched back to 2560.
  • Guess what happened when I launched it at 2560? Yup, jacked up res city.
  • If your game causes me to switch res (3 screens so I have to update xorg.conf and rebort X) you can eat a bag of dicks.  




Shiny / Sounds


  • The inconsistency of the art style is hella jarring.
  • I want to believe that two separate people were responsible for drawing the cutscenes and the actual levels.
  • Unfortunately this is probably one person who is moderately capable at drawing fantasy landscapes / backdrops for the levels but is painfully bad at composing the human form.
  • e.g. Rudolph the rapey God  
  • I.  Asshole
  • That said, the backdrops look quite nice when they’re not covered up with waves of blue balls …giggity
  • For some reason the colour pallet reminds me of a SEGA Genesis but so do the sounds, and that’s not a bad thing.
  • It has a unintentional visual retro vibe going on and ….it kinda works


  • I don’t know.   The art style is…there, but it doesn’t do anything for me
  • I’m all for the hand drawn look, just make sure that your drawings are good.
  • The soundtrack is just kind of there


  • The art style is actually interesting, but I can’t stand the soundtrack…




  • Oh, fuck this bullshit right in the ear organ.
  • I see several people asking for controller support only to be told the game was not designed for it.
  • You’re right, this game was not designed for controlla support but it sure as hell wasn’t designed for keyboard and gerbil …either.
  • The one mechanic that would not translate to a controlla is the platform.
  • Thing is, that only works half the fk mothering time /w a gerbil.


  • I’m of the opinion that unless your platformer is in first person, you’re gonna need to design it around a controller.
  • So you don’t do that, and you add random mouse flailing
  • Yes.  I see, this is brilliant!


  • No controller support
  • Drawing the lines with the mouse fails more often than it succeeds
  • Looked on the Steam forums and someone was having the same problem, the offered solution? Change the polling rate on your mouse.
    • I’d have to be on some serious crack trip to fuck with the firmware on my Roccat Kova[+] for some random Unity game on Steam that costs a fraction of what this mouse did.
  • But wait, there’s more.
  • They describe the game as a Bullet Hell platformer thing, right?
  • What do those two genres have in common?
    • They need proper and TIGHT controls.
    • Platforming and attempting to dodge the projectiles using Unity’s default physics is like attempting to steer a car with slick tires through rush hour on a rainy day.




  • The game is difficult but that’s only because of the awkward arse controls.
  • Every “level” is a boss fight but the “boss” only exists as background noise.
  • There might be a story but the just the FKN premise is pants-on-head retarded.
  • Mix that /w $13.99 and you get a big honking glass of nope.


  • This game is stupid.   Thanks for the key though.



Final –CHAIR

Hate Mail:




  • IIrc that is a detail of Asspyre’s contract with the publishers/devs that they port the game for.
  • Are you saying you know for a fact that that is also how Feral’s contract works?
  • Are you absolutely sure their contract is also about sharing revenue based on Linux sales and playtime?
  • How do you know their contact isn’t even a fixed value?
  • You should still wait for it to be out on linux though so steam tracks it as a linux game sale.

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