LinuxGameCast Weekly EP138 – Hartley Interesting

Killing Floor 2 gets a release date! Amazon saves CryTek, Strife comes to Steam, and Feral teases Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Then Shadow Warrior faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

Steam News:

Colour Key: Venn Jordan Pedro Matt

Good Guy GabeN strikes again

  • Now Mesa devs, just like Debian devs, get access to all of Valve’s games on Steam fo’ free.
  • Now Mesa devs, just like Debian devs, get access to all of Valve’s games on Steam fo’ free they already own.
  • Pays to be a dev. With all that “dev’ing”,happening, I fear this might interfere with ones gaming?
  • I don’t think valve is even making significant scratch off of those games anymore.   Still, it’s a good way to put the drivers through their paces, and Valve has been more than willing to work with the open sauce community.


Do you wanna build a Steam Machine

  • Unless you want to run Windows on it, I’d replace that R9 270 with a GTX 750ti or even a simple GTX 750.
  • That bit aside, looks very similar to the one I built. Slightly cheaper!
  • One thing that does bother me about the article is that it doesn’t list an OS.  It could be implied that the intent is to install Steamos on it and use it like  a console, but it doesn’t say outright
  • It also makes mention of it’s capability to run games like Dragon  Age or Far Cry 4 on it, so I don’t know
  • How aboot I slap this critter into my T.V.-organ and call it a Stream Machine?
    • Steam Link will be cheaper.
      • We don’t know how locked down the links will be.   You could at least do other stuff with ze dongle right off the bat
    • I was thinking about testing that $60 tablet but remembered I’ve only used my Steam box 10 or so times.
  • I like my gaming like I like my love life — in my office, on my desk and with the doors closed. No living room gaming regardless of price/value nonsense. Nope.


  • Check out the DLC on Brad.
  • Oh, this is straight up pay to win. Look at ze Collector’s Edition
  • “Permanent Account Boost, doubling your account experience gain and your end-of-game rewards† “
    • Wow…that’s not even subtle
  • Hope they update the launcher since the one available on their site straight up nopes.
  • The Steam version nopes soon as you start the intro campaign (core dump) with FK ALL explanation.
    • Same. Can’t be arsed to run a Pay2Win MOBA through gdb because I don’t give a damn.
  • ….and they lost me with this at play to win. Big nope on this one.


Still runs like arse on a 980

  • But Venn, if you put it in minimum settings, you can get up to 40 FerPS!
  • Nope! Runs at the same FERPS @ 4K as 1080.
  • Tide goes in tide goes whaaa?


Transmissions: Element 120

  • Gearbox Software already invited him for an interview.
  • The game is already finished.   They provide some mirrors for ya
  • Requires Source 2007 SDK
  • Filed under wait and see.


Hover : Revolt Of Gamers

  • They will add linux support in a few weeks after the early access start.
  • You might want to remove the Penguin, Brad.
    • They did
      • I still hate your guts though...
  • The visuals remind me of Kinetica for the PS2.   That was enough to pique my interest.
  • People in the comments are complaining about performance, so I’ll wait until this is a real boy
  • Wide open city in the Unity engine. Do I need to refer you to last week’s Review to tell you why that is a bad idea?
  • Looks mildly entertaining. But even when it’s available…meh — needs more immersion.



  • Remember kids, Apple gave them wet stinky.
  • Now go after Personal Audio for costs.
  • And this is why donating to the EFF is an awesome idea


1 nothing wrong with me, 2 nothing wrong with me, 3 Apr 21

  • 30 bucks is bordering on the steep side for me, especially for another horde shooter.
    • Is true but they were one of the first round to get their game working on the Steam Linux beta.
    • Eh, blind brand loyalty can only take you so far.
  • I still stand by my original statement of this being HD remake vs new game.
    • That’s because that is exactly what the Early Access version will be.
    • The actual new content will be introduced as it approaches release, so they say.
  • Pricey but promising. I’d be game for a bit less coming out of my old coin purse. Could be decent though.
  • I watched TotalBiscuit play it for a little bit with the Devs and they said that, Killing Floor 2 will be everything they wanted the first game to be.
  • Of course, since the first game was made on the Unreal Engine 2, they were limited by the technology of the time. UE2 came out in January 2001.
  • The new one is based on the 2015 Stable branch of UE3, with some modifications.


Sense, this makes none

  • I have no idea where they’re going with this one, so sit back and grab some popcorn
  • Why back an engine that only supports one platform?
  • Amazon wants to beat Google by piggybacking on the latter.
  • At the same time, Google is far more worried about trying to become Apple to pay any attention to what people want.
  • If Amazon does come out as a big console OEM/Publisher, my money is on them going evil the first chance they get.
    • So…The man in the high castle dating sim?
    • I dunno, Amazon’s portfolio is weirdly diverse, so game publisher isn’t THAT outside the realm of possibilities
  • Amazon drone ads are coming….brace yourselves. Amazon involved in gaming gives me the creeps, nope.
  • Welcome to speculation’s-ville! All hail Mayor Kotaku.
    • Didn’t see a whole lot of speculation-sauce in that article, Brad.
      • Serves me right for not actually reading the article and just assuming it was one I had read earlier. My bad!



  • Feral continues to feed the hype machine
  • “Feral Interactive Tik-tik-tik-tik… hsssss… BEEP! [Disclaimer alert! THE REQUESTINATOR is a request-taking machine not an announcement-making one! No Linux/Mac plans have been announced for DX:MD!] hsss… tik-tik-tik-tik… [but thank you, THE REQUESTINATOR runs on your enthusiasm!]”
    • ^ Disclaimer
    • I never asked for this…
  • Feels like smoke being blown up my ass with their statement. Shit or get off the pot, folks.
  • At this point I just want to get my mits on Shadow of Mordor


Unreal assets

  • There are already people selling “games” that use only unaltered assets from the UE4 tech demos:
  • It’s nice that they’re giving this out, but it’s only really useful for photorealistic games.  Would be nice if they released some other official asset paks
  • Unreal makes with the pretties. Could be a solid excuse to stop paying my bills and buy a new rig.


Stick Shift

  • I …don’t know what I was expecting.
  • From the creators of Succulent and Hurt me Plenty.
  • Soooo is an automatic considered female? If that’s the case I’ve performed a few sex changes in my life.
  • Also, I would be rubbish at giving handjobs.
    • Confirmed


Alpha 38: building forward

  • Everyone’s favourite community maintained FPS/Strategy game that actually works has an update!
  • Hello, expired SSL certificate!
  • 9e62bf0 Fix last commit
    • Gotta love their git bot



  • So…Towerfall
  • A decent grudge match between loved ones. That or a little something for those who enjoy animated guts in your face organs.

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Shadow Warrior
Devel: Flying Wild Hog
Engine: Road Hog Engine
Price: €24.99 / $39.99 / $43.99 CAD

Wazzat: Shadow Warrior is a bold reimagining of the classic 3D Realms’ shooter from independent developer Flying Wild Hog (Hard Reset) starring the legendary and quick-witted warrior Lo Wang. Combine the brute force of overwhelming firepower with the elegant precision of a katana to annihilate the merciless armies of the shadow realm in an exhilarating and visually stunning transformation of the classic first-person shooter.

Makes with the working


  • Considering this was ported by Knockout Games (one guy) it’s hella amazing.
  • The only issue I had on day 1 was the gerbil input being wonky and that was sorted in 24hrs.
  • The next day all the graphical whatnots were added …bonus soda!




  • Installed stupid-easy, I just ran the script and boom – success.
  • After logging off the game and then returning, it did black screen on me once.
  • Overall, it ran well and I didn’t find myself fooling with the settings.



Shiny / Sounds


  • You know, at 4K running between 45/70 FERPS you’re not exactly begging for additional graphics option.
  • My eye-organs bleed with delight.
  • The random discussions between Hoji and Wang sells this business.


  • I agree with Venn, Hoji and Wang are a great duo
  • Likewise, the voice acting is great
  • The game looks really good, but I’m not exactly blown away


  • Linux is missing more than a couple of graphics options.
    • You can technically still enable them through the in-game console. But, if I’m typing out commands to enable shit you disabled because you didn’t have enough trust on your porting abilities, I’m going to have to ding it a chair.


  • Game was pretty enough that I honestly considered pissing into a bottle instead of Esc-keying from the game to take a leak.
  • Attention to detail left the eyes doing double takes. It’s the little things….like breaking random stuff.





  • I genuinely thought the aa ss dd ww combo bit would be annoying …It wasn’t
  • After you buff the skills and get the second Kobayashi Maru all you need to do is find a choke-point in the level-organ, press SS and things die.


  • Standard FPS fare for the most part
  • I do like how the ki powers were handled.    Doesn’t really interrupt gameplay at all


  • I have the side buttons on my Roccat Kova[+] defined as R Q | E F
  • The game recognizes Q and F without a problem, E and R not so much.
  • The weird thing is that the options menu recognizes when I click those buttons and try to map them to the appropriate actions.
    • I push the front right button and it registers the E key. Or the front left and it sees the R.
    • In-game though, nope!
  • No matter how much I fuck around with the mouse sensitivity options, I can’t seem to get it to a point where it doesn’t feel weird.
    • Which leads me to believe there is some form of mouse acceleration or deceleration happening and I’m not given the option to disable it.
      • There’s a Mouse smoothing option there, but it only made it worse for me.


  • Controls were great with the mouse/keys. Yet I wanted “more” mobility overall during the game play.
  • On the plus side, I didn’t need to rage-quit as most of the default key bindings weren’t half bad.
  • Advanced controls took getting used to, but they grew on me after a bit.




  • I would give it 4 but there is a bit of a lull around the seven hour mark.
  • Who the FK ALL am I kidding! This is stupid fun!


  • This is a really solid shooter.
  • The game throws a fuckton of enemies at you, but the healing mechanic makes it very manageable.  It’s useful, but not stupid overpowered
  • Honestly, this game has basically everything I want.   Cutting people into tiny pieces with swords, it runs great under linux, and is filled with copious amounts of dick jokes.


  • This is one of very few genuinely good games that I can’t seem to enjoy.
  • I played the first 4 levels and I was bored.
  • It did get a few chuckles out of me but, honestly, I came to the point where I would rather watch the bunnies fuck than actually finish the level I was on.
  • I’d give it a 7 in the Wang-meter but when it comes to chairs, 2 is the highest fun I had.


  • I’m likely going to be up all night playing this title. I haven’t had this much fun in a loooong time.
  • I too, found it gave me a stiffy on the Wang-o-Meter. Sword and a gun with accurate sighting – hell yes!



Hate Mail:

Kiss that ass

  • I’ll give him “cringeworthy” but I’m not following when you say poor FERPS in “some places”
    • How about all the places? Getting a solid 8FPS on multiplayer on ze 980
  • I like how he keeps telling people to “get to the third level”. Which is an interior level with little to no graphically-demanding scenes and is covered in darkness.
    • Of course the review was cringeworthy, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a cringeworthy game.
  • Allow me to retort
  • You don’t have anywhere to go after your game faces the CHAIRQUISITION!



  • Son of NOPE


Bitch’n Whine

  • Except the part where it got three chairs?
  • I fear our young friend would prefer
    • I’m sorry, my balls dropped so I can’t go that high



  • No sir, I don’t hear it.

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