LinuxGameCast Weekly EP64 — American Scum Dollar

Coming up on Linux GameCast Weekly: SteamOS not based on Ubuntu. Quake Live nopes out of Linux, Speed Dreams hits 2.1.0, and we get our first AAA title. Then we throw the chairs at Metro: Last Light. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Steam Nov 5th Update


SteamOS not based on Ubuntu… but entirely custom

  • The FUD is strong in this article. Any decent Linux user will find a way to add everything they were complaining about and the winbros will be able to dual boot.

    • Because its linux’s fault that there isn’t a native hulu/neflix application.   Totally

  • Guessing they went /w Debian

  • Someone in the accompanying reddit thread brought up that Valve already has a package management software, so it isn’t inconceivable that they went from scratch.   Would let them have a good mix of stable yet reasonably up to date libraries and whathaveyou


Metro Last Light 



  • Oh those poor amd  users.  Bwahahaha

    • ahahahahahahahaha

      • At least this time it’s a dev calling AMD out on their bullshit drivers. About time!

      • It works on the calculator’s 5650HD, but only with FGLRX 13.11 beta 6

  • Begun, the DLC has.


Project CARS

  • $3.50 says it’s out before Distance fixes their fkn gamepad support.


Hell freezes over

  • Team Meat is consists of Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes.

  • “Oh shi-! Gabe’s serious about this SteamOS Linux thing… Fuck!”

  • So much for controller support, mine doesn’t work with the current steam version. It did work with the old Humble version though.

    • It’s working now, apparently it was a Steam bug. Which the Nov 6 Update fixed.

      • I was going to say. Being SDL2 and all.

  • Good on Ryan C for getting this critter updated.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaand

  • Fuck the wankers at team meat. Really, right in the ear organ.


Nuclear Dawn

  • Natural Selection 2 without aliens.

  • Hey, at least they can’t cock it up as bad as NS2 did. Right?


NVIDIA Updates Legacy Driver For Pedros GPUs

  • Hey AMD, take a goddamn hint!


Crash Drive 2

“Speed Dreams” v2.1.0 beta


QUAKE LIVE Standalone Game!news/site_news/34313

  • And a big fuck you to linux it seems

    • Well fuck you  too carmack

  • Windows only? That’s FSM damn impressive. Really, locking a game on one platform in 2013.

  • I like how they tell members with paid subscriptions to sod off. Stay classy Bethesda.

  • I used to like Bethesda… >.>


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Metro Last Light


Devel: 4A Games

Engine: 4A Engine

Price: $39 9/€29.99

Makes with the working


  • Can’t give it four since I’ve had two spite crashes.

  • The load times are wicked fast *glares at Painkiller*


  • Geez though,   let people skip through the intro screen

  • Strap in kids,  you’re gonna need to sit still for five minutes


  • Doesn’t work with the open sauce drivers and it did crash ONCE on the first run after I pushed the quality slider all the way up.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Visually?

  • I’m dinging it chair for bad Russian.


  • The game is visually stunning.   Not bad for the first recent AAA title to come out on linux

  • Oh Hai Steve Blum


  • Considering how good it looks and how smoothly it works on my calculator, I can’t really give it anything less than 4. . .

  • … unless you cram the first hour with voice actors talking in their most jarring fake russian accents, then I have to ding it a chair out of principle.

  • Long cutscenes become choppy as fuck halfway through




  • Don’t have a gamepad plugged in. Seriously, it goes all mental.


  • No real issue with control responsiveness

  • Default keybindings are all over the place thoguh


  • Woa nelly! Mouse sensitivity.

  • Why can’t I assign my Mouse Thumb buttons? It’s not fun at all to have to either move my right hand from the arrow keys, or my left hand from the mouse just to use the Q/E/R buttons. Or even the V/C/M buttons for that matter.




  • I was going for four but then the DLC dropped.

  • A short arse game at that price is one thing.

  • A short arse game /w DLC is another.


  • Enjoyable enough

  • The AI is pretty dumb though

  • There’s a copy of Metro 2033 in your quarters at the beginning of the game


  • The AI is laughably idiotic: <russian accent>“Let me just stare at wall for no reason while you walk away, comrade!”

  • Those missions where you have an NPC escort I just want to slit their throats to see if they’ll stfu

  • Even with all these problems, it’s got that Half-Life 2 Syndrome going for it. It’s very very hard to stop playing once the story gets going.

  • Finished the game and I was like “Really? That’s it? That can’t be it… Nope, this is it. This sucks, I want more… Oh there’s DLC! OH YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, REALLY?”


Verdict – *



  • I did, son. I grew up writing bots without rails.

  • I was playing earlier today and I’m right at the start of the final mission on Expert (no damage to HQ yet)



  • They did a damn good job, except for the apparent random crashes people have been experiencing.


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